Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Song Recommendations!

Yo! Waddup~
Exam time is still going on, and now I have a bunch of papers to write.... but I'd rather write this quick post. c: I've been obsessed with these few songs lately, and I just thought I'd spread their amazingness. I've been hauling like an insane shopaholic lately (seriously man, I think I need help D:) but what can I say? Retail therapy is what I do to destress during exam time.... Just not so good on my wallet. :( But expect a new hauling blog post later! I might split it up into clothes + makeup + shoes though~ Liek OMG shoes. <3

I'll rank these from my favorite to lesser favorite! With my own interpretation! c:

1. Huh Gak + Zia - I Need You
A song about a two people who secretly like each other, but too scared too confess. Perfect to describe me.... but I'm still too scared to ever confess.... but I really love this song. Very relatable for this little sheep. ;A; Huh Gak and Zia are amazing singers, and I love their voices. Best song ever. <3 <3 <3

2. G-Dragon - Light it Up
Such a catchy song! I, personally, am a huge fan of Epik High and Tablo~! No offense, but Dok2 really ruins the flow of the song.... :/ But GD's voice is just so sexy in this song~ <3 Sorry, but everyone normally speeds up the song so that Youtube doesn't immediately remove it, so this is the only normal one I found. :<
But yea, love the song~ <3

3. Kyamu Kyamu - Candy Candy
A super fun song about candy! Not too much meaning to this song.... but its really catchy~ <3 Anyways! Just my little rant of the day, but WTF is it me or are Koreans getting WAYYY to full of themselves? Yes I love Korea and its culture/ fashion/ music but omg they are just too much these days! ALL of my Korean friends (seriously, all of them.....), keep talking about how Koreans are the most beautiful Asians, how they are the so rich... overall, how Korea is just the best. I agree Korea is getting up there (but sorry, I think Japanese are prettier, China is higher, and Singapore is richer), and now Psy - Gangnam Style has really boosted their self esteem, but loving Korea is NOT AN EXCUSE FOR BASHING ANOTHER ETHNICITY.  HAVE SOME AMERICAN PRIDE PLEASE. They were raised/ have USA citizenship please. But seriously, just the way they go on is a little much. :/ Especially in front of a CHINESE person, it's really putting me down you know?... sorry, I won't rant too much... :< Still love Korea though! Don't get me wrong, I still want to have G-Dragon's babies~ <333333

4. FT Island - I Wish
Who doesn't love this song?! So catchy~ And again, very relatable for me. >< Why do I fail at love?! D: I suck.... T_____T Anywho, FT Island is really love for me. My other favorites by them are Bad Woman and I hope~ <3 Ps. Does anyone else think that HongKi makes some pretty funny faces in this video? ;D Hehe so cute~ <3

5. Cotton Candy - Goodbye Prince
I just find this music video and song SO AMAZING! The visuals are just so pretty, I can't get over it, even though this song is pretty old. I don't think this band too popular, but it's a really soothing song. I love just blasting this song when I'm having a bad day or something. :/ This band needs a lot more love. Her vocals are so talented!

Hehe. Admit it! I have good taste in music! ;D Please realize that these are only FIVE out of the copious amounts of music I listen to. Truthfully, I listen to wayyyy too much music. I just find it as an outlet to stress and a getaway from the real world. My escape from reality~ <3 I'm totally the type of person to just turn up my headphones way too loud, ignore everyone around me, and have my own special party inside my head. Who cares what others think. This is me. This is what I love. Love it or hate it, I need my music~ <3

Peace out guys~ <3

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yeswalker: Shoe Review

Why hello there m'dear! c:<3
I just got these in the mail so I thought I'd do a mini review on ordering from this website. I have ordered from their affiliate, Yesstyle before (which got mixed reviews....), so I thought I'd give it a try ordering from Yeswalker. Plus, they were having an amazing sale. :p

I ordered a single pair of shoes.
White ballet flats, with an ankle strap, by 59 Seconds.
They were originally priced for about $20, but were on sale for $16.00 USD.
We also got a $10 off coupon since it was a new site opening sale (no minimum purchase + free standard US shipping) so I ended up paying only $6.00 USD for these flats! <3
Sorry I tried to find the link to them, but I guess they're sold out. :(
Good news! I found the matching flats in black!

59 Seconds is a HONG KONG brand.

Hope you don't mind the white accents. I was trying to cover up my ugly, messy background. LOL. You should see what else was out of frame. Like a tornado hit my room..... >< 

The filter used for these was the sweety effect from Camera360 on le iphone.

SIZING: I ordered mine in a size 36 (or 5.5 US size). Usually, I go between a size 5.5 to size 6 shoe. For these shoes, I really didn't want shoes that were too big because I had gone through many size 6 flats that seemed fine at first, but then stretched out with time, and are now huge on me. ;( So I just got the size 5.5; HOWEVER. These shoes seem to run a tiny bit SMALL. SO I WOULD RECOMMEND SIZING UP A HALF SIZE, FOR NOW, SINCE THE MATERIAL DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE MUCH GIVE ON THEM IF YOU ARE BETWEEN SIZES LIKE ME.

COMFORT: (3/5) Comfort wise, these are manageable. They aren't super comfy, but they don't make me want to chop off my feet. There is not much comfortable padding on the inside of the shoes. It seems quite stiff as of now. Just need to break them in, and they should be fine. I wore them out today, and they didn't seem to rub against my ankles at all! I don't think I'll be having too much trouble with blisters with these shoes! Yay!! c: I just hate those shoes that have a really hard bad part and leave huge blisters because they rub against your ankles! Not fun :(

STYLE: (4/5) Ok. Now to the real pictures of these shoes! I just think that they are super, adorable. The ankle strap may make putting the shoes on/ taking them off harder, but they make it easier keep your shoes from slipping off your feet. I don't know about you, but because of my kankles, my feet are always slipping out of some of my shoes! Really annoying! But that's what I love these ankle straps for. <3

Ankle straps are also very in style this year, as well! They give off a more cute, innocent look, which is totally my look on most days. Switch it up :p

 (Sorry my nails are so gross, its exam time for us college kids and I pick at them when I'm stressed... anyone else do that?
I tried to cover it up with a bow..... ><;;)

These shoes have a rounded tip and bend upwards a little at the toe area to make them easier to walk in/ better fit your feet. The accents on the strap are a silver tone, making it a more casual shoe. Also, I didn't realize that the shoes were kind of scrunchy when I purchased them. I'm not to fond of those types of shoes, but I guess once you put it on, you can't notice it, so it's ok? :/

QUALITY:  (2/5) As you can see, quality-wise, these were made pretty cheaply. Definitely won't last you more than a year I would think. Look at those glue lines! Terrible! D:

Even though the glue on the heel may be super bad, the actual stitching of the shoe doesn't seem to be too uneven so that gets a check from me. 

MATERIAL: (2/5) The material seems to be made of some polyurethane material made out to look a little like fake leather. To be honest, it does feel a little cheap, but nothing I can't work with. I wouldn't want to get these shoes wet, though.

PACKAGING/ SHIPMENT FROM YESWALKER: (4.5/5) Ok~ so for my review of the Yeswalker shoe site. I appreciate their sale at least. When I got the box, it was shipped from China and was wrapped in a water-resistant bag, which was nice. Inside the bag was the shoe box (seen in the previous pictures) with the logo Yeswalker written on it. I thought that was nice, but it would have been nicer to get the shoe box from the actual company who made the shoe. There was literally no information about the shoes themselves in the box. I guess maybe since they were cheaper shoes, they don't come with that box? But it would have been nice. :<

Inside the shoe box, you found the shoes (in the gray bag seen below), wrapped in a single layer of tissue paper. Then there was the shoe bag (which I really like!! Being a college kid, we are forced to take a gym class (wtf right? D:) so I have to bring my shoes with me to gym some days. Now I have this bag to put my gym shoes in! Yay! I was just using an old cross country backpack... ><) with the shoes inside. What was nice about the bag was that there is actually separate compartments for your left/right shoes so that they don't get damaged during shipment! How nice right?! :D To quote Singaporeans, how atas! <3 As far as I could tell, they packaged the shoes really well! c:

Shipping took about 11 days to get to me (I ordered on the 10th, the item shipped on the 11th, and I received the package on the 21st.) Not bad considering that it came from China!


There was also my invoice with the shoe number and a little card about how they do quality control on the shoes. I wonder what the shoes that don't pass look like.... -3-;; I guess it was a nice touch.

COUPON CODE: If you want to get your own shoes, please feel free to use the coupon code: OPENINGUS10 It shouldn't expire until 9/30/12~! Like I said, since there is no minimum purchase necessary and free shipping, if you get like a $20 shoe, that's like half off! Not bad right~ ;D
And feel free to check out:
But make sure to check the quality pictures! I always worry buying stuff online.... but $6 flats, I don't care too much about the quality. If it were $16, then I would care more. :/

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

Hello there! I'm back with another review for you guys! c:
I don't know why I'm not studying... I should be studying......... D:
Whatever c:
Let's just get to it~

My skin type: Combination/ Super oily T-zones

PRICE: This BB Cream is really hyped up, so I decided to pick it up when I was in Korea this past summer~ <3 I bought it from the Missha store for exactly 15800 won (~ $15.00 USD) for 50mL of product. Yup. I looked up the price on my receipt just for you guys =3= The price is not that bad compared to most Korea BB creams I found.

PACKAGING: If you didn't know, this is "Red BB" that so many talk about. The packaging is a sort of burnt brownish red color with a bunch of dots. Pretty cute if you ask me. The best part of it is that IT HAS A PUMP! Yay! c: It also is like part squeezy tube so you don't have to worry about losing any product! The designers went all out creating this packaging if you ask me~ <3 Genius ;D

Now if only it was pink.... :(                                          

Also! I like how they had an English slogan on the front but everything on the back is in Korean? ;D I don't know if they just wanted to market it people on a more global scale, or if its a gimmick to be cool.... But! hey! All the English seems correct to me! No Engrish for Missha. c:



COLOR: I believe like most BB Creams, there were 3 shades when I picking out my shade: 21, 23, 25. I think that they may have added a new darker shade, 27 to the mix though! c: For me, I'm not really tan or pale, so I picked no. 23 as my perfect color! Here's a swatch:

I don't know if you can tell, but this BB cream does have a WARM undertone when blended; HOWEVER, when blending it out, you can see some REDISH undertones. In my opinion, they go away once the BB cream sets, though, so you don't have to worry about that. Also, I don't notice any gray tones in this BB cream like some BB creams tend to have.

CONSISTENCY: This is a THICK BB cream. It is a little bit thicker than I would like, so it takes a little bit more to blend it out. It's definitely not watery at all, so thicker than your normal tinted moisturizer. I think it may have something to do with the high SPF though? Kinda because the consistency reminds me of my ol Sun screen? Maybe? o:

Let's test this out together~
As you can see, I'm having breakouts on my forehead (hormonal) and I have a bunch of acne scars on the sides of my face.

After 1 layer: (I apply with my fingers, then pat in with a flat-top foundation brush)

From this shot, you can clearly see that this BB cream is a little lighter than my actual skin tone in the summer (but it may better match for the winter when I'm not tan.) I actually don't mind this because I normally use a setting powder to even out my skin tone and reduce my oiliness because I am Oily/Combination skin type. I normally don't like to wear too much make-up, so this here is 2 pumps of the size before (or one big pump) and a single layer on my skin.

Obviously, my huge disgusting acne is still visible, but at least the redness if gone. Helps camouflage it more. A lot better than that previous picture of that huge thing no? D: The coverage is build-able, but I'd prefer to use a concealer for those trouble spots instead of building up over those areas. Especially because this is a thicker BB cream, it may look too cakey if you go past 2 layers + powdering.

As you can see, it also helps make my pores look smaller without a primer! Yay! :'D 

Because of all of this, I'd rate this light-medium coverage. But more of a medium coverage. And definitely buildable to get full coverage, but only use 2 layers. More may be a little much. 

LASTING POWER: I have found that on me, if I set in the morning, the BB cream will last all day, as long as I don't touch my face; however, I'm always seem to be touching my face.... so it does rub off a bit throughout the day, but it doesn't look splotchy or anything. I also don't touch up during the day. Therefore, for me, being the lazy person I am, and having tried this during the summer, I think that this BB cream lasts around 4-6 hours before it rubs all away. Thankfully, you definitely don't get that feeling that it will melt off your face in the heat. It stands up pretty well against heat/ sweat. c:

OVERALL: (4/5) Overall, I think that I would purchase this BB cream again. It provides a nice coverage without concealer or a primer. The color range is ok for most Asian skin types, and the color fits me well with a nice brightening effect. I also like the high SPF rating (42) because I'm addicted to sun screen. I'm just really worried about my ugly sun spots/ acne scars getting darker. But as a down side to that, the BB cream does have a thicker consistency which may feel heavy on the skin until it sinks in (but I can't really feel it after it sinks in and I powder, but its definitely not a "second skin" type thing). For my oily skin, it gives off a natural, almost matte finish. I quite like the finish. c: So yea. Hope this helped! :'D

Edit: I really like to use this BB cream in the winter time because it is more moisturizing (because it is a thicker BB cream) so it goes on more smoothly for my skin. Since my skin gets drier in the winter, I have to be careful with what I put on my face, otherwise, it will look patchy and flake-y-ish. The color match is almost perfect in the winter as well.

You can purchase this BB cream online (ebay?) or at your local Missha store if you like in Korea~ c:<3
Sheepy out~ :p

Monday, September 10, 2012

Coach Poppy Blossom Perfume Review

Hey guys!!! I just wanted to do this little quick review for you guys! <3
I just picked this perfume up maybe 2 weeks ago. Let me say now, I have been wearing it everyday, and I really love it! It's the new limited edition perfume from Coach: Poppy Blossom Perfume.

I bought the biggest size I could, which is sadly only 1.7oz. I don't know why they don't make the 3.4 oz like most perfumes have... maybe because it's limited edition....? But that's kinda sad... :(

EDIT:: I CHECKED ULTA AND APPARENTLY THEY SELL THE 3.4OZ SIZE FOR $85 BEFORE TAX! Still can only buy the 1.7 oz size on Coach or Sephora though? What's up with that? I still don't understand...

Ok! On to the review~!

PRICE: $65.00 USD (or $70.04 with tax in Ohio, Dillards)
The nice ladies gave a ton of other perfume samples as well as a lotion of pureDKNY. Don't be afraid to ask for samples as well! Perfume is something that YOU HAVE TO LET SIT ON YOUR SKIN BEFORE YOU GO AHEAD AND PURCHASE IT. IT WILL SMELL DIFFERENT WITH TIME, AND IT WILL CHANGE DEPENDING ON THE PERSON. Everyone gives off a little bit different of a body temp or different chemcials (lol pheromones anyone?) so the scent will differ from person to person. It will interact with our skin differently is what I'm trying to say, so it's best to try out the scent on your skin for maybe 10-15 minutes before going ahead to purchase it. In my honest opinion, perfume IS expensive, so make sure you try it out it before you buy it. That's what samples are good for. You can try it out without having to try them all on your skin all at once, which might not smell too good in the end lol ;D

"COACH Poppy Blossom, an irresistible scent that embraces the many colorful characteristics of the COACH Poppy woman. 
This sparkling, fruity floral fragrance blooms by combining the vivacious energy of COACH Poppy and the floral femininity of COACH Poppy Flower for a fun and playful scent that celebrates the many colorful facets of the COACH Poppy woman. 
The wearer is whimsical, modern, and subtly sophisticated. Her exhilarating personality lights up the room like a ray of sunshine. 
Notes:Lychee, Mara Strawberry, Freesia, Mandarin, Muguet, Rose Centifolia, Tuberose Fleur, Jasmine Sambac, Gardenia, Praline, Vanilla, Blonde Woods, Musk. Style:Feminine. Sophisticated. Modern."

SCENT: (5/5) Heehee. I really like the fufu way that advertisers write product descriptions.... ;D In my opinion, this scent really is more of a fresh, mature scent (perfect for this college girl ;) ) I definitely wouldn't recommend it for anyone under the age of 20, unless they're just too mature for their age.... :p The earthy/ musky undernotes in the scent really give it that sense of age, not like the bubbly, fruity, super sweet scent I imagine younger kids like. You can definitely smell the lychee and the mandarin orange in the scent though, and with time, the base note, vanilla, really becomes the star of the concoction. The lychee is super apparent when you first spray it. It's one of the main notes in the beginning. But the combination with the orange is what really makes it such a nice, fresh, bright smell. Not too sweet, but you get just the smallest hint of sweet from the fruity extracts that they used. I super love the Mandarin orange notes in it. It is definitely a winning touch that I don't find much in most perfumes. It's the perfect day scent that I was searching for! It is a super nice scent for summer, and I think the vanilla notes will make it good for fall and spring as well! I don't know if it'll be a good for winter though. Hehe. I guess I'll just have to buy another perfume for that. ;D

Also. Make sure you try this one out on your skin! When my friend and I were all up in Dillards trying out all of their perfumes (did anyone see the new Meow by Katy Perry? It's really sweet, but the bottle is super cute! Also super love the vanilla base notes.... anything with vanilla seems to win me over... -coughcough- Dior Hypnotic Poison....) we tried it out on the little card thing first, and it didn't smell too amazing... but on the skin... OMG so much better! <3

PACKAGE: (4.5/5) The bottle is just like all of the other Coach poppy perfumes except that it has a super huge orange flower instead of a tiny bow as the accent on the lid. As most others accents on perfumes, the orange bow is attached by an orange elastic band, which kinda looks cheap... but it's not too noticeable, so its ok.The lid itself is a gold color and its embossed with various ways that they write "Coach." It's a classy, chic design in my opinion. Not too over the top, but still really feminine and cute. c: The lid has a snap closure as well. It's really secure so you don't need to worry about the lid coming off or anything. c:

OVERALL: (5/5) Like I said, I truly love this perfume. It's sad I didn't discover it earlier because I would have worn it all summer. The best part about this perfume is that it last ALL DAY on me! OMG YAY! This is the first perfume (other than Hypnotic Poison) that really lasts on me. Normally, I would have to spray a ton on me and it would still last maybe only 2-3 hours. Seriously. It was sad :( But this one, I can keep smelling on me for quite a long time. That made this perfume all the better for me. I know this is kinda like a rave, but liek seriously, best. perfume. ever. Well for summer... and for daytime... Now to find the perfect perfume for winter/ fall and one for nighttime! ;D

Yes, I would totally recommend this perfume to all you older, mature ladies out there. ;) <3

For more information, please visit:

I know you want to buy it now don't you? ;)
Sheepy out! :'D<3

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rite Aid Haul!

Oh why hey thur :p Didn't see you come in~ >.>
Well today I have for you.....more hauling! Wahhhh~ :D This one is more special because I never, NEVER go to drug stores. If I need something, I go to our school's bookstore, Target, Walmart, Giant Eagle, and the Mall.... or online shopping ;D It's just that I'm still a little timid towards driving to its easier for me to drive where I go most often, or these places my friends will bring me more likely. So yea, I was dropping something off at the post office (I walk there, maybe 30min away from where I live), and I noticed that there was a Rite Aid next to it! OMG YAY~! Since I had walked so long in this super hot weather (like 2 weeks ago lol) to the post office, I figured I'd buy myself something to hydrate myself at Rite Aid, but ended up buying more... ;D I even got myself a points card, teehee~

On to the haul~! c:<3

Yea. I didn't go too crazy right! Well, if you didn't know, in America, Wet n Wild only seems to be sold drug stores... so I have never tried it before... -_- but it gets a lot hype on Youtube, so I thought I'd try it out. There was also a buy one, get one half off sale for it as well. ;D

First, I bought some more lip balms. I'm like addicted to buying those. Actually, yesterday, I picked up the new Neutrogena Naturals one along with the facial cleanser... >< Not bad. But nothing to rave about yet. The cleanser is pretty nice though, but I don't know why I'm talking about that... Anyways, yea. I bought another one from EOS: Sweet Mint (~$3.50 USD). I really liked the Summer Fruits one, so I decided to get another flavor... why? Because I felt it ok. ;p I also bought another one of the Maybelline's Baby Lips in 25, Pink Punch (~$3.00 USD). Again, I have the peach one, and I really like (OMG it smells so good) so I wanted to try more of them. The color payoff for these is nothing special though. The peach one just makes your lips a little shiny because of the gold glitters. The formula is really hydrating as well. Much more so than the EOS ones, but not as much as the Burt's Bees ones, imo.

 (Wet n Wild: Walking on Eggshells)

(Wet n Wild: Don't steal my Thunder) 

Next are some eye shadow trios from Wet n Wild ($2.99 USD). The Walking on Eggshells one is super hyped about on Youtube and now I know why! The colors, especially the crease color, are so nice! They are really nicely pigmented, the color payoff isn't half bad, and they're really soft. I just fell in love with them because they're so good for their price! These pictures are pretty true to color.

Some swatches:
(left to right: Walking on Eggshells: Eyelid, Crease, Browbone
Don't Steal my Thunder: Eyelid, Crease, Browbone)

I don't know if you can tell from my crappy picture (yup, still taking all my pictures on my IPhone.... ;D), but these colors in the Walking on Eggshells trios are a nice satin texture. It makes them look so pretty! I prefer satin because it's easier to use than matte colors but not as bling bling as glitter shadows. This trio would be perfect for your on the go natural eye. Now, the Don't Steal my Thunder trio isn't half bad either, and I imagine it'd be perfect for smoky eyes~! So excited for them! I was playing with them all day. The only bad thing about this trio is that in the pan, the crease color looks like it would have glitters in it, but they really don't transfer at all. :( Actually, the color looks a little matte swatched as well? How...? D:

(top to bottom: 467 Night Prowl, 464 Rain Check, 469 Hallucinate)

Finally! I picked up some nail polishes from Wet n Wild ($0.99 USD) as well, just to try them out, since the colors were all so pretty! I've already swatched these and they go on really smoothly. The bottom one is my favorite. It's a really nice iridescent color that adds that little extra sparkle to any nail! I really like how the glitters are pretty small, so they just blend into the shine of the polish. The other two nail polishes are super pretty as well. The first is a hot pink/ magenta glitter in a really dark purple nail polish. It's super pretty on the nails! That color is more of a fall/ winter color, though, so I haven't actually worn it on my nails yet. For the middle one, it's a pale greyish blue base color with a purple thinge if you look at it in the right angle (you can't really see it in the picture :( ) It's the PERFECT fall color in my honest opinion! I love it! LIKE SERIOUSLY GAIIS <3333 Lasting power isn't half bad either! These are actually super good for their price! Especially since they were on sale as well! They get my stamp of approval! <3

Welp. That's all for now! I got some Rite Aids points for this (WOW! o: ) so I'll be sure to haul more soon~
Watch out for nail tutorials~ <3
Sheepy out~ <3

Friday, September 7, 2012

Nail Polish Haul

A yo~!
How ya'll doing! It feels like it's been such a long time since I update my blog, but it hasn't really been.... 
I don't know, maybe its just me... But let's get to my haul! As you all know, I love to haul. LOL. I can't stop spending money.... someone help me.... T_____T At least I know how to get the most bang for my buck~ c:<3

(left to right: 355 Mad About Mango, 300 Cotton Candy, 320 Ocean Breeze)

 The first three are from the Revlon Scented nail polish line (~$5.00 USD, Walmart) . OMG you guys! I'm SO OBSESSED with these new scented nail polishes! They are... DA BOMB. I don't know, but I think it's just so much fun to have scented nail polish! Of course the smell goes away after maybe 3-4 hand washes or after you shower, but it is really appealing to me. Also, I really like Mad About Mango. In the bottle, the color looks more pinkish coral in person, but on the nail it is a lot more orange. It smells really fruity too, more like peaches than mango in my opinion. The ocean breeze has a really cool iradescent green effect I really like, but the smell is more like old lady... you'll know if you have the polish... I haven't tried Cotton Candy yet, but it's a nice dim pink. Application wise, they are just like normal drug store types. Nothing exceptional. Maybe a little lower than OPI nail polishes in my opinion. The Ocean Breeze applied better than the pink as well.

These next three are from a set: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure Kit (~$5.00 USD, Target) . I really mostly bought this just to get the white and top coat at the same time... LOL. It came with some manicure guides as well, but I don't normally use those, I freehand it. ;) The top coat isn't half bad as well. The white will need 2 coats to be opaque. :/ And the pink doesn't really transfer to the nails but whatever, it was just a bonus anyways.

(left to right: 1106 Cinderella, 842 Out of this World)

Next, we have two colors from Sinful Colors (~$2.00 USD, Walmart). Truthfully, this summer, I really wanted to get a really nice silver color and a really nice light, pastel blue. I just think that they'd be perfect for summer! Now is kinda the transition to fall, but whatever. In my heart its still summer! :x Now because these nail polishes are on the cheaper side, their nail polishes can be either a hit or miss. The silver one, Out of this World, it wasn't really a silver color... it's was SUPER light, closer to white than the gray I was hoping for... but it was still really nice when I put a glitter top coat on top! It goes on really nice and smooth, though. The last power wasn't half bad as well. I haven't tried the Cinderella one either, but from the bottle you can see these tiny glitters in it. Pretty! c: I don't know if you guys know the brand China Glaze? I fell like they have similar bottles, so Sinful Colors always reminds me of it. China Glaze is a bit more expensive though (super expensive in Singapore.... -_-) and let me tell you, the nail polish is crap. Total crap. Even new, it comes out super thick and its hard to get a good, even coat. Lameeeeee :/

(left to right: Pure Purple, 583 Hot Pink)

Ok! Last two! The first one, some of you may recognize, is from Forever 21 ($2.80). The picture makes it look more purple, but the color has more of a pink tone. The pink really shows when you put it on your nails as well. I couldn't find the name on the bottle so I had to look it up on their website.... so I was nice and linked it off for you... but....this nail polish, really sucks.... -_- The lasting power is sheer crap. It was chipping by the next day..... wtf.... but to be fair, I was lazy and didn't put on a top coat... but still.... :/ The application is pretty smooth though. The second one is from Milani ($3.99 USD). It's a really pretty silver and pink chunky glitter. You don't get the best glitter to nail polish ratio, but it's still pretty nice as an accent. You can see some nails that I did using this polish here:

I know I spelled Julep wrong... but don't judge.... ><
Classy nails, though, no? ;)

Thanks for reading!
Sheepy out~ <3