Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Ok. So if you didn't know, I grew up using Shiseido products. My mom is like a huge fan of their products and she ONLY buys their skincare. I always thought she was stupid until just recently when I started on my skincare phase. Well, so yea, I have a sort of bias towards buying Shiseido! I love their products! Currently, I still use their Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60 (present from my mom before going to Singapore! <3), and the cleanser and toner from the Benefiance line (spelling?). I really like all the products, especially the cleanser, but the lotion does make me a little oily~ D:

Soooo~ Anyways! I was watching this one video on youtube, and she mentioned this one site, Imomoko.com where she buys all her Asian skincare in the US. Being from the US, I thought that I had to check it out~ AND. They sell Shiseido too~ BUT. Ok. Here's the reason for the post, they listed Majorica Majorica (Japanese Brand) as being under Shiseido! I was like... O: "WOW! I didn't know they were Shiseido! AND. Ettussais is under Shiseido too!" I was so surprised... so I wiki-ed it! :'D Yup. That's a verb. To wiki. :p But yea, apparently NARS AND CLE DE PEAU ARE ALSO UNDER SHISEIDO! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! DAYUM GIRL. SHISEIDO RUNS THE WORLD!!!!! But I don't mind, I'm happy following behind them as their little sheep! So amazing! They really do deserve all the hype that they get! I'll def have to try out all their drug store products now! I think I'll have to try out the Cle de Peau stuff too.... which is weird because isn't it more expensive than the actual Shiseido products...? D: But yea, they must be good stuff too if they're under Shiseido. Don't mock my immature ways of thinking yo! I researched it too~ :p

But still man, like OMG. Oh my god. For serious. Oh my god. LOVE! <3

Sunday, March 25, 2012

3D2N in Vietnam

Hey guys~! So as previously stated, I spent last weekend (March 15-18) in Hanoi with my friends! And if you didn't know, my Daddie actually grew up in Hanoi! Omg yo~~! <3 Vietnamese love! The rice paddies and all that Vietnamese really made me miss my parents. T____T<3 I really recommend visiting the country of your origin if you can! It's really a good experience, and I really want to go back someday. <333 ALSO. OMG. I think maybe Korean and Vietnamese boys are the best looking of all the Asians. Definitely. c:

We arrived on March 18th and it was really cold! Unfortunately, this trip was full of terrible, rainy, foggy weather. Wahhhhhh! So different from the steamy hot weather we get in Singapore. :( I was really cold I even had to buy pants because I only brought shorts.... WHY? The weather report said it would be high 60s- mid 70s! It was much colder than that. =n= So yea, we arrived and got a taxi over our Bnb, Rainbow Hotel.
The nice people at the reception desk. c:

This "hostel" had a really nice reception, and the showers were amazing, but the bathrooms were gross, and the beds were really hard.... so I wouldn't recommend this place again. They also apparently ripped us off on the Boat trip we took on day 2, but more on that later. The good thing about the hotel is that it's right in the middle of the city! The location is amazing! As soon as you exit, you enter the townish area. c:

My outfit of the day: schoolgirl! :D This was taken by my amazing photographer friend! Call him V. ;)

For serious guys, this place has an amazing location, if that makes up for how terrible the beds are. :( Pretty cheap too, for 5 people, we paid ~ 8 SGD a night. 

For the first day, we just explored the area around our hotel/hostel and do a little shopping. It was really busy, and really dusty, so I recommend looking both ways before crossing the street... and buying a dust mask. OMG. Now I know why they stereotype Asian drivers... THEY CRAZY YO! It's like Grand Theft Auto out there! 500 points for hitting that tourist who doesn't know how things work in Vietnam. D: Also, there are like 50 bajillion (no exaggeration) motorcycles/scooters too. No one follows merging rules. I don't even know if traffic laws apply here.... T____T
Teehee. Seriously! Buy a mask! It was about ~$1 USD. Fail bargaining.... ><;; 
(Also stolen from my friend, V's pictures)

We also visited the lake nearby. c: Sorry the weather is so foggy. :( But yea, the reflection off the water makes it soooo beautiful! o: The area is such a couple spot though... ;A; Hate you happy couples....

Nighttime. The colors~ <33

There was a bridge, so camwhore on the bridge? Yes, yes? ;)

Self Cam-whore shot of me stolen from a different friend, V2. c:

Bad point about Vietnam! Watch out for people who try to scam you! One person broke my shoes and tried to put super glue on it. T____T Had to throw my boots out.... but yea, if they try to do something like that, say NO! They'll force you to pay money for it. Like this! Someone put these things on my friends, and told us that Vietnam pictures = you buy my fruit... She's not some scary guy, so it wasn't too bad since I have scary guy friends, but still... beware. :(

Looking so intense when buying ice cream. :p (V)

Shopping at the night market. c:

For day 2-3, we did a trip on a boat on Halong Bay for $60 USD each. Not bad since it included transfer, accommodation, boat ride, kayaking, food (minus drinks!), etc. But I know you can get better rates. :( We just chose to follow what our hostel said because we felt like we could trust them the most. c:
Pictures from the boat:
Our boat. Sorry V's ugly face got into the picture. Buwahahahahahaha! Jk~ :p

We first stopped at those famous caves, Sato? But I won't show any pictures of the caves. Yea, the fog kills everything. Makes it so eerie no~ :o

Halong Bay baby~ <3

We also stopped over at an island where you can climb up to the top. Forgot what this island is called too... but It's supposed to be really nice. You can go swimming here, but the weather didn't permit it... :(
The steps to the top of the island. 400 FREAKING steps that I had to climb up?! My butt! D:
Last picture I'll show you of our boat trip. We got to go kayaking, and it was my first time... and its really hard! AND it was freezing!!! I was originally in pants, but I changed into shorts (which got completely soaked) because I didn't want my pants to get wet... Idk.... :/ Let's just say, I fail at kayaking, and I hurt my finger too. We decided to "land" at this little island by the bigger island (with the cave) and take pictures. Who do you think would survive on a deserted island? Me right~?! :D 

Food in Vietnam is also AMAZING!!! PHO AND CHA CA OWN MY HEART. <3 I also recommend the Bahn Mi. So good. But idk, I may be biased because I grew up with Vietnamese food.
I don't remember what this was called, but it's rice noodle sheet things filled with beef, covered in fried onions and dipped in some sort of sweet, sour sauce. Major yums. <3

PHO. <3 We only have pho twice during the whole trip though! Sad face. T____T
This is Cha ca. Cha ca is AMAZING! It's like fried fished mixed with dill and other herbs. Then put over vermicelli noodles and topped with a sweet sauce and peanuts. The dill gives it this tangy taste that makes me love it that much more. OMG. Mouth orgasm x102i4eu0rwj. <3
Steamed fish in a ginger sauce. Just like Mom used to make. Seriuosly reminds me of my childhood. <3 This was one of the dishes served on the boat ride. Sorry I didn't take more pictures of the food from the boat ride though.... but I do like how it offers a nice variety of Viet food. Like a taste testing. c:<3

I think I'll stop there. This has gotten too long. Sorry~ c;<3

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Current Hair Conditioner Review

LOL. So.... I've been meaning to do a post about my trip to Thailand.... and I just went to Hanoi, Vietnam so I was planning on writing a post about that too.... but instead... I think I'll just write about the current conditioners I use! :D

Right now, I switch between 4 conditoners.... I know.... sounds a little excessive right? ;D But don't worry! Two of them are trial/ travel sizes~ c:

Ok. First, a little background about my hair. I never was the type of person to do lots of junk to their hair. I normally just shampooed everyday like an idiot and never conditioned... ok.... maybe I conditioned like 3 times a year when I got my hair cut... but that's about it. AND. I straightened and blew dry my hair EVERYDAY! D: This was going on since High School (so about 3 years) but I recently started using heat protectant like 1 year ago. c: Last January (1/11) I was brave and I decided to dye my hair... like a lot lighter than I normally do, so yes, I bleached the heck out of my hair... D: Sorry hair... D: Here's a pic! :'D
Lol... sorry. I'm too lazy to photoshop for you guys... or put on make-up for that matter.... :/
Excuse my ugliness. Taken straight from my Facebook~ :p

Well that really killed my hair. Six months later, I decided I didn't like maintaining lighter hair so I dyed it back to dark brown. And after that, I've been dying my hair like twice a year because the bleach shows through sometimes unfortunately.... (I'm buying and dying my hair again tomorrow! Yay!) I also recently rebonded my hair too... more hair damage please? c; So yea, my hair is pretty damaged and was dry and unhealthy until recently! :'D

Ok! I so let's get to this review!

I'm sure you can read the labels so I'll just jump right into it.

1. Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 
This one was the cheapest, but it was also the smallest size. ;D The size states 70mL, and I purchased it for about $1 USD. I don't remember the exact price since I bought it during my stay in Thailand. Let's start with the scent... this one has a REALLY sweet, girly, fruity-tooty smell. It's not bad. Just super sweet. Maybe a little too sweet. The scent does stay longer on my hair than the other conditioners as well which I really like. Normally perfumes and shampoos and other types of scents don't have long lifetimes on me... it makes me kinda sad. But the lifetime of this scent was pretty good, which was a major plus for this conditioner even if the scent isn't so amazing.... :p For effectiveness, I'd say that it works pretty well. It doesn't dry out my hair or make my scalp itchy or anything. It just makes my hair softer which I like. It's not as good as the Aveeno one though. I only purchased the conditioner so I cannot say how well it works in the pair, but overall, I really like this one and may purchase it again. The major only downside is that I know it does contain some chemicals that are actually harmful for your hair, but for now, I'd say it's doing more good than bad. c: But it still kinda scares me.... D:

2. Tsubaki Treatment 
For this, if you haven't read earlier, I hauled this in a set with 2 shampoos and this treatment. The store lady told me that this could be used as conditioner so that's what I use it for. I still think its kinda stupid to have a set of 2 shampoos, a treatment, and no conditioner! I was tricked! D: Anywho, this treatment smells really weird! Like seriously. It smells like plastic mixed with cinnamon, and a little bit of Tsubaki oil. Luckily, the scent isn't too strong and it doesn't stay long on my hair (thank god) so I won't judge it too much for that. c: On effectiveness, it's ok.... not too amazing.... at least it doesn't dry out my hair (like Treseme... coughcough) So ok. I give it an ok rating. Maybe because I've only been using for such a short time I feel this way. So I can't say this is a permanent dislike for this product. I'll give it more chances in the future to impress me, but for a Shisedo product, complete and utter disappointment. The shampoo in the set wasn't that amazing either. Just as good as Herbal Essence maybe? Yea, so right now, it's not amazing. AND, this was one of the more expensive products (about $12 SGD) with only 120 g of product. Sad face.... :(

3. Essential Nuance Airy 
This product is TERRIBLE! OMG. I will NEVER purchase this again!!!! NEVER!!! The smell of plastic is just too overwhelming! And it stays on your hair too!! Why do so many conditioners smell like plastic? What's the use of making the shampoo smell so good when the scent that stays is the conditioner which smells like shit?! D: But I did purchase the shampoo for the set too, and it smells good.... it's just the conditioner.... :/ Omg why does it smell so bad? The effects are pretty good too! About on the same line as the Pantene Pro-V one and below Aveeno, but the smell... I can't get over it.... I don't want to smell like plastic! T_____T The price is ok for this one, only $4 SGD for 200mL, but I don't think I'll ever re-purchase this product. I've heard good things about the mask, so I think I'll still try out their line, but next time, just remember to smell the product first... just because Xiaxue advertises for them does not mean that the product is good... ;A; Never again.....

4. Aveeno Nourish and Shine 
This is the one I currently use the most of (if you couldn't tell by how much I used, it's almost empty! That's part of what prompted me to shop around for new conditioners) and its amazing~! You know, I'm glad my interests have moved more away from clothes and more on skin/ hair care. It's better for me to be health right? ;) But yea, my friend recommend this product and I picked it up in the States before I came over. It was the a little pricey at around $7 USD for 311mL (10.5 oz), but price doesn't matter when it works so well! Ok, so yea, my hair was in the worst state ever! Dry, ugly, frizzy, not good at all.... but after the wash with this set, my hair was SO soft. I've used the shampoo alone before, with other conditioners, but it didn't really make my hair any softer. It was still it's normal ugly self, only a little less dry. BUT with the conditioner, it's so much more noticeably softer! This thing works so well I can't get over it. My new holy grail shampoo and conditioner. AND. It smells SOOO good! If you like Aveda stuff (which I do~ I usually get my hair cut there! But their hair care is so expensive omg.... T____T), then you'll love this ! They smell kinda similar, imo, more herbal than floral. Well this was kinda herbal, not really fruity or anything like that. The only downside, apart from the price, is that it can make your scalp itchy if you don't condition correctly... Well before, remember when I told you that I used to never condition my hair? Well I did, I'd just put it in like shampoo.... D: Don't laugh~ I've learned that you should start by pouring a nice size dab in the palm of your hand, rub it on your hands, and start to lather the ends of your hair, then midsection, then apply the leftovers to your roots. It's the ends that need the most love anyways~ and it also prevents your scalp from getting itchier because the hair repairing stuff will dry out the scalp a little. But yea, if you do it like this, it works wonderfully. Best conditioner ever. Go buy it! Unfortunately, I don't know if they sell it anywhere but the US though... I've checked and haven't seen it in Singapore or the Asian countries I've been in... so Idk... D: But it's amazing if you can get your hands on it~ c:<3

Monday, March 19, 2012


OMG. So the one thing that I hate the most. THE MOST. about being on exchange is that I know practically nothing about what's going on back home. Maybe I'm just too busy (with traveling) or that they're just too busy (CWRU does have a massive work load) or just the fact that we're so far away, that I don't communicate as much as I do with my friends from CWRU. I don't know. Does this mean that we're just not as close as I thought? Are we just too lazy to put in that effort? I'm sorry that I'm lacking in so many ways, but I get a little lonely thinking that maybe they really didn't care about me as much as I thought. I know this sounds extremely stupid and self-obsessed, but I'm a really fragile person and I'm super shy. It's hard for me to make friends. I'm not kidding. I get really scared when I meet new people, but when I meet people I like, I don't want to lose them you know? Like even my high school friends, I only keep in contact with my best friend (Emiloo) and sometimes Caitlin and Tracy and that's it. We were so close in High School, but what are we now? Did I lose my friends? Being so far apart really makes things difficult and I admit I should put in more effort too... but please don't forget about me!!!! D: I'm trying. I promise. I'm trying to make myself better! I don't want to keep moving to new places and have to continuously make new friends! I want to keep my friends and have life long friends.... Is that so wrong of me? Is it my fault? I really like my new friends in Singapore, but it's hard because I miss my friends back home. Do they miss me though? I'm really a weak person. I'm really scared. I just want a place to belong. Are these the people I'll spend the rest of my life with? Will I have to find new friends again when I go to grad school? When I move again? When I graduate? And what if I don't get into grad school and all my plans change? Then what? Will I be alone forever?

LOL. I don't want to sound too whiny and emo, so I'll just go right into what's on my mind..... sorry.....

OK. So here's the ranting part. For next year (2012-2013), I was planning on living with my 3 best friends that I've known since freshman year. I really trust these people you know? And we lived together sophomore year so I was really excited to live with them again. Actually, last year, I lived with my sorority and they lived with their sorority, so that's why I didn't live with them. BUT. The hard part is, they've been sending texts apparently and I can't get their texts. >;( So I have to give them some credit. Yea, so we were planning on living together next year. I was offered like 3 other groups to live with, but I denied, because I was so excited to live with them again. SO EXCITED. Well. Yesterday. I was talking to one of them, Ashley, and I found out that everything changed. EVERYTHING. I could cry right now. Actually I did cry. I'm so scared. Ashley and Natalie decided to live off campus instead of going with the original plan. They did plan to find a 3-bedroom place so that I could live with them, but unfortunately, my school fees is funded 80% by scholarships and grants which will ALL be taken away from me if I live off campus.... so I can't. I can't do it. I'm pretty sure I told them this before, but they probably just forget since I'm so hard to get in touch with. Yea. So the forms were apparently due today too. TODAY. And I found out just 11 hours ago that they weren't going to live with me. Thanks you guys. Thanks. Everyone else already found their groups because, I mean, the forms are due today... I'm homeless. Everyone has no more room. I have no where to live. I don't know what to do. I'm seriously awkward around new people. Will I be that weird person that is pushed in to live with random people? :( I'm really scared. I slept through class today. I just. I just don't know. WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST TELL ME EARLIER? WHY? THEN I COULD HAVE MORE LIKELY FOUND SOMEONE ELSE. NOW I HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO DO? Should I lose all my scholarships for friendship? I don't think I can as much as I love them.... school is like $6o,ooo USD a year.... that I don't have. :(

So yea, I'm homeless next year. And I don't know what to do. I guess I'll just meet new people and hopefully make new friends. I was lucky with my roommates before, let's hope I'll be lucky again..... Truthfully, this whole thing just makes me self reflect. That's what brought upon this post. I'm just a shy, quiet, naive girl that is easily taken advantage of. And I know it. People just love to take advantage of me don't they? I lack confidence. That's why I love fashion. That's why I love to dress up. What I lack in confidence, those nice clothes, that make-up, it helps give me the confidence to go on. I can do this. I know my friends didn't mean to do this to me. I think they'll end up being life long friends. But right now. At this moment. I'm really hurt. I'm really scared. And I feel betrayed. :( Finding all this out at 4 AM after getting practically no sleep the previous week doesn't help me either....

Well like I said, I've been going through a lot of self reflection. I know a lot of people think of me as some really girly, girl that is just obsessed with shopping and sleeping... and that might be true, but I go deeper. My thoughts go deeper than just "OMG, let's get some shoes." It's more like, life has been stressful (my school work load is no joke you guys... and I'm Chemistry BS WITH premed, 2 minors, a job, a handful of clubs, my sorority, and I have a lot of stuff I do for my family too.) So I want to treat myself sometimes. It's these little things that make me happy. I can buy those $5-15 shoes (which I'm a master at finding good shoe deals back home) and be so happy for that little bit before I fall back into life. Yea, these things give me confidence. These things make me so happy so I enjoy them, so I can see why people see me as that type. But if they just took that time to look deeper, they'd see the real me. I guess I don't really tell much people about my problems anyways. I hide a lot. I can tell you those small secrets, but I can't tell you more than that. Truthfully, I'm scared to tell these secrets because I lack the confidence.

I guess the same can go for my non-existent love life. To be honest, I've never had a boyfriend. I've never been kissed. I don't think I've ever even truly loved anyone. It's sad isn't it? And I think the reason is because I'm not ready yet. I'm still trying to figure out who I am. Who is the real Stephanie? So yea, until I find her, I think I'm fine being single. Fine being alone for now. Good things come to those who wait right? I'd rather wait for myself to grow, for me to find that guy who'd take my breath away. LOL. Or maybe these are just excuses to tell myself.... I know some guys ( I heard from my guy-popular friend) find me intimidating.... I don't know why? D: I'm like the least intimidating person ever. D: Kekekekekee~ I've always tried to be scary but I guess I kinda am, huh? When I heard this, I cried a little. I'm lame right? Actually no. They are just stupid because they lost the chance to meet an amazing girl because they can't look past how my exterior looks. I like dressing up. So what? Fuck you if you think that makes me intimidating. I was texting one of my guy friends about it, and he really made me feel so much better. He told me that I should just be who I am, and not care about what others think, or something along those lines. Lol. I never thought of him to say these types of things, so hearing that from him really helped me. I also asked someone else about it, but he's just a jerktard, so we'll skip him. I am who I am and that's just it. But I do know I have some problem areas that I'm trying to fix, so wait for it. Hopefully someday will see me for who I am, and love me for this. It really is all about the heart right? Not just the looks. I know looks do have some part in it, but to me, its the heart that matters more. Also, he needs to be brave, because I'm like the hugest scaredy cat ever. ;D

For now, my snuggle buddy will just be this teddy bear. Teehee~ <3

And here are some pictures to bring back those memories. A really bad, I'm too lazy to edit colors, picture of me and my closer college friends going out to dinner at Chocolate bar. Good times. I know sometimes you guys really mess up (coughcough-housing-coughcough) but I still love you guys~ <3

And my high school friends~ Lol. Emiloo isn't actually in this picture because she was in Arizona with her other half, but she was here in spirit. I don't have any older pictures because I only started to get into photography until after Frosh year in Uni. Before that, if you took my picture, I'd rip it up! :'D Lol.... I'm a bitch..... Sorry guys.... >.<;; Much love to them too. c:<3

Sorry for the super, long, wordy post which I'm too lazy to proof-read. c: Thanks for reading~ <3

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I realized today... I'm a little bitchy... :'p
I'll try to work on it. :/
Tomorrow I'll be better! c:

I think I just need to stop judging people. I do it a lot actually. Even if I don't say it, I always think it.
Learn to love everyone! ><;;

Monday, March 12, 2012


Fantastic Baby~! <333

Hehe. Is anyone else obsessed with this song?
Boom shaka laka? :D
Ok.... I'll just hide in my fan girl corner then.... ><;;

BTW. I LOVE his asymmetric hair. D:<
I know some people don't like it~ but isn't it popular in Europe? o:
Or something similar to it..... =n=
I think its Hot. Super sexah baby~ <3

.... -hides- >//////////////<

Study now Stephanie! >:(
I can't help myself~ kekekekekekeke~

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Birthday! :D

Ok. So March 6th was my 21st birthday! I'm so old now..... D: But at least I can drink legally now in the States. Kekekeke~ <3 Well, as a tradition, my friends and I go out for Sushi on Monday at "Standing Sushi" because the sashimi is only $2 SGD for 5 pieces! And its really fresh! So yum! <3 Since my birthday was Tuesday, they surprised me with a cake and some chocolate! I feel so loved! Here's a picture of the cake~

Isn't it the cutest?! And the frosting was so good~ <3333

For all the 91ers out there... I hope you have a great 21st! This is a really big year for us. c:<3

ALSO. We went out for Ladies Night on Wednesday and my friend did my makeup really well.... but I forgot to take the picture... :( Sorry~ 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Collective Haul!

Ok~ So long time since my last post... I'm a lazy sheepie. :p
I think all I ever do these days is sleep..... or youtube.... I have a problem..... :/

SO. I've been doing some, not a lot, but some shopping during these past few weeks. First off, I went to Bangkok for Recess week (2/18-2/25) which I might post about later... but I bought a few presents while I was there. Now that I think about it, I really didn't buy anything for myself... I only spent money on food, spa/ massages (So cheap in Thailand! <3), and presents! c: I just love giving~ :'D

I know that since no one reads this blog, I don't have to worry about my friends seeing these presents~! :'p Kekekekekekeke~ my secret to you guys~ c: So first! I bought a bag from the floating market which was like 2 hours drive away from our hotel! So far! D: But yea, you can read about that when I post my Thailand post maybe~ :p I thought the bag was really cute and easy matching. It's just a navy print with a caramel brown lining and strap. Really cute. Really simple and only 250 Baht I think? Not bad right~ :p The next thing was another Hello Kitty phone case, this time in lime green! I'm trying to get my friend to fall in love with Hello Kitty and her favorite color is green so I got this as a joke for her. Again, 250 Baht. c; And lastly~ I bought 2 organic soaps that smell AMAZING! OMG. YUM! <333 The lighter one is "Turmeric and Safflower" scented and the gray one is "Black Sesame and Banana" scented. The gray is definitely my favorite. These were 150 Baht a pop but so adorable! <3

Next, my more recent shopping was at Vivo City mall yesterday! I don't have classes on Thursday so I use this day to explore Singapore mostly.... and there's mostly only shopping to do in Singapore.... o:

First we stopped at Sephora where I bought some dry shampoo $45 SGD and a pressed powder $23 SGD. I also bought a new flat top brush to use with the powder. Now, the pressed powder I LOVE. LOVE. The texture is really soft and smooth and it smells SO good! It smells like baby powder but somewhat sweeter and its really strongly scented. I use this to set my concealer because I have oily skin. It's amazing. <3 The dry shampoo is okay.... I mean, the smell is ok... and it works ok.... but definitely not worth the price. OK. So in the USA, if we buy something at Sephora and we hate it (heh...) we can return it at any time, no questions asked... BUT. Apparently Singapore does NOT have this. AND. They DON'T HAVE THE BIRTHDAY GIFT that we have in the USA. So I just had my birthday and this is the first time I would have been getting the little Beauty Birthday gift... but freaking Singapore Sephora is like crap compared to America!!! I was like SUPER pissed. WHATEVER SEPHORA. I can wait to go back to the US and buy all my make-up then! Jerks.... -_- I'll be purchasing some items online to get my present. Plus, I found this amazing promotion for a sample of Vera Wang "Princess" for Sephora and I totally want to buy it. <3

I also stopped by Daiso and bought some cute bentos and false eyelashes (Everything was $2 SGD each). Nothing much else to say about it. Picked up some cute nail polish colors as well. I was really happy to pick up "For Audrey" by China Glaze (China Glaze - 3 for $18/ Everything else - 3 for $5 USD). This is like ALWAYS sold out in the US, and now I know why! Singapore is hoarding it! Why Singapore!? WHY?! D: This is also a present for a friend (Just this color :p) . <3

Next we have some stuff from Sasa~! OMG. Ever since winter break, I've been really into skin-care and cosmetics... therefore~ I'm in LOVE with Sasa. <333 Firstly, I bought some masks because they were on sale~ ;p It was like buy 5, get 1 (6 for $10 USD) free so not bad. I'm recently falling in love with masks... plus the packaging is SO cute! I'll have to do a review on them later. I admit, the packing sells me~ ;)

I'm super happy with my purchase~ kekekekekekeke~ Girls just have to treat themselves sometimes! ;)
I also got a new shampoo set by Tsubaki from Sasa.

I've been trying out a lot of new shampoos and conditioners because I'm running out of the one I originally brought to Singapore. What I usually use is the Aveeno set and I absolutely love it! It really does make my hair so much softer and I feel like its healthier than when I used Treseme. Its worth the price to pay more to have healthier hair I think because I bleached the hell out of it about a year ago... :p Well so I've tried the Essentials and Pantene here... but it really doesn't help my hair... BUT I heard good things about this brand, and it's by Shisedo so I decided to try it out. This was about $36 SGD for the set (2 shampoos and a treatment) so it was kinda pricey for American standards, but I believe that it should be a good product. I don't know why they think we need so much shampoo and no conditioner though.... lame package..... -_-;;

Finally! We stopped by Cotton on and I got a couple dresses! :D

LOL.... ok.... someone really needs to teach me how to photoshop.... I was looking at Xiaxue's blog and I was like.... WOW. I wish I could photoshop like that! She's really talented~ and really pretty~ c: I admit, I'm a fan. c: Anywho! I admit I splurged a little on these dresses... well not really but kinda.... The first one is the black asymmetric hem one for $30 SGD. I'm like a HUGE fan of asymmetric hems right now! Like seriously, when I see it, I just get this urge to buy it.... D: Someone help meeeeee~ D: But it was too cute I couldn't resist buying it. Plus, I think it will be good for multiple ocassions so I can make it worth while. c: The other dress was cheaper~ only $10 SGD! But I got the XXXS one and it came like freaking huge.... I don't understand this sizing because the black dress is only size S and it fits fine.... @w@;; So for this dress, I actually modified it a bit. I pinned up the sides to make the fit more flattering, and I rolled up the dress where the belt actually is. That's why I needed the belt~ to hide the bulk! Kekekekekeke~ smart right? ;)

Well that's it for now~ Chuuuu~

PS. OMG. BIG BANG IS LIKE MY ONE TRUE BIAS AND THEY'RE BACK. PLEASE COME TO SINGAPORE~ Hehe. I'm like a huge fangirl...... Nothing can stop me~ Lol..... >////////< Sorry you had to see that.....