Saturday, February 23, 2013

Timeless Nails

Quick post~ I just did my nails and I really liked this color so I thought I'd post it online. Hehe~ ;D
Sorry its kinda messy~ I'm too lazy to clean it up~ It'll come off with time... LOL orz;;

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Missha Haul! 2013

Hey guys~! Do you know my new favorite thing of the year?!
TEA! o:
I'm in love with drinking tea. Well you know. Asians already love our boba, but I'm branching out to different types of herbal and black teas. Newfound love of black teas. Already loved green teas. Red teas are ok, but only if you find the right ones!

OH. But this is about my new haulage~! Remember in my last Korean Skincare haul, I mentioned that all those websites were having amazing end of the years sales?! Well I just happened to pick myself up some of their products. Because I used the USA site, the prices were of course jacked up, so I probably just paid closer to what they pay in Korea (if not cheaper) but whatever~ still good because plane tickets to Korea are hella expensive. :( Y U so expensive? T____T ALSO. Before you remember that I was on a no-buy starting this year.... I bought this in December of last year! So hah! >:D

In total cost me around $41.56 USD including free shipping for spending over $40.

Omg. Still taking all these pictures with my crappy iPhone... and at night (because let's face it, I'm an insomniac) but pretty close to real colors~ yay~! Camera360 is like the best app ever!