Sunday, July 23, 2017

Free Planner Printables - Plaid Skirts and Tartan Shirts

Hey guys!
This week's planner printable is inspired by one of my favorite Kpop bands, Black Pink!
Anyone else YG biased? <3
I saw their super cute stage outfits for their new song, As If It's Your Last, and I knew I needed a super cute plaid/ school girl themed spread for the upcoming school season! I hope you enjoy!~


>Click Image for Full-Sized PDF<

I also accidentally did this in a higher resolution and I found out I can export with good quality in pdf again! Yay!!! Look forward to easy printing again~ I'll try to do that more often from now on but the next few will still be in .png files, though. If you prefer the .png files, please let me know! Thanks for all your love and support! <3

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Next will either be my Hot Summer or Tiffany's themed one! Both are teal. Both are amazing! Make sure to follow this blog for updates!

Print at 100% and do NOT scale to fit. Boxes are sized to fit the Happy Planner but will work fine with the Erin Condren. Print on full-sized label paper (I use Avery) and cut out by hand. I normally use 1 sheet of stickers for 2 weeks of white-spaced planning.

If you have any request or comments, please let me know!
Sheepy out~