Friday, September 7, 2012

Nail Polish Haul

A yo~!
How ya'll doing! It feels like it's been such a long time since I update my blog, but it hasn't really been.... 
I don't know, maybe its just me... But let's get to my haul! As you all know, I love to haul. LOL. I can't stop spending money.... someone help me.... T_____T At least I know how to get the most bang for my buck~ c:<3

(left to right: 355 Mad About Mango, 300 Cotton Candy, 320 Ocean Breeze)

 The first three are from the Revlon Scented nail polish line (~$5.00 USD, Walmart) . OMG you guys! I'm SO OBSESSED with these new scented nail polishes! They are... DA BOMB. I don't know, but I think it's just so much fun to have scented nail polish! Of course the smell goes away after maybe 3-4 hand washes or after you shower, but it is really appealing to me. Also, I really like Mad About Mango. In the bottle, the color looks more pinkish coral in person, but on the nail it is a lot more orange. It smells really fruity too, more like peaches than mango in my opinion. The ocean breeze has a really cool iradescent green effect I really like, but the smell is more like old lady... you'll know if you have the polish... I haven't tried Cotton Candy yet, but it's a nice dim pink. Application wise, they are just like normal drug store types. Nothing exceptional. Maybe a little lower than OPI nail polishes in my opinion. The Ocean Breeze applied better than the pink as well.

These next three are from a set: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure Kit (~$5.00 USD, Target) . I really mostly bought this just to get the white and top coat at the same time... LOL. It came with some manicure guides as well, but I don't normally use those, I freehand it. ;) The top coat isn't half bad as well. The white will need 2 coats to be opaque. :/ And the pink doesn't really transfer to the nails but whatever, it was just a bonus anyways.

(left to right: 1106 Cinderella, 842 Out of this World)

Next, we have two colors from Sinful Colors (~$2.00 USD, Walmart). Truthfully, this summer, I really wanted to get a really nice silver color and a really nice light, pastel blue. I just think that they'd be perfect for summer! Now is kinda the transition to fall, but whatever. In my heart its still summer! :x Now because these nail polishes are on the cheaper side, their nail polishes can be either a hit or miss. The silver one, Out of this World, it wasn't really a silver color... it's was SUPER light, closer to white than the gray I was hoping for... but it was still really nice when I put a glitter top coat on top! It goes on really nice and smooth, though. The last power wasn't half bad as well. I haven't tried the Cinderella one either, but from the bottle you can see these tiny glitters in it. Pretty! c: I don't know if you guys know the brand China Glaze? I fell like they have similar bottles, so Sinful Colors always reminds me of it. China Glaze is a bit more expensive though (super expensive in Singapore.... -_-) and let me tell you, the nail polish is crap. Total crap. Even new, it comes out super thick and its hard to get a good, even coat. Lameeeeee :/

(left to right: Pure Purple, 583 Hot Pink)

Ok! Last two! The first one, some of you may recognize, is from Forever 21 ($2.80). The picture makes it look more purple, but the color has more of a pink tone. The pink really shows when you put it on your nails as well. I couldn't find the name on the bottle so I had to look it up on their website.... so I was nice and linked it off for you... but....this nail polish, really sucks.... -_- The lasting power is sheer crap. It was chipping by the next day..... wtf.... but to be fair, I was lazy and didn't put on a top coat... but still.... :/ The application is pretty smooth though. The second one is from Milani ($3.99 USD). It's a really pretty silver and pink chunky glitter. You don't get the best glitter to nail polish ratio, but it's still pretty nice as an accent. You can see some nails that I did using this polish here:

I know I spelled Julep wrong... but don't judge.... ><
Classy nails, though, no? ;)

Thanks for reading!
Sheepy out~ <3