Thursday, January 24, 2013

Steffie's January Favorites

A yo~! I'm so super busy lately with school stuff and interviews... February doesn't seem like it will be much fun for me... :(

But please bear with me~! Also, apparently the lovely Jenny from almightyturtles nominated me for the Liebster Award?! So I'll do a post for that sometime by this weekend (I'm such an antisocial blogger, I guess this will be good for me o: )! Hehe~ BUT. For now I wanted to make a post dedicated for my current favorite products.... because I just love them that much. ><

I picked only 5 products for this. Don't worry, I won't talk too much about each. I'm such a chatterbox. ;D
Ok Steffie, on to the products:

1. Canmake Marshmallow Finishing Powder in Matte Beige Ochre (around 750 Yen)
Just a nice, really soft finishing powder. It gives a lot of coverage as well when worn on its own, and the color is a pretty good match for me as well. I don't actually use the puff, but it does come with one! c:

 messy swatch:

2. Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finishing Spray (Matte)
I featured this in my last haul from Korea. This has such a fine spray to it that it leaves you with a nice finish! The scent is really citrus-y and orange. But more of a fake orange smell... but still really real in being a very sour, citrus-y scent... it's not as pleasant as I would hope, but I still love it. The scent doesn't linger for long anyways ;)

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Dark & Deep Brown ($7 USD)
By far, my favorite dry shampoo (and believe me, I've tried a lot!). It just leaves you with fresh, clean hair and actually makes it look less oily! The scent isn't half bad either. Not too sweet with a hint of baby powder. I'm running low so I'll have to buy a new one soon. :( Currently using the Dove as well one and not too impressed.

4. Shiseido Pureness Matifying Moisturizer ($33 USD) 
Yup. A moisturizer all right. It absorbs almost instantly into your skin leaving it nice and smooth and moisturized. A gel-type moisturizer. But everyone should know by now of my love for all things Shiseido. c;

5. Victoria's Secret Body Butter in Hello Darling ($12 USD)

OMG. This is THE BEST smelling thing ever! The label says that it's main scents are white nectarines and peony; however, to me, it has a very sweet, sugary scent with maybe just the littlest hint of floral. I actually have a ton of these different body butters from VS's holiday sale, so maybe I'll do a haul on that sometime. But this one is just so good. The texture of these body butters are so soft! Just like real, room temperature butter~! Yum yum~

My body gets pretty dry in wintertime (especially my hands and knees) so body butters are my best friend. Regular lotions, not so much. I just think that the butters absorb way better into your skin. o:

My stuff from my crazy online shopping spree from December came in! So expect more hauling! Hauling, hauling, shopping, shopping... I can't help myself sometimes. T____T But it's like my family gives money as presents for everything, so I had an excuse to spend it all right? D: RIGHT? ;A;

Oh well! So far, my no buy is going well~! (Well for makeup... let's just say that I couldn't help myself to some new stationary.... orz... someone help me...)

Also, this weekend, I met up with some of my high school friends! c: That was nice~
Sheepy out~! See you this weekend! :'D
I skipped class today! I had two classes today, but one got cancelled, so I just "cancelled" the other one myself because I felt like I deserved that snow day~ why is it so cold here? T____T I'm a bad egg... ><;;