Sunday, June 26, 2016

Free Planner Printables - Golden Marble

I'm back with some more stickers! Of course, being the busybody that I am, I have like 3 pharmacy poster projects that I am currently working on right now.... but I make stickers instead.... I feel sorry for my PI's.... The struggle is real though....

Anywho, this collection is called Golden Marble! :'D
I combined marble prints that I found royalty free from some site off google with some glitter textures. All other effects were made by me so please do NOT steal.



I'm literally in love with marble right now. I have another sheet with just plain marble that will come later on~ I'm hoping to do a colored marble one soon too! <3

Also, how much do you love my little sidebar stickers?? I'll post the functional colored versions of that soon, too. Sorry that you only get to drink 7 glasses of water on Thursday but whatever ;p

These stickers are formatted for the Happy/ MAMBI planner but will work perfectly fine with the Erin Condren. As always, I use Avery Full Sheet Label Paper to print these out and a paper cutter/ scissors to cut them out! I think I'm gonna ask for a silhouette for my birthday. I'm getting serious claw-hand from cutting these out lol....

If you have any requests, please let me know! Thanks for visiting! Sheepy out~ <3