Saturday, April 28, 2012


I'm leaving Singapore tomorrow/ todayish (it's 5:15 AM).... I can't believe it's all ending now..... I had my ups and downs, but to thinks its over so soon, it's really hitting me hard now. I know we had our differences, but I won't forget the memories you gave me Singapore! :(

Korea here I comeeeeee~! Seoul for 4 days, Tokyo/ Kyoto/ Osaka for 11 days!!!!
But then back home. Back to reality. Back to the stress of being an adult.
Sad face :(

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be Optimistic

Hey guys..... so today I had my first exam at NUS, for CM2101, spectroscopy. Now hear me out, I've been having a lot... a lot of trouble with this course throughout the entire semester. I've had my downs after seeing my grades from the quizzes, but I've had my ups after seeing my A+ on my lab report! It's been a huge roller coaster ride for me. Well yea, today I had the final exam. I studied so much for it you know? I spent 2 weeks just reviewing what I had learned, re-vamping my notes, reading the book. 2 weeks, day and night studying the course and of course I reviewed it as well throughout the year. I put all of my time and effort into this course. I tried so hard you guys. I stayed up till 6am somedays studying, getting only like 5 hours or less of sleep on some nights. I wanted to prove to myself that I would be able to do this.... my one teacher was so mean to me, almost like he looked down on me.... I wanted to show him I could do it. That I was a capable student.... but this exam. I'm so lost for words... I'm crying a little when I write this. I don't know how well I did. I tried my best, you don't always succeed right? I tried so hard but I don't know what to say anymore....

BUT. Even though I have these overwhelming feelings that I didn't do so well, for now, I have to stay positive. Maybe these Singaporean kids won't ruin my bell curve.... Maybe I showed enough of the correct method and theory to prove that I may not have the best computational work but I still know my stuff. Maybe I wasn't as off as I thought I was. Hopefully I still passed..... I don't ask for much. I just want to pass..... Just please let me pass. Just keep thinking happy thoughts and thinking that I passed. Just pray to God to give me the strength to carry on. God knows how hard I worked. I tried so hard. I gave it my all. Now all that's left is to hope for the best. I know my friend told me before, everything will work out in the end. I still believe in her words. There is still some hope. I tried so hard, I still have hope. I won't study this much just to give up in the end. I just blank out on exams you know. I just blank out....

Also, even more important than my grades.... my grandmother is on hospice care at the moment. My mom's been with her for about a month now to stay by her side and take care of some grandchildren. I know she's probably a little scared to be by herself, so I think she's really strong to do this alone without my dad. I feel so bad because they are split up so often. First so that she can take care of us while my dad opens a restaurant. Now to take care of her dying mother. I just don't know. I hope things go well, but sometimes I don't know how much better things can get. I've only met her once, my grandmother, but I don't know if I'll be home in time to see her again before she passes. I hope my mom is ok. I hope my grandmother is ok. And I hope my Daddie is ok. He loves my mom more than she loves him I think. ;D I can see it in the way they act. I hope I can find someone like that someday. Someone who will work all day just to cherish me and my kids. :'D

So yea. There is much to be thankful in life, but there is so much stress and worries that can overcome you. For now, still have hope. For now, don't let all your hard work and all of your dreams go to waste. There is still time to laugh, dance, enjoy life. I won't fail. I studied so hard. I can't. Please God. Please don't let me fail. I don't know. Do I even have enough courage to be brave? To have hope and optimism that I won't fail. That my family isn't actually slowly dying off (my aunt died last winter)... Please. God. Please. I beg of you..... Please help me out in my time of need. -laugh- I know my worries may seem minimal in comparison to most, but these are things that are really important to me. My school, my studies are so important to me. I've always excelled in these types of things. I just wanna cry. But I'll be fine. LOL. I don't know how to feel, but I'll try, I'll try to be optimist. Must be positive. Thing positive thoughts..... just keep thinking positive thoughts.....

.... whatever.... I'll just eat my problems away with chocolate.... ><;;
Currently I'm loving the Black Forest one by Cadbury. OMG. It's so good. OMG. YUM.
It's so funny~ I was craving chocolate... and then my friend just pulled this particular one, out of his bag, and was like, I love this chocolate too! o: Lol. He gave it to me~ so nice~ ;D

Too lazy to photoshop~ more exams coming.... fix the lighting later~ <3

Hate chu school.... T_______T;;

Saturday, April 21, 2012



I think it's due to Singapore's more humid and all the rain lately, but I've got mold out the friggen ying yang in my room and it's driving me crazy!!! Here's it like 2:37 AM, and I'm supposed to be studying, but instead I'm doing loads and loads of laundry because of this mold!! Usually, I like being hotter than colder, so I'm not much for AC or using the fan too much... but fuck was I wrong for that! Heat + Humidity = Lots and LOTS of MOLD. Omg. I could cry. It's gotten in one of my favorite, FAVORITE Coach wallets that I used to use ALL the time back home. It was from their Poppy Collection and plaid.... T_____T<333 But I had to throw it away because it smells like fucking mold. All of my clothes smelll like mold (fucking mold got into my closet wtf?!) I like to leave the closet door open, on the side next to my sink.... yea, I know. I'm fucking stupid.... but this ONLY started happening about a week ago! I noticed my walls were looking a little.... "dirtier?".... BUT THEN I REALIZED IT WAS MOLD!!! THEN TONIGHT, I WAS LOOKING AT ONE OF MY BAGS ON MY DOOR.... AND IT WAS COVERED.... COVERED IN MOLD!!! SO I LOOKED THROUGH MY CLOSET AND FUCKING MOLD!!!! EVERYWHERE! OMG. OMG. OMG.

Excuse my minor breakdown.... but all this mold!?!!!!! T_________T
What did I do to deserve this?! If I die from mold poisoning... you know why.... T____________T
I'll post pictures later, but now I must try to not focus on the mold invading my life....

On a happier note, say hello to my little stuffed Elephant, Natha~! <333
(excuse my ugly legs....)

I know! I act like a 5-year old! But I don't care~~~
Sheepy out~ =3=

EDIT: LOL. While throwing away all the moldy items.... I threw away a few important things that I didn't realize.... FML. :(

Friday, April 20, 2012


Hey guys! I just wanted to update myself~ I got an Industrial Piercing this past Tuesday!! (4/17) I was actually waiting to post this because I wanted the reddness of my ear to go down... ><;; But it looks cool right?! Tell me it looks cool~ I'm such a rebel~ Kekekekekekeke~~ ;) They had to make it more vertical because I wear glasses, though, so it's not as cool as I wanted, but whatever... still cool~ ;p

I got mine done at "Primitive Piercings & Tattoos" on the 3rd floor of Far East Plaza. The piercing itself was $40 SGD and the bar was $45 SGD. Normal total costs are around $75 SGD for the piercing and bar, though, but mine was more expensive because I wanted to be all cutesy and get the one with the heart... I actually got the most expensive bar... LOL... I was just a little worried that getting the bar might make me look too... tough? I guess? ><;; So much for trying to save money for my upcoming trips.....

Getting the piercing was actually HORRIBLY PAINFUL. Like OMG. You'd think it'd be like every other piercing, just a quick pain... but NOOOOO! D: It's like a continuous pain until it's over, and it keeps hurting for about 1-2 days afterwards as well. It was like, when the needle went in, it hurt SO much... but it gets caught going through the ear, so they have to like PUSH it through... which just makes it soooo much worse.... T___T Yea, I think it's because of the slant in the hole which makes it hurt more... I actually cried, lol, the ladies in the store were so nice and kind though. I would really recommend this place if you're planning on getting a bar as well! And don't worry, everything is really sanitary and stuff, they'll show you the needle and everything. But yea, getting the piercing REALLY hurts... Oh the pain we go through to look cool. I may just be a sissy though (actually I know I am~ :D)

They also gave us a saline solution and some care instructions. Maybe I'll do a post about industrial piercing care later, but must go study now~ I'm too stupid for Singapore, man, these kids study too much for me. D: Stop ruining my curve please~~~~ D':

PS. Make sure not to touch the bar! Leave it alone unless you are cleaning it! OMG. It hurts when you touch it, so I don't think you'd want to touch it anyways.... Just remember, PAIN IS GAIN....Kinda! :D

Monday, April 16, 2012

Things happen for a reason.... right?

Hey guys~ So I don't want to you bore you with any sort of pretentious behavior, but I'm just a little bit more happy right now so I wanted to write this post! Recently, if you remember, I was left homeless by my friends.... D: Fuck.... WELL! Something really good happened! Another one of my friends, from a different friend group, they didn't get the housing assignment that they wanted! D: (Wow. Case housing you are amazing... -_-) So they had to re-enter under a different group. They tried for a 3-person apartment, but failed so were trying for a 4-person suite....! So they let me join their group!!! AND NOW I'M NOT HOMELESS ANYMOREEEEE!!!! :O ALSO!! This summer I was planning on living in Case summer housing, but that's another tedious procedure, but my friend is subletting... and now I get to stay where she lives!! Yayyyy! It makes me really happy that I won't be homeless when I return to Cleveland! So housing is a check~ It just makes me so happy that things turned out this way in the end. I know that I may not be the closest with 2 out of the 4 people in my new suite, but this just means I have the opportunity to make new friends. I believe that I always try my best to help out the world, and now the world is giving back to me.

I saw this on my friend's Facebook and I think it's really good:

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

Now things are falling back together for me and I'm really thankful. These days I've been a lot more religious, but I believe this is the right path for me. It's like the golden rule right? In a nutshell, you get what you give.... but I believe I still have a long way to go. I have a lot more to give.

BUT. When you make new friends, do you have to lose old friends? I really feel like my friends back home have forgotten all about me. I can make all the excuses that I want, but I can't help but feel like they really don't care anymore. All my other friends on exchange, they're always talking about skyping people back home and stuff like that, but my friends don't really bother me. Maybe they're just thinking that I'm too busy on exchange. Or maybe I just don't put in the effort. But why do I always have to be the one to put in the effort? Do you really miss me? I just don't know anymore. But I can't be emo now. I really shouldn't even be writing this post right now... I need to study.... Fudgeeeeeee! I'm SO screwed for my Spec exam! GRRRRRRR.

Sheepy out~ <3

PS. EXO K. OMG. SO GOOD~! Kai is like an amazing dancer! Wow! <3

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Glitzy Orange Mini Tutorial!

I did my nails today! :'D

I'm a huge fan of nail art and I like doing it whenever I have free time~ <3 I'm in no way a professional though. D: This design was actually found somewhere on the land of Youtube a long time ago.... sorry I forgot where.... :( But I in no way take any credit for the design. I just like it. c:
Anywho, here's my nail design for this week:

It's really simple to do and who doesn't love bling on their nails?! <3 You can also dress this design up or down depending on the base color you use! For example, a nice pastel blue or a dark navy blue give different moods. Just use the color you feel like using! It will work with almost any color~ c: Here's what you'll need: 

1. Essie - Meet me at sunset
2. China Glaze - Techno (or any nail polish with thick glitters)
3. A toothpick
4. Nail polish remover to help clean up your nails afterwards c:
5. Base coat + Top coat (I don't have any right now.... D: )

Okay, so here's what you do!

1. I would recommend starting off with a base coat first to help protect your nails from the colors seeping into your nails and damaging them; however, I don't have any on me at the moment since I'm abroad.... but try to not skip this step! Yea....

2. After the base coat is dry, add about 1-2 coats of the red-orangey color on your nails. Add just enough to make it opaque. You don't want to cake it on too much on since it might get messy with the glitters. :p

3. Add a top coat to help protect your nails in case you mess up this next part, but again, I skipped this. It's just an extra precaution if you're less experienced with placing glitters on your nails.

4. This is where it gets a little long and tedious... -_- It took me about an hour to finish all my nails, but patience pays off in the end right? Right?! D: So yea, open the nail polish with the glitters on it. Using the toothpick, pick up a SINGLE glitter (this is why you want a big, chunky glitter polish, or you could use a top coat as the sticky part and single loose glitters) and place it near the base of the nails. I find it easiest to try to pick up the glitters in the area of the end of the brush; use the toothpick to swipe downwards. You should end up with a glitter on your toothpick. Next, use the toothpick to move the glitter into the right spot if you didn't place it right in the first time. I end up doing this a lot since I don't have the steadiest of hands.... >w<;; This is why you don't want to to cake on the polish. If you're hella impatient like me (LOL, wasn't I just talking about being patient? ;D) I like to start the nail art part even before everything has dried.... therefore, if you move the glitter, it might drag the polish under it.... making it look ugly.... D: Yea.... so try not to do that. D;

5. Continue to place the glitters in a uniform pattern near the top of the nail bed for each hand.

6. After you're done with all hands, just add a top coat, let dry, and admire your pretty nails~! :'DD

Sorry. ><;;

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mask Haul + OOTD

Hey~! I hope you guys remembered to get your free cone from Ben & Jerry's today!! It was major yums! <3 We stood in line for an hour for the ice cream though... but I think it was totally worth it~! I got Clusterpuff! So good. It was really peanut-buttery. <3 I totally recommend it if you ever go~

Anyone! Since my friends and I went to Vivo for our free ice cream, we decided to stop by Sasa for a bit! I'll tell you a secret... I'm totally addicted to Sasa.... D: Someone help me.... T_____T I can't help but spend money there! I never leave empty-handed~ ><;; So yea, I've also been addicted to masks lately as well... if you couldn't tell from my major haulage of them. :p I was always into the clay masks before, but after coming to Singapore, I've totally fallen in love with the sheet masks! They're so refreshing! It's like a special treat to myself. ;)

Ok, so now to the haul. The first set was actually bought a couple weeks ago when Sasa was still having their 6 for $10 deal at the Sasa in Holland Village.

From left to right::
1. Sophie Monk's Little Twin Stars Mineral Diamond Brightening Mask - $1.95 SGD
2. Secret Diary Green Tea Mask - $1.95 SGD
3. Dr. Brightening Ampoule Mask Sheet - $1.95 SGD
4. Tea Tress Mask Pack - $3.90 SGD
5. Naisture's Lovely Strawberry Mask - $3.90 SGD
(I decided to list the original prices just in case you want to try them too! But I TOTALLY recommend waiting and buying them when they go on sale!! Who doesn't love a good sale? <3 )

I actually had another mask, the Secret Diary Tomato mask (the red one), but I already used it and forgot to take a picture. ... :p I actually don't recommend that mask... it really didn't work that well and left my skin feeling really sticky. The formula kept dripping off the mask as well after I put it on. :( The Little Twins Stars mask is a re-purchase and I really like it so far, but I think I want to give it more time before I decide how well it works. The rest were just the more expensive masks (about $3-4 SGD) so I just picked those to get my monies worth! Kekekekekeke~ ;DD I'll do a full review on my hits/ misses for these masks later once I get around to using them, but for now I really recommend the Little Twin Star Masks~! <3

More haulage:

Items shown:

1. Silk Whita Sporalygodll Whitening Slimy Mask (5 sheets, 2 packs) - $20.90 SGD ea.
2. My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask (10 sheets) - $14.50 SGD
3. Sexy Look, Gem Peptide Brightening Mask (5 sheets) - $8.80 SGD

I have already tried the Sexy Look Mask, but again, I want to use it for a little bit longer before I do a review... BUT I totally LOVED it when I used it for the first time!! This one definitely needs to be reviewed! No wonder it's so raved about!! I also purchased the Strawberry mask from My Beauty Diary. If you're also addicted to Youtube, you'd know how much this brand is raved about~ So I decided to see what all the hype was about~ I know the Black Pearl is one of the more raved about masks, but I decided to go with the Strawberry one because it's supposed to help with oil control and shrinking pores... which I really need.... >///////<;; If I like this one, I might go ahead and purchase the Apple one as well because it's also supposed to help with oil control and things like that. I also think that these masks are really affordable because if you do the math, that's only about $1.50 a mask, which isn't bad if you ask me. c: I've also been seeing a lot of hype about the Silk Whita masks as well, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy those as well..... Kinda expensive compared to the My Beauty Diary Masks, but if it works well, it'll be worth it. c: Normally I wouldn't buy too packs when I'm just trying a brand out... but these were buy one get one free, so I had to get two to make the money worth it... So expensive if it wasn't one sale! D;

Ok! On a random note~! I also dyed my hair recently using the Liese Bubbly Hair Dye. I used the color "Antique Rose" because I like having the red undertones in my hair~! c: You'll see in my OOTD that the color didn't last long though.... I know that reds normally don't last too long... but this lasted only about a couple days before it went away... and the red was REALLY subtle. I even left the dye on for the full 30 minutes to ensure that it would lighten up my hair most. :( It couldn't even cover my bleached ends which were noticeably lighter.... I don't know, maybe my hair was just too dark or something, but I wouldn't recommend this color if you're trying out this brand. :(

OK! Finally to the OOTD~! This is like a super long post now so I'll keep it short~ :p It's just a really casual white and tan themed outfit that I wore to class today. c: I didn't bring much jewelry to Singapore, so I normally don't wear any on a daily basis, so no arm candy or anything for me. ;( I only stick with a hair tie on the right arm and a watch on the left arm... ;D But not pictured because I just recently got a new watch and threw away my old one because it was cheap and was starting to rust... yucky.... D:

As always, sorry my room is such a mess~ :p Whaleeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
Sheepy out! <33