Saturday, February 23, 2013

Timeless Nails

Quick post~ I just did my nails and I really liked this color so I thought I'd post it online. Hehe~ ;D
Sorry its kinda messy~ I'm too lazy to clean it up~ It'll come off with time... LOL orz;;

This is Revlon's 310 - Timeless. It is a nice dim gray shade that makes me feel so mature~ ;)
Anyways, as for a short review of this shade, it's and ok polish. The first layer glides on really nicely, but the second layer (and it really needs another layer) is a little more tricky... It kinda sticks together or gets bubbly (really bubbly! Watch out!)... so you really need a top coat to make it nice and smooth-er at least.

On my ring finger, I have my favorite color ever, Wet n Wild's 469 - Hallucinate. Really pretty over any color~ :'D (and hides bubbles really nicely~ I might put it over all of my nails but I haven't decided yet~)

The polish itself (with two layers) takes about 5-10 minutes to fully dry. c:

Omg. Completey obsessed with Shinee's new song, Dream Girl!
Key is just the best diva ever~ I wish he were my best friend. ;A; <3

EDIT:: OMG. They actually sang the song on Inkigayo! They're so amazing... and Key's wink?! I died. T___T <3

Sheepy out~ <3