Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random Haul from the Mall

Whoa. WHOA. OMG YOU GAIIS. Liek seriously. I had this nightmare last night that people I actually know read this blog and I liked freaked out... ><;; None of my readers better actually know me! >:( Hehe~ I don't know why~ but this is like my secret ranting area. I love to bash real life people people behind their back. THAT'S RIGHT. YOU CAN CALL ME PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE SMURF. :x Smurfity smurf you.  (LOL JK only to some people. I normally hate gossip ><) Well this might be a long post so let's just get to it.

Let's start with my skincare portion of my haul. I purchased everything from Nordstrom at the Beachwood Mall in Beachwood, Ohio. This mall is kinda snazzy, but it's the closest mall in my area so we normally go to this mall to shop. c:

First, from Kiehls, I purchased the Ultra Facial Cleanser for $19.50 USD for 150mL. I was always curious about Kiehls products since I've always only purchased skincare from Shiseido in the past, and I'm trying to branch out; therefore, I decided to purchase something!  The only thing is that I know I bought some new cleansers from Korea, but I didn't bring them because I was stupid and thought I had enough here... not really but whatever. You all know I love to spend money~ :D Anywho, this one came highly reccommended by the lady at the counter. So I decided to take her word for it and chose this one even though I was more interested in the Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser which was actually more expensive ($22). However, the lady kept going on about how the Ultra Facial one is the best, and removes all makeup (even waterproof mascara) like a miracle. If the cheaper one came more recommended I thought it must be better then! ;D

The next two things are from Shiseido. The Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector for $30 for 30mL and the Pureness Matifying Moisturizer for $33 for 50mL. Lol. Ok so this was a funny story.... Remember how I said I was trying to branch out...? ;D Well while I was at the Kiehls counter, I saw a new sunscreen and I thought that I should get a new one since mine was making me a little oily. So I headed over to the Clarins counter, since I know some of my friends use that brand. Well, while I was there... the lady said that she actually liked the one from Shiseido best, and that it's Oil-Free and works really well.... so I bought it... Lol.... so much for trying to branch out right? ;D It really absorbs quickly into my skin so I thought why not? The Urban Environment line is mostly for people who work in areas with lots of fans and AC. This is beause it's supposed to protect our skin from these types of things that are harsh to the skin and dry it out easily. It's not meant for going to the beach or anything like that. But that's ok with me since I work a lot these days. (For an Asian drug store alternative, I like the Biore Face sunscreen,  but it smells heavily of alcohol which they put in it to make it dry up faster.) The ingredients are listed to the right. Click for a better view.

The moisturizer was a complete whim. Let me tell you that lady really knows how to sell stuff... shoot.... she can talk your ears off. :p But it reminds me a lot of the Clinque one! The consistency is more like a gel than a lotion, and absorbs INSTANTLY into the skin. Not leaving any sort of residue or heavy feeling at all, and I really liked it. Tbh, it seemed more moisturizing than the Clinque one which is why I went ahead and got it even though the Clinque on works well too, and is a bunch cheaper. Plus, the word "Matifying" totally sold me.

The last thing was a deluxe sample of Eudermine Revitalizing Essence that I'm saving for my mom, since I know she likes and uses this one. Shiseido actually doesn't sell any sort of toners, so this essence should replace the "toner" step. It's more of a softener that works to soften the skin and add a bunch of nutrients to it, to make it appear young and supple. Toners tend to be harsh on the skin, what with all its acids and alcohols and stuff, which is why Shiseido doesn't do them.

And a few more samples from purchasing the stuff above. I got some masks from the Rare Earth Deep Pore line from Kiehls, and another Suncreen from the Urban Environment line from Shiseido, for the body.

Next up I'll do my haul from the super amazing sale at Bath and Body Works.

First off. I decided to pick up some hand soaps since you can never have enough hand soaps. Hehehehe~ These were 5 for 15 or $3 USD each. I got the ones in Fresh Picked Pomegranates, Blackberries, Strawberries, and Apricot, and the Creamy Pumpkin one. I already gave the strawberry one away to my friends for a present, and it does smell amazing. The apricot one was stolen from me from my lame ass friend that I mentioned earlier and do not talk to anymore. -____- WHY THE FUCK DO I ONLY MEET JERK OFF GUYS IN AMERICA? THEY WERE MUCH BETTER ABROAD. JACKASSES..... :x

I also took advantage of the Buy 2 Get 1 Free dealio. The best part of sales from BBW is that they don't do that lame thing where they give you the cheapest thing for free. NO. Instead they reduce each individual price by a certain percentage. Wonderful eh? <333 The two things that I bought were from their new fine fragrances line. I'm like obsessed with scents these days. I really want to buy some new perfumes but alas, didn't have time to spend hours in Sephora to pick one out. T___T Currently, my two top choices are either Hypnotic poision from Dior (really vanilla base notes) or Vera Wang Princess (similar, but lighter, and more girly). The two that I picked were Pink Chiffon and Twilight Woods. The Pink Chiffon one is really fresh and girly. Maybe a little too girly. Really reminds me of a mix of the body splashes from the Pink line in Victoria's Secret. Fruiter than the Fresh and Clean one, but less girlier than the Sweet one.  Twilight Woods is a classic that I'm pretty sure everyone loves. My friend uses the body lotion from it, and I fell in love with the scent. So good.

Pink Chiffon:
  • Top: Mandarin, Sparkling Red Pear, Peach Nectar, Wild Berries
  • Mid: Tiare Flower, Jasmine Petals, Water Lily, Apple Blossom
  • Dry: Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid, Creamy Sandalwood, Heliotrope, Chiffon Musk
Twilight Woods:
  • Top Notes: Juicy Berry, Sparkling Mandarin, hint of Coconut
  • Mid Notes: Creamy Frangipani, Soft Mimosa, Wet Honeysuckle, Wild Freesia, Apricot Nectar
  • Dry Notes: Oud Wood, Musk, Orris, Vanilla Milk, Warm Woods

Along with the fragrances, I also bought the body butter in Twilight Woods. I used to use the Pure Seduction one from Victoria's Secret, but I ditched that somewhere along the way during moving out last semester. To be honest, I prefer the formula of the body butters from BBW. They absorb much more easily and have a really soft and creamy texture. A little bouncy if you push down on the product. The one thing I don't like is that you have use a little more to get a more moisturized feel. Or maybe that might be due to the harsh summer. Less humid than last couple of summers imo. Not that I'm complaining or anything. ;p I've been using this for about a week and a half so far and you can see how much I used already.


I was actually a little short on time so I only picked up some things from F21 and H&M and Delias sadly, but I found some GREAT deals. c:<333

Let's start with the clothes from F21.
The first thing that I got was this lovely taupe button-up shirt in small for $12.80. It's actually huge.... FREAKING HUGE on me... :( But I figured I could pull it off if I tucked in the front portion to give me more of a figure, or by tying up the bottom part into like a shorter shirt? ;D I could also just leave the shirt open over a t-shirt of dress (lovely with a yellow or white dress!!) as like a cover up. It's not my favorite buy of the haul, and I hate how SO MANY of the smalls at F21 are turning into mediums... Stop growing please.
The next thing is a pretty lace, off-white shirt. It's more of a cream shirt (sorry for terrible pictures). I love the pocket detail and the sheer lace back. Really cheap as well at only $12.80 USD again. This picture really doesn't do it justice. :( So it's featured again in my outfit ideas shown later in this post so you can see more its true color and cuteness~.

Next items are from H&M. These are my two favorite stores if you haven't noticed. ;D

Sorry this shirt is so wrinkly. It's been in the bag since I bought it lol. ;D It's just your plain, average white shirt. I normally get my basics from F21 or A&Fitch since I don't normally like how elastic-y the ones at H&M are, but I couldn't resist the price of this one. I also love the cutting of the neckline. Almost like a V-neck, but more rounded off. Very flattering. I also accidentally dyed all of my older white items a light, really light, pink tint as well (OTL;; OTL;; OTL;; FAIL) while doing laundry, so I needed new white items... ><;;


 Next thing is a super cute bright teal high waist skirt for $12.95 USD. It's much brighter than these pictures suggest... (LIGHTNING Y U SUCK SO MUCH?!) and I completely LOVE THESE SKIRTS! They are super soft and fit really well. I really think I might go back and pick up some other colors since they are so well made and so cheap! The one I want the most is the yellow one. There are other fun colors too! I just don't remember them. c:

 The next thing is a really cute black long tank top for again, $12.95 USD. I love the high-low hem line and that the back is actually made of a sheer material to give it that added sex appeal~ ;). The front is made of some soft cottony material. And it has a really cute pocket on the chest area. Super cute. I actually went back to pick up the coral one, but it was sold out at my mall. :( It also comes in other fun colors like bright true green and I wanna say blue, but they weren't as fitting as this black one on my skin tone.

Next is a black see-through dress on sale for $7 USD. The dress is basically a long bat-wing T-shirt that has a braided belt around the waist to cinch it in. I though it was super cute. It would be perfect over a bikini or maybe a black slip dress is what I was thinking. c: I love black clothes! <3

Next is a simple white dress for $10 USD. It has a nice gold zipper detailing on the back and a high-low hem on the bottom of the flared skirt. The only thing I don't like about this dress is actually the cutting of the neckline. To be honest. It was completely unflattering on me and my friend. I think, by the way it was cut, it was meant more for a bustier girl.... But I decided to purchase this dress anyways as a layering piece for maybe the winter or something. I could throw a sweater over the top to cover up the ugly neckline or maybe even a scarf. It's a great basic to have in your closet! <3

Lastly, I picked up a pair of fun colored, bright coral shorts from Delia's for $34.50. USD. I LOVE Delia's shorts. The material is so soft and fits clingly. The only bad part is that apparently the color fades easily since it was dyed with natural dyes. Oh well. Be green I guess. The second picture is more true to color. LOL the funny part was that when I was buying these, there were a bunch of people and police at the next register because some delinquent chicks decided to shop-lift. DUH. DON'T SHOP LIFT STUFF WITH SENSORS ON IT PLEASE. >:o And be careful where you shoplift! Make sure there are no cameras! ;D Not that I used to do that when I was young or anything. I would just nag my mom to buy it... then she said no so I was like.... okay.... :( NOW I CAN BUY ANYTHING THAT I WANT SINCE I'M IN COLLEGE. LOLOLOLOL TAKE THAT LIFE! ;D

Hehehehehehe~ If you live in the Greater Cleveland area, you'll know about the chocolate brand Malley's! THEY HAVE THE BEST CHOCOLATE BARS! Normally, a lot of schools sell them for fundraisers. Everytime I see a store, I pick up some Pretzel Crunch bars ($1.00 USD each) since they're my favorite. This time I picked up the Chocolate Fudgie ones since they were having a BOGO sale as well ($1.75 USD each). You get bigger ones for the fundraisers though ;D  Hehehe. I had two of each, but I already ate two bars. So good. Really recommend this brand if you ever see it! <3

Here are my outfit ideas for these new clothes. One is just a cute, summery outfit. The other one is something that I dressed up more and could be more of a clubbing outfit.

Featuring my lovely new shoes!!! :DDD Actually not really new. But I haven't really worn them yet. Does anyone else ever buy really cute shoes because you can't resist, but don't end up wearing them?

Peace out guys! The news of my mother's tumor has been pushed back to this Monday since the doctor was off Friday. PRAY FOR HER PLEASE. LOVE YOU MOMMIE. <3