Thursday, January 24, 2013

Steffie's January Favorites

A yo~! I'm so super busy lately with school stuff and interviews... February doesn't seem like it will be much fun for me... :(

But please bear with me~! Also, apparently the lovely Jenny from almightyturtles nominated me for the Liebster Award?! So I'll do a post for that sometime by this weekend (I'm such an antisocial blogger, I guess this will be good for me o: )! Hehe~ BUT. For now I wanted to make a post dedicated for my current favorite products.... because I just love them that much. ><

I picked only 5 products for this. Don't worry, I won't talk too much about each. I'm such a chatterbox. ;D
Ok Steffie, on to the products:

1. Canmake Marshmallow Finishing Powder in Matte Beige Ochre (around 750 Yen)
Just a nice, really soft finishing powder. It gives a lot of coverage as well when worn on its own, and the color is a pretty good match for me as well. I don't actually use the puff, but it does come with one! c:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jewelry Organization Idea

New Year requires organization! You know, like that resolution where you say that you'll be neat and tidy from now on but it all goes to heck after a week? So I organized my necklaces! I got this adorable scarf holder from Bed Bath & Beyond and I just hung my necklaces on it. c: It's like a clothes hanger but for scarves. I'm going to hang it in my closet though~ :D Not all of my necklaces are pictured, some in storage!

Yea. c: Kinda random. But my first grad school interview is tomorrow! I'm trying not to rehearse anything because I just want to let them see the real Steffie. Just trying to be real yo ;) But I'm scared I'm going to get nervous and mess up.... whatever just hope for the best now! 7 hour drive here we come! :'D

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Small Korean Skincare Haul

Hey there! These items I actually bought during the summertime but I left them at home... so now that I'm home from university, I thought I'd post what these were!

PS. OMG. You won't see any pictures of me lately, it's amazing how a bad haircut can really make you look so ugly.... :( But on to the haul~ I can already tell that I'm going to be a hoarder when I grow up......

I'm going to group these by the brands. First is Nature's Republic. I picked up two masks:  Real Nature: Red Clay Mask and the Sleeping Tonight: Neroli Sleeping Mask (5500 won, 150mL each). I've always wanted to try a sleeping mask, that's why I picked up the neroli one. If you didn't know, these are supposed to be used instead of a moisturizer at nighttime and then rinsed off in the morning. They're supposed to make you look really refreshed in the morning! Exciting~ There were three choices: rose, lavender and neroli.

For more info on the sleeping packs: 

Next up is Missha. I only have one product to show: the Creamy Latte Greentea Cleansing Foam (3500 won). My love for all things green tea may have influenced my purchase of this hehe. They were also running and amazing sale for buy one get two free or something like that. So with my two friends, we picked this at around 1000-2000 won each. It contains 172mL of product...? Also, side note, but don't you love how everything is so niced wrapped in cellophane?! It causes a glare in my pictures though :p Other options were Chocolate and Strawberry.

 Because this picture sucks:
For more information, please visit: 

Following that I have three products from Skinfood. I have the Rice Mask Wash Off (7700 won) the Gold Caviar Emulsion (19000 won) and the Red Orange Makeup Finishing Spray: Matte (8000 won). The Rice Mask is like a Korean skin care junkie cult favorite, so I could not not try it. ;) The Gold Caviar Emulsion is actually more of a cream type lotion. You use it after toner and serums. I actually tried the toner from a sample before and I decided that I wanted to buy it when I got to Korea; however, when I got there, I stopped by The Face Shop and bought a different toner.... so I thought I'd pick up the lotion from this line instead.... I fail when it comes to saying no... T___T Lastly I just picked up the finishing spray because I felt like it. I went a little crazy shopping in Korea.

 I thought that the cap on the bottle was super pretty! So much detail in the packaging~ <3

I personally really like SkinFood skincare. :)

Ok. So I mentioned that I purchased a toner from The Face Shop. You know, I always thought that they were somehow connected to The Body Shop but I was wrong..... my bad. But seriously... I wonder who ripped off who. D: Yea so I was completely talked into buying this toner: the Intevia Active Original Toner (27000 won). It's just a really nice moisturizing and nourishing toner. It's very different from exfoliating toners like the Clinique or Origins or even the Shisedo Aqualabel one that I previously reviewed. The consistency is a little thicker than most, more like a serum. Also, similar to most Korean skincare, this is very heavily fragranced with mature, floral scents.  I would say that the scent stays around for about 20-30 minutes after application. I remember that the lady who sold it to me said that it was very popular among people in their early to mid twenties. c: I also really liked how it has a pump. Most toners don't have this~

For more information please visit: (It's on sale now grrrr..... -n-)
Go to skincare on the sidebar (the top one), it's on the 5th page

Swatch of the toner: You can see how moisturizing this toner will be! The hints of white that you see show that its more viscous than water.
Hehe. Those red and pink "stains" on my hands are for a future review~ look forward to it! :'D

Finally I have products from Etude House~! Again, here I come with some more cult favorites: the Total Age Repair Essence (~22000 won) and the Blackhead Heating Deep Clean Gel (8000 won). I went to about 5 different Etude House stores to find this heating gel~ :( But I've heard really good things about it. The heat is supposed to help open the pores so that the product penetrates the skin better and gives a deeper clean. The repair serum is again something that I tried from a sample and fell in love with. Again, it is very heavily scented, but it absorbs really quickly and nicely into the skin. I don't know why I keep getting age repair stuff though since I'm only 21... but never too early to start I guess! :'D Plus, it was a steal for the price. Age repair products are normally pretty pricey! :(

 It also has a pump! I think most serums have either pumps or those dropper packagings.

Squeezy tube~! 

Hope you liked seeing what I bought! c:

PPS. So when I was going around to the websites to pick out the info/ the prices I found out that most of them are having amazing sales! No fair~ I wanna go to Korea again and buy everything. T___T

PPPS. Did you think that this was small? Hmmmmm....... title... (I didn't talk about any masks or nose-strips that I bought. Sorry~!)

PPPPS. Korean won to USD conversion is a little less than divide by 1000. So 1 USD is a little more than 1000 won.