Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NOTD - Dotted Nails

Whoohooo~ study breaks to do nails again~! 
This is basically just a dotted nail but I used black gems instead of a black polish. I found that it was a little more time consuming than just dotting with a black polish, but the results come out neater (since all the dots are uniform in size), and I love 3D nails~! c: It took me about 20-30 minutes to completely do my nails~! They're so much fun to play with in class! :'D

1. So to get this look, I started off with 2 coats of a dim gray nail polish. (Revlon 310- Timeless)
I used this nail polish before in a post and I really love neutral shades~ Especially since my school's dress code says no vibrant or fun colors..... =n= Why so serious guys? D: Being a grown-up sucks :<

Anywho, this gray is more of an in-between with being cool or warm so it should fit most skin tones~! c:

2. After applying the gray, you want to start adding your gems. To do this, dip your toothpick into a little bit of top coat. This is just so that the gems will stick to the toothpick so don't add too much! Then, pick up a single gem with your toothpick and place it on your nails in the desired fashion. I recommend doing one hand at a time so that the polish doesn't set too fast so that the gem application is easier. If your nail polish does dry before you have applied all of the gems, just use a nice top coat for the rest of them. Place it only where you need the new gems if possible (to not make your nails too thick). 

I like to start in an X-pattern first and then branch out. For this, I mean that you put the gem first in the middle. Then one down to the left, right, then up to the left, and right. I find that this gives more evenly spaced gems in the end. From this, just continue to add gems in order to completely dot your nail. 

3. Then you're done! Add some top coat to seal in the gems and you're done!

When adding the gems, try to be careful with where you apply them to your nails. If you misplace it, it is normally easy to just nudge it over to the correct spot. HOWEVER, if the nail polish is too wet or thick, it may actually cause drag lines that are quite noticable, so be careful of that. Just like when you apply false eyelashes, you want to wait for the glue to be tacky, you want to wait until your nails are about 75% dry before applying the gems. c: Or at least, that's what I like~ So that's just basically you apply the two coats, then by the time you're done with the second coat on the pinky, it should be fine to do your thumb, then index finger~ 

Here are the supplies that I used:

Left to right: 
   Revlon 310 Timeless
   Sally Hansen Hard as Nails UV Top Coat 
                (I don't actually like this top coat for 3D nails because it bubbles a lot so be careful. :< )
   Gem wheel ( I got mine on ebay for ~$1.25 They aren't that expensive~ <3 )
   Base coat (if desired)

You can switch up the look by using different colored gems or polish~! :'D
Just can't beat the feeling of 3D nails~

ALSO. I really love like doing a french tip nail (with any color) and applying the gems right above/ along the line of the french tip. Super chio~ So I would totally invest in one of these if you ever want to~ You could also use glitter liners too! Jazz it up~ Sometimes you really need that relaxing nail me time in this big ole busy world. :(

Sheepy out~ <3

PS. Freaking love the new Teen Top - Rocking and G-Dragon's Coup D'etat! <3333
Just throwing that out there. ;D
And Seungri's new song.... 
Big Bang. ilu ;u;