Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick Review: Garnier Nutrisse Color Foam Dye

USA UPDATE: Before I get to this review... I just hauled a ton at Target and I wanted to let you USA peeps know that Target now sells NYX products!!! I freaked out a little when I saw it there. Love it~! Some prices are definitely cheaper than Ulta too! Yayyyy~~~

(comes with a foam pump, instructions, and gloves not pictured)

Hey guys! I decided to dye my hair again! Nothing too drastic, but I wanted to be a lighter shade of brown. I really like how it turned out. 

Because I have dark hair, I chose a really light shade for my hair dye. This was the lightest shade that they had at my local WalMart. Hehe~

PRICE : $6.97 (- $2.00 coupon! Lol college kids need to save money too~ hah ;D )

Foam dyes are amazing because they are so much easier to use, and they give you a nice, even application of color. It's basically fool proof. The color payoff is still awesome too. I really recommend foam dyes if you're a dying your hair for the first time or by yourself!

How I applied mine was that I started spreading the foam about a little past my roots, all around the head. Then, I started to spread more foam closer to my roots, and finally down to the ends. After all the product is applied, thoroughly massage the head. I wrapped my head in a plastic grocery bag, too, since I don't have a shower cap. This will keep the heat in, and make your colors appear better when you're down! Heh~! By applying in this manner, there will be a more even spread of color. This is because your roots get the most heat so will therefore develop the most; that's why you don't want to do them first because of timing. Also, my hair is pretty dead, so it would be best to damage less.... so they go last~ One more important note, do NOT dye clean hair! Try to dye hair that is at least two or three day hair in order to protect your scalp and help the dye adhere.

After the developing is done, rinse hair in COLD water until the water runs at least almost completely clear. Then, use the conditioning cream included in the package as instructed. 

Like mostly all hair dyes, there is still the smell of ammonia with this dye; however, it is not as strong. This is actually the best smelling hair dye that I have used. The conditioner that it comes with smells pretty good too, not as good as the one that comes with the L'oreal dyes, though~

Ok. Before we get to this, I just wanted state my time breakdown:

Application: 15 minutes
Massaging it in/ wrapping: 5 minutes
Left to develop: 45-60 minutes
(Recommended time: 25 minutes)

So now you know. I left this color on my head for a VERY long time.... heh~  it's hard to lighten dark hair! My hair's pretty dead now, but it's been worse in the past so I forgive myself.

Actually, after developing for so long, this has ok payoff. but it did give me the exact color that I wanted, which is really hard because I was going lighter! Like seriously. 

Pics prease?

                hehe~ my parrot bestie~ (under sunlight)                                                (indoor)

On an overcast day without the lights on. My hair looks a little lighter, but a lot warmer, compared to than how it used to be. c: Nothing really drastic.

This is about how light it shows up under sunlight, too. 

I would recommend this hair dye. Even though I left it on for such a long time, it didn't burn my head! There was little to no discomfort at all! That's partially why I left it on for so long heh~ Girls that dye their hair will know what I mean. This is awesome~! Also, the smell is not so offensive. I know I said my hair is dead now (because I still like to heat treat my hair too), but I feel like it could be more dead from me leaving it on for so long. Actually, I think it is one of the less damaging dyes that I've used. I have also used the Liese Bubble dye and L'oreal foam and non-foam dyes in the past, so that's what I'm comparing it too. The best part about this dye, though, is that the clean-up was a snap! Normally, since I'm so clumsy, I have brown spots on my ear or neck or arms when I'm done with it. I still cleaned up after I applied everything and wrapped it up, but I found that this one washed off the easiest. The others would have already dyed my skin before I got to it; so that was nice.Therefore, this gets a stamp of approval from me. c:

My favorite foam dye is still the Liese one, though. But in the US, for this price, you can't beat this dye. It's just that the Liese foam is thicker, so clings better to the hair and stays put better. This foam dye is more bubbly or aerated so the dye is lighter and almost completely melts to liquid once you put it on your head. But still, this is a pretty good dye~!

Ok~ thanks for reading! Expect my haulage next~ omo shopaholic here D:
Also. I need to stop spending money...... omg.... >u<
I just recently placed an order with H-mart because I've been missing my Asian food and there aren't many good Asian stores nearby~ wahhhh~ but food spending is okay~ <3
Seaweed is so yummy! c:

Sheepy out~ <3

QUICK UPDATE: (8/3/2014)
So I normally touch my hair every 3-4 months when my roots are really killing me. I just thought you might want to know my methods for touch ups! So for this, you DO want to start off with your roots. Let those develop for about 45 minutes itself. After this, finish off the rest of your head with the dye and let develop for another 10-15 minutes. I normally do the shower cap/ plastic grocery bag for the roots and not the whole head. Doing the whole head in the end will help to refresh and revive your hair color. It also helps everything blend together again. Hope this helped!