Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Face Shop Petit Cheek Stick #3

Sheepy's back with another review! I was going to do another haul, but I didn't want you all to know my true secrets of a shopping addict. D: Not like I post everything I buy anyways~ ;D But I will show you the presents that I bought my friends~ c; Only later..... ><;; 

Don't judge me for my love to spend money.... D: It's the stresss I tell you! T____T

Ok. On to the review please~ Confessions of a blush-aholic. ❤ 

Here I have the Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Petit Cheek Stick #3 in Berry PongPong! OMG. Do you remember when I told you guys that I am a sucker for cute packaging..... WELL I seriously don't lie....

PRICE: I believe this is priced at around $6.50 USD ( but actually priced at around 9,900 won) for 6g of product. I got a discount because I picked this up at the duty free at the Incheon International airport in Seoul this past summer. I had some left over Korean money, but not too much. It's hard to exchange anything under $10 so I decided to just spend it all! SPEND IT ALL!! And due to the low amount that I had, I ended up picking this up. It was in US prices since it was the airport.... how strange right?

COLOR: Is it only me, but I'd always imagine a berry shade to be more of a deeper, more of a plum color? This color is not like that, though. But this one is like pink, pink. Like hot pink. I quite like these shades of blushes if you haven't noticed yet. It makes you seem younger I feel.

Here's a swatch:

The color is pretty vibrant when you first apply the blush, but once you blend it out.... not so much. :'(
Or maybe I blend too much?! But with these types of blushes, it's hard not to blend too much.

Here it is blended out:

See what I mean?! I mean, I guess it's better if it's not too BAM! in your face when it's actually on your face but sadness..... SO. Just warning! Don't be overly zealous with the blending like I am. D:

APPLICATION: It goes on really smoothly~! It's a really soft, creamy texture. Once you start blending, you'll notice that it turns to more of a powdery consistency.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The lasting power of this blush is kinda dismal.... especially on me who likes to rub my face and has oilier skin. Therefore, I normally wear this blush as a base for a powder blush on top. It makes the color much nicer and it just lasts longer. It's the same with most cream products. You need to set it with a powder! Then it become AMAZING! :'D

Here's how I wear it:

STEP 1. SLAB some of that stuff one. I'm only going to put it on one cheek for now! :'D

STEP 2. BLEND it out~ I used a brush so that I don't go too crazy. I recommend you to use a brush and NOT your hands when blending! c; Blend blend blend~ It's quite late, though, so my lighting sucks. Totally washed the color and photoshop can't fix this. :( It's better in person, I swear!

STEP 3: MORE BLUSH is added :p Can't get pinker than this. :p AGAIN. SORRY FOR THE CRAPPY LIGHTING. :'( It's seriously pink in person. But I think you get the picture.

Better color pic:

I used this blush. I swear it's not like I only use the Face Shop, this is just the only other hot pink blush I have next to me. 

Are my eyes pretty?!! :'D It's been a long time since I tried eye-makeup again. :'p

CONCLUSION: (3.5/5) Overall, the color is not bad, and the pigmentation is not bad. But it can be really easily rubbed away if blended too much so you have to have a light hand when working with this product. There is not really any scent for this product and I do not see any fragrances listed in the ingredients so I do not believe it will irritate your skin much if you have sensitive skin. The texture of the cream is soft due to the wax and shea butter that you also read in the ingredients above. I quite like products with Shea butter. I wouldn't say that it's very moisturizing, though, because it turns powdery once blended. but I do not expect that of a blush.I would totally recommend this product to you if you don't mind having layer blushes!

This product also comes in 2 other colors or you could get the perfume sticks!
SO CUTE. OMG. Want to buy them all now! 

For more information please visit their website! All in Korean though! I had to click random links to get to the product page for this blush though. It's an interactive website so I cannot seem to give you the exact link of the blush. Sorry! ( )

As always, I buy everything myself. c;<3

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Just a little wishlist of mine. I'll probably end up buying this for myself. ;D

1. Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote - $145
I've been meaning to get a new tote for me to bring my books to class. I think this would be a nice choice. I picked navy because I think I wear a lot of blue. Just didn't want the normal black or brown. Navy is still a classic!

2. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation - $45
Just because I've decided to try out some foundations since I currently only use BB creams.

3. Nine West Color Story Mini Tech Crossbody Bag - $25.99
It's so tiny and cute! I want it! ;D

4. Vera Wang Princess eau de Parfum 3.4oz - $75
I'm actually getting from my brother for Christmas! One of those perfumes that you mean to buy, but end up buying something else. Classic girly perfume.

5. Guess Envelope Clutch - $58
I fell in love with this when I was looking for a wallet! SO PRETTY. Omg need it. <33

6. Kate Spade Carlisle Street Stacy Wallet - $125
I recently broke my old wallet, so I'm in the market for a new one. I've always been a fan of the simple, bright designs by Kate Spade and this wallet is just to die for. A bit pricer than I'm used to... so I guess time to start saving up! ;D

Saturday, November 24, 2012

November Yesstyle Haul!

YO! Whaddup my homies~ c:
I come with yet another online shopping haul.... Steffie you need to restrain yourself sometimes.... :/

Anyways. If you didn't know, after coming back from Singapore and Japan, I've been addicted, completely addicted to maxi skirts and the high-low hem theme. It's just so feminine and wonderful and flow-y and I love it. OKAY? I love it! =3= So I took to YesStyle and their Korean Sale to complete my need for more Asian clothes~ hehe~ c:

As I had mentioned before in my YesWalker review, the quality of these brands can be quite shoddy.... So I'll try my best to help steer you in the right direction. c:

First item is of course a MAXI SKIRT from the Korean brand Beccgirl
(Sale price: $14.40 USD // Original price: $18.00)

 Let me tell you, this skirt was a LOT shorter than I thought it would be.... Like I'm short. Barely 5'1 short, and this is pretty short on me. Not bad or anything. Just shorter than I expected. Quality wise, the stitching on the waistband could use some work. It is a little bulky, but nothing that is too bad. Actually, the quality of the overall piece is pretty good in my opinion (4/5). It's made of quite a thick material that will make it not too bad to wear in this fall/winter. c:

It does have a slip skirt that goes down to about a little above the mid-thigh on me. A nice length. But the material isn't very transparent so you don't have to worry about the slip skirt riding up and everyone seeing your panties if that's a huge factor. ;'D

The next item is a LACE COLLARED LONG-SLEEVED TOP from the Korean brand Click. 
(Sale price: $12.00 USD // Original price: $15.00)

This item is actually my second favorite item from the bunch. I've noticed that the material Click uses is VERY THIN. Don't worry, it's not see-through thin, but still pretty thin. So just be warned about that if you were expecting a heavier material. The quality of the lace collar is not too great either. But it is still a cute piece to have in my collection. Collars are very much in this year~ :D Also, the sleeves look really bad when they're down. The length is a little short even on me, so I recommend styling this with the sleeves rolled up fyi.

Next, we have a CHIFFON LONG WRAP SKIRT from the Japanese brand Mignon.
(Original price $15.00 USD)

As you can see in the left picture, there is a slip underneath that goes to about 2-4 inches above the knee.

Sad to say, but this piece really let me down. In the pictures, it looked SO CUTE! But I wouldn't say this is really that true-to-picture. I just have a lot of issues with this piece. The fabric of the skirt is made of a bunch of layers that are very thin and wrinkles pretty easily. It makes it kinda bulky... I know it's supposed to be a "chiffon" material, but it seems like a pretty cheap version of it. I guess it was only $15 so I can't complain too much. The biggest disappointment was how the waist band was sewn. It's like an open band with an elastic drawn through it, if you know what I mean. It has the ability to gather in different areas making it feel really bulky and fat. And it can make you look really hippy because of the added volume around the band.... dislike. :/ But I guess if you wear a belt it'll be less noticable? It's just that it looked so pretty on the model, I'm upset it doesn't resemble that on me. Overall, I wouldn't really recommend this skirt. There are better versions out there. c;

Last thing that I purchased was this DIP BACK DRESS from Click again.
(Sale price: $10.50 USD // Original price: $15.00)

Hehe. If you noticed that my eyes look really small in most of these pictures, that's because they are looking down and right to my phone. LOL. They're still open though WTF. They don't lie about Asians having squinty slit eyes =3=

Ok. So I paid the least for this dress and it is by far, my favorite out of the bunch! Again, the material is thinner than I would have expected, but it is still really cute~! And I was really worried about the "transparent" part in the back of the dress, but don't worry, you still can't see what's underneath~ You can't even see my panties underneath it~! Bet you can't guess what color they are! >:D Unfortunately, the dress does run a little wide so I have to wear it with a belt or I look super fat. :(

I also wore it out the other day~ Here's my quick OOTD! c:

It was my Thanksgiving day outfit! c: I recently purchased that scarf from H&M, too, and I really LOVE how big and fluffy it is! It was on sale for $7.00 USD~ c: 
Leggings and Cardi from Target. Hat from Claire's. Belt stolen from younger brother. And shoes from Famous Footwear.

FINALLY~! For the SHIPPING, I ordered everything on Oct. 27th. It shipped on Oct. 30th. And I just got it this Nov. 21st. Therefore it took about 25 days in total to reach me. I did use Standard Shipping to the USA, but that's kinda excessive if you ask me. :/ Not too pleased with that....

NOTE: Everything was bought with my own money~ I spent around $51.89 in total with a $5.00 coupon from being on their mailing list.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Song Recommendations (Part 2)

It's amazing how fast the time is passing.
I'm getting a little overwhelmed here. Please slow down please :(

This is my new song obsessions! Short and simple:

1. Twins - Mouse Loves Rice
As you may know, I'm Cantonese, but my Canto is getting a little shaky because I don't use it often. I just love this song, and I like listening to Canto songs recently. I don't know. I really love music. It really does express your inner self I think.

It's basically a song that says that I love you like a mouse likes rice (because cheese is scarce in China, mice eat rice) and will do anything for you.

2. John Park - Childlike
This one is for a movie called "Werewolf Boy." Truthfully, the music video/ music make this song so much better. The main character (the wolf boy - Song Joong Ki) is freaking adorable here. Just want to pinch his chubby cheeks. T____T And he's 27?! In this movie he's supposed to be 19 though :p But yea. Now I must watch this movie. I MUST. But knowing Korea, I just hope no one dies in the end....... :/

The song is also pretty beautiful. It makes me think of myself. Maybe I'm a little too foolish to love him. ><

3. Kim Tae Woo - Even I Feel Sorry for Myself
His voice is beautiful. The song is so soothing. I just love this song..... I'm a sucker for sad songs. ;A;

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bobbi Brown Haul!

It's so chic and black I love Bobbi Brown! I bought these at some make-up store at the Aurora Outlets.

First is the Long-wear Gel Eyeliner Set ($29.50 USD)
It comes with 2 gel eyeliners (black + a shimmery slate color), a small brush, and a sample eye makeup remover.

As always, here's the ingredients! Click to view larger!

The brush is not bad. But I don't really use it. I use another eyeliner brush that I have. It's nice that it has a cap, though! Makes it a lot more portable. c:

In the set, I got #1 Black Ink (below) and # 15 Graphite Shimmer (not shown). They both come with 3 grams of product, which is not bad. I believe that these eyeliners are priced at about $22 separately... so this boxed set was a steal! c:

I know this eyeliner is highly raved about, but I don't know about it. I have super oily lids and after about 2 hours, it did transfer to my bottom lid.... T___T I found that it lasted SO MUCH longer if I set it with translucent powder. If I use a black shadow... that would transfer too.... I haven't tried it with a primer yet though. It lasted so much longer on my hand! I think my eyelids are oilier than my hands....

I would say that the color is pretty black though. And really creamy. In my honest opinion, I'd say it's more of a mix between a gel and cream liner texture!

 It's a little hard to see, but this eye-makeup remover is a dual phase remover. This means that it has a water based phase and an oil based phase. It's pretty common to see these types of remover lately because most waterproof make-up is of the non-polar type. Little chemistry lesson! (Yo I am a chemist! ;) ) But to make it waterproof/ resistant, they make the make-up more non-polar because then it's less easily solvated by the polar water molecules. And because likes dissolves likes. Therefore, nonpolar makeup is less easily dissolved by water. Ie waterproof/ resistant. This is why it's good to use oils (or nonpolar things) to dissolve this nonpolar makeup! Likes dissolves likes! c: Hehe.

I also picked up the Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque ($15.00 USD)!

Ok. Is anyone else this stupid? I was trying to buy a concealer and somehow ended up buying the corrector?! LOL. I don't really have heavy dark under eye circles and this place was pretty far away, so I gave this to my friend. c: She seems to like it though! I tried it on in the store and I was wondering why the coverage of the concealer was so light... fail..... >< BUT. I'd say this picture is pretty true to color (on my display at least) and that's pretty close to my tone!? Maybe I'm more pink than yellow? Asian fail D:

 Hope you enjoyed! Sheepy out~! <3
ALSO. I know it's not as talked about, but my friend picked up a lipstick from Bobbi Brown in Old Hollywood and she really likes it. And she's a lipstick fanatic. I think you'll be seeing a lot more from Bobbi Brown from me~ ;)

For more on Bobbi Brown, please visit:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Casual/ Lazy OOTD

LOL. Ok so midterms are over but my room is still a mess.... whatever!

A really plain, casual outfit. But I thought I'd show you how I style my lovely Timberland knockoff boots! Which are totally in right now. (Or at least in opinion they are! >:D) Funny story, my friends all bought the same shoes when were in this shoe store in Asakusa, Japan. Hehe. They go really well with maxi skirt, shorts, or pants! <3 Adds more of a masculine touch to your outfit. Definitely a different statement for this girly girl!

White Vneck - Aeropostale (~$10)
Gray cardi - Forever 21 (~$25)
Pants - Hollister (~$30)
Belt - Aeropostale (~$10)
Boots - Some shoe store in Japan (~$20)
Scarf - Came with a shirt I bought.... (??)

ALSO. A note on Hollister sizing! I bought these pants recently, in size 0, online.... but I think that I should have gotten a 00. Normally I wear a size 24 (with a belt) for reference. I definitely wear a size 00 in American Eagle (with a belt cause it's still huge...) but a size 0 in Delia's is a little tight? WTF they need to coordinate sizes better please! D: I wore these pants without a belt once and my butt was completely hanging out.... my non-existent butt.... :/

Saturday, November 3, 2012

HAUL from Banana Republic Outlet!

Hehe. I'm getting older, so I'm buying more mature clothes?! What?! ;D I'll try not to talk too much because I don't want this post to be too long.... but.... hehe :p This was all purchased at the Banana Republic Outlet at Aurora Premium Outlets.

Black "Summer" Flat - $29.99
I would NOT recommend these if you're the type of person to kick yourself when you walk.... like your ankles rub together? Mine do and I was bleeding by the end of the night... Maybe if I break them in longer? I don't know. But they hurt.... but so cute..... T_____T

Color Tip Wedge in Galaxy Blue - $15.97 (Originally $59.99)
I LOVE the gold accents on Banana Republic shoes! Love love love~ <3 They make my legs look sooo good! Hehe.

 Hehe. You can literally see that my mirror is dusty....Gahhhhhh ><;; And please notice my wonky eye that I just noticed... we get no sleep yo! D:

Button Racerback Tank - $12.49 (Originally $24.99)

Yup. I bought this TOP to wear as a dress (with leggings) I'm that short. I'm 5'1'' if you were wondering.... Gah. Too bad I'm past the age where you grow taller. ;( It ended too soon.... ALSO. I know you can't tell from this picture, but the fabric of this shirt is SO SOFT. You get what you pay for. You can definitely tell the quality of these clothes are so much better than Forever21 and stuff.

Graphic Tee - $9.97 USD (Originally $24.99)

I like to wear this with the front tucked in because I'm so short. Also! Almost forgot to mention, but I got this in a size Medium because I wanted the oversized look! c:<3

Petite Blouse in Navy - $22.99 (Originally $49.99)
Remember when I said that the other shirt was so soft....? OMG. This shirt is the softest thing ever! It feels so nice against the skin.... T____T <3 It clings to your curves pretty well, too. <3 It makes me feel so mature. I thought that was pretty pricey for what it is... but it was just so soft I couldn't say no.... I don't know how I can wash it though D;

Left is just plain shirt and right is how I would style it. If I was going for a more formal look, I'd wear a pencil skirt, but I don't really have a nice one yet... working on it..... :/

 Scalloped edges are super cute! c;

Blue Sweater with Button Detail - $34.99 (Original price :( )
A simple boat neck sweater with button detailing. I got this in a size small so that it's a little oversized in case I want to do an off the shoulder look. I actually love wearing this sweater with a white skirt and some knee high boots for fall. So feminine! c:

Two Pocket Military Shirt in Navy - $29.99 (Originally 59.99)
My favorite out of everything. 'nuff said.

That's Mr. BunBun on my bed! Hehe~ This actually came in a red and a cream color, but the cream was so friggen see through?! I hate it when its like that :/
Anyways! Hope you liked! Sheepy out~!