Sunday, February 19, 2017

Free Planner Printables - Sailor Moon

Hey guys! Here is yet another free planner printables. I've recently been re-inspired to do more planning. It comes and goes for me.... But that means that I've been making more stickers again! It's my way of relaxing after freaking out about the future. This set is based off of the first stickers that I made for myself. I just reformatted everything to go with my current style of planning. Normally I use this much stickers for 2-3 weeks as a white space spread instead of a full cover spread.

Anyways, onto the stickers....

>Click image for link to full-sized PDF<


Sailor moon is just one of those things that I grew up with and will forever love! I hope you guys love these stickers as much as I do~ So excited, just wait for my next Cardcaptor Sakura set! If I love Sailor Moon then I love love Cardcaptor Sakura~ what to do next though....

All images were found using google. All rights to respective artists. No copyright infringement intended. I merely re-formatted images to fit the sticker format and adjusted colors to be all matchy matchy. If you would like a tutorial, please let me know! :) I also reformatted my quarter boxes! I love them <3

As always, please print stickers as 100% scale. Do NOT fit to page. These stickers are formatted for the MAMBI happy planner but can also be used for the Erin Condren. I use Avery Full Sheet Label paper for printing and cut everything out by hand. Still working on getting a silhouette.... but right now I'm enjoying traveling.

Thanks for reading. Sheepy out~