Friday, December 31, 2021

Updated Links

 Hey guys! :)

Long time no see. Sorry but I guess you guys have realized, I will no longer be posting my free planner printables because I kind of fell out of love with planning... I just don't have the time to plan anymore (I work in healthcare)... I originally started making these for my own personal use and was just sharing them so I apologize for those of you that also enjoyed using them for your own personal use... But! My finance just bought me an ipad pro so I'm trying to get back into doing art again but we shall see hahaha~

Also! I guess someone tried to hack my google account so all the links were broken for a long time... but despite this blog being years old, I still get a lot of emails for permission to view my google drive images... so I updated all the links for everyone! :) Let me know if there's still something that is broken!