Saturday, April 22, 2017

Free Planner Printables - Galaxy

Hey guys!! You'll want this one, it's sooooo prettyyyyyyy~
Yesterday was my last day of school officially! Whooohoooooo! After 8 long years, I am now a doctorate of Pharmacy! On to the residency~ To celebrate, I thought I'd post a little planner printable! I need to get back into planning soon too hehe....

Anyways onto the post~


Space has always scared me.... it's way too big and you never know what's hiding out there in the darkness. Just imagining getting sucked into a black hole sends chills down my spine.... I used lyrics from AKMU's Galaxy. I like this song~ Highly recommend this group!

"갤럭시 너 혹시 나와 같이 날아가 볼래 반짝이는 팅커벨의 가루가 너와 나를 띄워 줄 거야
gaelleoksi neo hoksi nawa gachi naraga bollae banjjagineun tingkeoberui garuga neowa nareul ttuiwo jul geoya
Galaxy, wanna take a walk with me? The twinkling Tinkerbell pixie dust will make me float"

I used free galaxy patterns from DeviantArt to make this. All rights to original owners. I merely reformatted everything. As always, make sure to print this on full sheet label paper (I personally use Avery) and you can cut it out from there! Make sure to print at 100% and do NOT fit to page. Boxes are formatted for the MAMBI Happy planner but can also be used in Erin Condren. 

If you have any requests, please let me know!
Also. I've been completely OBSESSED with One Punch Man and Tower of God lately.... maybe they're next??? Wait for the CardCaptor Sakura and Pokemon ones. You won't regret~

Sheepy out~ <3