Thursday, February 21, 2013

Missha Haul! 2013

Hey guys~! Do you know my new favorite thing of the year?!
TEA! o:
I'm in love with drinking tea. Well you know. Asians already love our boba, but I'm branching out to different types of herbal and black teas. Newfound love of black teas. Already loved green teas. Red teas are ok, but only if you find the right ones!

OH. But this is about my new haulage~! Remember in my last Korean Skincare haul, I mentioned that all those websites were having amazing end of the years sales?! Well I just happened to pick myself up some of their products. Because I used the USA site, the prices were of course jacked up, so I probably just paid closer to what they pay in Korea (if not cheaper) but whatever~ still good because plane tickets to Korea are hella expensive. :( Y U so expensive? T____T ALSO. Before you remember that I was on a no-buy starting this year.... I bought this in December of last year! So hah! >:D

In total cost me around $41.56 USD including free shipping for spending over $40.

Omg. Still taking all these pictures with my crappy iPhone... and at night (because let's face it, I'm an insomniac) but pretty close to real colors~ yay~! Camera360 is like the best app ever!

I also got a free gift of a full-sized Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (Shade 21) or their red bb cream. See my review here: just for making an account! I gave it to my friend though, because I already have one, and my shade is number 23.

But on to the haul! Let's start off with the huge fail of the haul, the Super Aqua Aroma Deep Sea Water Micro Mist in Rose (11.99 SALE 7.19).
Edit: Holy crap. Just reading the caption: "Deep sea water micro mist with rose scents cares your body an soul..." Don't they mean "CURES?" Lol Silly Missha. :p #Grammar Nazi
I bought this with the intent of being one of those fancy-smancy girls who spray their faces with water at random times in the day. Oh yea. I'm high class yo~! ;D Unfortunately... the one I got... the nozzle/ pump thing was broken so it doesn't spray anything... the water just kind of accumulates near the opening of the nozzle... :/ So I might return this, but the shipping to return is kinda expensive.... so waste of money. Grrrrr. Good thing I bought the small size because I wanted to try it out first. :/

My thoughts on it though? It really does feel nice when I like squirt it so a drop falls on my hands and I apply it my face like toner.... and it smells just like roses! Just sad the spray function doesn't work.

The next product was their World City Tour Edition Hand Cream : Love Secret in Paris edition ($5.00 SALE $2.50). (see the first picture for the front of product. Super cute no?! )
 Yea, my hands get really dry in winter time so I'm always on the hunt for a good hand cream. This one is rose scented to go along with the rose scented face mist that I bought. Hehe~ The scent fades away really quickly though. Also, this rose scent is a lot more fake and plasticy than the mist one.

The consistency of this hand cream is a lot thinner and lighter than most hand creams. It absorbs pretty quickly and leaves your hands feeling all nice and soft. c; I mean look at those hands! Lookit that! All cracky and stuff. :(

Next up is a lipstick! Whoa~ I don't have many lipsticks so I thought I'd pick one up with the amazing sale~ ;) This one is the New M Luminous Color Rogue SPF 11 in PK111 ($12.99 SALE $7.99).

And a swatch.

Left: me (with a sheerer application - you can see my yellowness coming through~)
Right: borrowed from Missha's site. You can tell that it would look really nice on all those pale people out there.... but I'm too yellow.... T____T 

Ewwww it's my lips! Lol. D: But this is a pretty natural shade. That's why I picked it up~! Especially if you just dab it on in light layer. A really good everyday color. You'd think it would be insanely bright by the swatch but no, really nice color~! <3

Almost done! But before that, I picked up the Style Art Designing: Sebum-Cut Pact in Peach ($17.00 SALE $8.50)! c:

 This picture is pretty true to color. But it doesn't really matter since its a transparent powder anyways~! That's why I didn't bother swatching~ lol~ ;D Also. Isn't the baby blue such a pretty color?! This packaging is too cute! I also quite like how they have that clear thing to put the powder puff on! Snazzy~ ;)

Finally! Being the blush addict I am... I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick up a new blush~! ;)
This one is the Prism Multi Blusher in No. 1 - Coral Pink ($19.99 SALE: $11.99). It has a nice array of two pinks, a high light, and two orange shades~! (Can you even call it coral if its really orange?! Isn't coral more of an orangey pink or am I just on crack? o: )

As you can see, the packaging is pretty nice. The brush that it comes with (Hello Kitty is holding it (lol am I really an adult already?!) is really soft as well! Really good quality. The powder is super soft and finely milled in this blush; however, I did notice that since it is so soft, there is a lot of fall out when you swipe your blush brush across it. So just be careful of that. Otherwise, I haven't actually worn it yet, so I can't say how much I like it yet. c;

left to right: swirled together (if you can even see it? SO LIGHT?!, top pink, lower purple pink, middle highlight, top light orange, bottom orange shade)

EDIT:: I'm a complete idiot! I forgot I picked up another concealer as well!!
This is the Style Perfect Concealer in 21 - Light Beige. (5.99 SALE: $3.59)
I like getting lighter concealers to highlight my face. This one is a little thicker so it would be perfect for covering up spots or redness, but not under the eyes. It is really creamy and it blends out to a powdery finish as well! It was a total steal! :'D I really like using this for travel since it's less likely to spill everywhere since its in a pot! Really nice! c:

 (sorry for the lighting changes! D;)

I purchased everything from the Missha US site:

As always~! Thanks for reading! See you for another haul probably because I'm a shopping addict! Hehehehelak'jf'alkdsfdkjlsfhalskfj D:
Someone help me.... T______T
Can't stop this~ <3
Sheepy out~!

Seriously. Love these blinkies/ animations thingies~! Someone ask for one please~ its free~ ;) I'm just a bored kid who doesn't like to study. D;