Monday, May 13, 2013

3+ Tips for Pulling an All-Nighter

Hey guys~! Gahhh! I wish I would have posted this earlier since I think most people are done with school (or at least in the USA and Canada) for the summer, but I just had the brilliant idea of making this post!

I don't know about you, but studying can be a huge pain in the bum for me, so I procrastinate a lot.... but that doesn't stop me from excelling in school~! Why? :'D Because when the time comes, I have my methods of cramming. I know cramming is a really bad idea since you're not truly learning the material, but dire times call for dire measures no? ;) So I don't sleep as much as I would like to.... truthfully, there are just those weeks when even though you're not procrastinating, there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done and get a decent amount of sleep.

I saw this picture online, and although I wouldn't say that its completely true... I will say that life requires preparation and planning.... if you don't schedule your time well this is what will come of it:

So  yea! Enough blabbing! Let's get to my helpful tips of pulling a successful all-nighter for all the ladies out there! c:

1. Rohto Eye Drops (400-800 yen, prices vary abroad)
 Most college kids study off lecture slides or recordings on their lappys... and starring at your monitors for so long will leave you will dry, red eyes. I find that it makes it harder to focus when I'm studying too because my dry eyes just make me want to close my eyes.... You know that feeling when you seriously just want to rest your eyes from starring at some powerpoint for so long... then you wake up the next morning not prepared for your test?! D: No. You don't. And you don't want to! These little babies will help cure this problem. They will leave your eyes feeling oh so refreshed! They really are the most hydrating eye drops that I have ever used. These are also special in that they are renowned for their ability to bring out the white of your eyes and remove any redness!

 They have a really nice dropper to it! No spillage here! I just thought that the packaging was super cool.

Another thing that these eye drops are known for is that they sting! I actually find that the pain helps to jolt me back awake! They come in different levels of pain. The Lycee one (the one I'm currently using) is rated as a 3 out of 7 on the pain scale, while the blue ones are a 6 out of 7. Girls more commonly use the Lycee one because of the lower pain threshold and the really cool thing is that you can taste the sweetness of the eye drops! Delicious! They also contain vitamin B 12 and B6, which may also help keep you awake?

2. Sheet Masks ($1-$5 depending on the mask brand)

I find Asian sheet masks to be pretty amazing and depending on the brand, they can work really well! The best part is that when you put them on, they can give off a nice cooling sensation that can also help keep you awake. You can even put them in your refrigerator to make them cooler if you prefer it that way! This will help keep you awake, while also beautifying your skin as you work away studying! I guess they kind of help to negate all the bad that you're doing to your skin by depriving your skin of the rest that it needs. I have a large variety of masks, but this is just a few that I packed away for university, there are more at home! D: Masks can get more expensive (like the SKII or higher end ones, but I don't normally get those).

Because of their cooling effect and relaxing behavior, they are also good for those summer days on which you just need to have your own little spa day! They are also good for putting on before special events because they can help control oil/ whiten and brighten your skin depending on which ones you use! There is such a diverse market for them! Bottom line, I love sheet masks! ;u;

3. Garnier Skin Renew: Anti-Dark Circle Roller (~$10 USD)

Ok! This is my last skincare/ beauty product on this list! I'm lucky in that I don't have dark circles normally, but I do get really bad dark circles if I go for too long without sleep. The puffiness.... @w@;; What I like is that this contains caffeine to brighten and wake up your eye area! This is something more for the morning after to keep your eyes awake for the following  day, but I still thought that I should put it in the list. You could also use it during the night as well to try to wake up your eye area, if you wanted.

With steps 1-3, no one would know that you even pulled an all-nighter! Hah! ;) Magic!
The metal ball applicator also gives a nice cooling sensation to help wake up your eyes as well! When rolling on it goes on nice and smooth, but dries to a powder consistency as you blend it in. c:

And for my little extra of the list! I have.......

4. Mint/ Peppermint Tea (??)

One of my favorite ways to keep me awake is tea! Unfortunately, I'm the type of person in which caffeine only does so much. That is why I love this stuff so much! If coffee doesn't work for you, try mint tea! This tea will help you control your focus and manage stress while energizing and rejuvenating you. It also has less calories and is healthier for you! This is just some cheap brand that I found at my local grocery store. There are plenty of brands out there, but they all work just as well. The tea will become green if you steep for long enough, too! Kekeke~

Well thanks for reading! Love ya~ Sheepy out~ <3

Also, I just wanted to give a shout-out to the Study Music Project Playlist on YouTube. When studying, I can get a little lost and I need to refocus myself. So just breathe, and turn on some calming classical music. I find it less distracting if you just listen to the same song over and over again. It's also helpful to listen to classical music because if it has lyrics, I will start to sing along and that's just not good.... >w>;; These songs are just nice songs that are really pretty. I've already gotten some of my other friends hooked on it. ;D It really does help! Studies have shown that classical music can help stimulate your brain to be more productive. My favorite song is Once Upon a Time.

Ok, that's all for now. Bye!