Friday, April 20, 2012


Hey guys! I just wanted to update myself~ I got an Industrial Piercing this past Tuesday!! (4/17) I was actually waiting to post this because I wanted the reddness of my ear to go down... ><;; But it looks cool right?! Tell me it looks cool~ I'm such a rebel~ Kekekekekekeke~~ ;) They had to make it more vertical because I wear glasses, though, so it's not as cool as I wanted, but whatever... still cool~ ;p

I got mine done at "Primitive Piercings & Tattoos" on the 3rd floor of Far East Plaza. The piercing itself was $40 SGD and the bar was $45 SGD. Normal total costs are around $75 SGD for the piercing and bar, though, but mine was more expensive because I wanted to be all cutesy and get the one with the heart... I actually got the most expensive bar... LOL... I was just a little worried that getting the bar might make me look too... tough? I guess? ><;; So much for trying to save money for my upcoming trips.....

Getting the piercing was actually HORRIBLY PAINFUL. Like OMG. You'd think it'd be like every other piercing, just a quick pain... but NOOOOO! D: It's like a continuous pain until it's over, and it keeps hurting for about 1-2 days afterwards as well. It was like, when the needle went in, it hurt SO much... but it gets caught going through the ear, so they have to like PUSH it through... which just makes it soooo much worse.... T___T Yea, I think it's because of the slant in the hole which makes it hurt more... I actually cried, lol, the ladies in the store were so nice and kind though. I would really recommend this place if you're planning on getting a bar as well! And don't worry, everything is really sanitary and stuff, they'll show you the needle and everything. But yea, getting the piercing REALLY hurts... Oh the pain we go through to look cool. I may just be a sissy though (actually I know I am~ :D)

They also gave us a saline solution and some care instructions. Maybe I'll do a post about industrial piercing care later, but must go study now~ I'm too stupid for Singapore, man, these kids study too much for me. D: Stop ruining my curve please~~~~ D':

PS. Make sure not to touch the bar! Leave it alone unless you are cleaning it! OMG. It hurts when you touch it, so I don't think you'd want to touch it anyways.... Just remember, PAIN IS GAIN....Kinda! :D