Saturday, February 23, 2013

Timeless Nails

Quick post~ I just did my nails and I really liked this color so I thought I'd post it online. Hehe~ ;D
Sorry its kinda messy~ I'm too lazy to clean it up~ It'll come off with time... LOL orz;;

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Missha Haul! 2013

Hey guys~! Do you know my new favorite thing of the year?!
TEA! o:
I'm in love with drinking tea. Well you know. Asians already love our boba, but I'm branching out to different types of herbal and black teas. Newfound love of black teas. Already loved green teas. Red teas are ok, but only if you find the right ones!

OH. But this is about my new haulage~! Remember in my last Korean Skincare haul, I mentioned that all those websites were having amazing end of the years sales?! Well I just happened to pick myself up some of their products. Because I used the USA site, the prices were of course jacked up, so I probably just paid closer to what they pay in Korea (if not cheaper) but whatever~ still good because plane tickets to Korea are hella expensive. :( Y U so expensive? T____T ALSO. Before you remember that I was on a no-buy starting this year.... I bought this in December of last year! So hah! >:D

In total cost me around $41.56 USD including free shipping for spending over $40.

Omg. Still taking all these pictures with my crappy iPhone... and at night (because let's face it, I'm an insomniac) but pretty close to real colors~ yay~! Camera360 is like the best app ever!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy CNY and Daily Tidbits

Photo: Happy Lunar New Year!

♥ Year of the Snake ♥


Hey guys~! Just for Chinese New Years (or Lunar New Year), I thought I'd share some of our ancient Chinese superstitions with you. Gong Hay Fat Choi to my fellow Cantonese peeps out there~ Just so you know! For the New Years, when cleaning, don't sweep toward/ near the door. You're sweeping away all your good luck for the year if you do that~ ;)

Ok. So this post wasn't really about that. It's more I just want to post tidbits about my day today since it was pretty amazing~! ;) Let's get to it! 

First off... let's just say that I've been hella busy since February started... like super duper I want to cry in a hole busy. I guess I've been a little stressed out too maybe...? Ok. So. This may be a little TMI... but I'm like a little over two weeks late on my period. I know this because I have the iPhone app that tracks your period and it knows all now. Now I know what you're thinking... Steffie are you pregnant?! aklf'kaehjldsJfk'lsJ? D:
But no. GOTTA FIND ME A MAN FIRST. DAMN. The worst part about being late is that I get killer cramps. Like I'm going throw up all over, they hurt so much cramps.... And I get hormonal acne. So like sometime during the week before/ during my period, I get all those crappy ass PMS symptoms (mood swings included~ Bitchy Steffie ain't no lie~ ;) ) but since it's late... I'm just getting those symptoms for a longer period of time....... why me?! T______T WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?! Something like this happened when I was younger, they gave me the HPV shot, and that threw me WAY off track. Like I was going 3 months or 2 weeks between periods. But after I got the final shot, after a year of shit, it got all better.... so yea. I hope this gets better. I also hate always having to be on gaurd for it. Like no white or anything.... I mean, when you get those period stains.... its just so embarrasing so you have to be on guard right? You gotta be careful dawg~ D: I JUST WANT SOME RELIEF T____T CAN'TTAKETHISNOLONGER.

But yea. Enough of those female problems.... (also! have you ever used that excuse, "female troubles", to get out of stuff before?! Works every time~ ;) Buwahahhahahaa~ ) So I've been busy. :( Ok. Anyways, on Mondays, I normally start off my days with PCHEM 2. All that quantum chemistry can suck it. Hate chu... ;x BUT. Really hot Korean Boy is in that class~~~~ YES. THAT HOT KOREAN BOII THAT WAS ORIGINALLY IN MY JAPANESE CLASS... OMG....

[//pause to fangirl]

Best part is that we're homework buddies now~~~ ;) That's right. Goin' get that. But he's so shy. Like last time when we were doing our homework together. He was shaking. Like literally shaking.... :( (not because of the cold either! =3=) Poor baby. I just wanted to give him a hug... but it was getting late and I had a test the next day that I did not study for... Next time I'll take my chance more properly... Ok. I know a lot of people find me intimidating (I know, CRAZY right?! This little Asian girl is scary?! D: I really do have a reputation here at this school. I mean. I think a lot of it has to do with the way I walk, and the way I dress. You've seen my OOTDS, I normally dress a little more up than most normal college kids in sweatpants.... so people judge me because of that. I also walk where I want, when I want, and I expect you to move the eff out of my way when I'm walking. I'm super good at dodging though if you get in my way. Helps to be skinny. I guess my walking is more forceful? Actually, my walk is a little more pronounced I guess? You know, I walk in a line. I think it just look so much cooler when you want in a line right? Like one foot right in front of the other?! No? D: Also, I kinda bounce when I walk too! When I was in High School, I noticed all those girls, their ponytails bounced and swayed when they walked but not with me! D: SO, I actually started to change my walking so that it would move all lovely like~ ;) heh... ok, side story over~~~) so... but I really don't want him to be scared of me. I mean, we talk a lot now, but I guess he's just worried he won't make a good impression on me. My friend said that at least is shows that he cares a lot. Which I guess is true. Just hurry up and ask me out! >:(

BUT. This isn't about that. So normally he wears contacts... and me being a nerd lover...

I love guys that wear glasses. I think it just makes them look 100x more adorable. SO, me, being the not-so-brave girl I am, I told him that he looked cuter with glasses and that he should wear them more often... D: Which was true, he does look more adorable with glasses (he wore them to when we were homeworking together since it was late). WELL. These past few days... I noticed that he ONLY wears glasses~~ ;)


I also know one of his friends... and apparently he also told his friend a little something about me... but....

Yea. That's the progression that I've made with him in the past few weeks... 
OMG. I'm so lame.... T_______T

Whatever. That was just first period. After that, I called U of Pitt because I have another interview there and they never sent me a confirmation email... and got that worked out. Very productive right? I also had another test today in Microbiology class, which went pretty well for me studying 4 hours only/ not reading book/ loving to skip class. Let's just wait for the results but pretty sure I aced that. ;) And don't worry, it's not like one of those, I feel so good about this... then fail type situations. Like I actually knew the answers to the questions. So yea. Thank you amazing short term memory. That's how I'm such a smartie.... ;) So that's two more good things for the day! I didn't fail when I lack sleep and knowledge! Yay! I swear, when you learn all these amazing short cuts in life... you start to abuse them... BUT WHATEVER! ;x

The final good thing that happened to me was that in my next class, some really hot Chinese guy just started talking to me. Well ok, so we were in a group, but still. Don't ruin my moment please~ ;) Let's just say that he just paid a little more attention to me than everyone else in the group. He seems like a nice guy. A grad student. Maybe next time I can ask him to help me with my homework because that class is kinda hard... D: And by "help" I actually mean help... get your mind out of the gutter please~~~ >:o

Yea, so after all of that. I had Microbio Lab, which was whatever. Then hurried home and took a nap and then made and ate dinner. Yummy. 

I just love sleeping~ going to catch up on my severe lack of sleep~ c; Best part is, I'm done with exams for this week! Just presentations, homeworks, and quizzes! Yay...? wait.... D:

Whatever, I'll take what I can get. Sheepy out~! <3
Did you know, when I was in 11th grade, I was addicted to making blinkies like this one! Maybe I should get back into that. I don't know why it's so much fun... but it really is... if you want one! Please tell me~ ;)

Leaving off with the first camho picture I ever took. Hah! My hair was so long back then.