Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Face Shop Petit Cheek Stick #3

Sheepy's back with another review! I was going to do another haul, but I didn't want you all to know my true secrets of a shopping addict. D: Not like I post everything I buy anyways~ ;D But I will show you the presents that I bought my friends~ c; Only later..... ><;; 

Don't judge me for my love to spend money.... D: It's the stresss I tell you! T____T

Ok. On to the review please~ Confessions of a blush-aholic. ❤ 

Here I have the Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Petit Cheek Stick #3 in Berry PongPong! OMG. Do you remember when I told you guys that I am a sucker for cute packaging..... WELL I seriously don't lie....

PRICE: I believe this is priced at around $6.50 USD ( but actually priced at around 9,900 won) for 6g of product. I got a discount because I picked this up at the duty free at the Incheon International airport in Seoul this past summer. I had some left over Korean money, but not too much. It's hard to exchange anything under $10 so I decided to just spend it all! SPEND IT ALL!! And due to the low amount that I had, I ended up picking this up. It was in US prices since it was the airport.... how strange right?

COLOR: Is it only me, but I'd always imagine a berry shade to be more of a deeper, more of a plum color? This color is not like that, though. But this one is like pink, pink. Like hot pink. I quite like these shades of blushes if you haven't noticed yet. It makes you seem younger I feel.

Here's a swatch:

The color is pretty vibrant when you first apply the blush, but once you blend it out.... not so much. :'(
Or maybe I blend too much?! But with these types of blushes, it's hard not to blend too much.

Here it is blended out:

See what I mean?! I mean, I guess it's better if it's not too BAM! in your face when it's actually on your face but sadness..... SO. Just warning! Don't be overly zealous with the blending like I am. D:

APPLICATION: It goes on really smoothly~! It's a really soft, creamy texture. Once you start blending, you'll notice that it turns to more of a powdery consistency.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The lasting power of this blush is kinda dismal.... especially on me who likes to rub my face and has oilier skin. Therefore, I normally wear this blush as a base for a powder blush on top. It makes the color much nicer and it just lasts longer. It's the same with most cream products. You need to set it with a powder! Then it become AMAZING! :'D

Here's how I wear it:

STEP 1. SLAB some of that stuff one. I'm only going to put it on one cheek for now! :'D

STEP 2. BLEND it out~ I used a brush so that I don't go too crazy. I recommend you to use a brush and NOT your hands when blending! c; Blend blend blend~ It's quite late, though, so my lighting sucks. Totally washed the color and photoshop can't fix this. :( It's better in person, I swear!

STEP 3: MORE BLUSH is added :p Can't get pinker than this. :p AGAIN. SORRY FOR THE CRAPPY LIGHTING. :'( It's seriously pink in person. But I think you get the picture.

Better color pic:

I used this blush. I swear it's not like I only use the Face Shop, this is just the only other hot pink blush I have next to me. 

Are my eyes pretty?!! :'D It's been a long time since I tried eye-makeup again. :'p

CONCLUSION: (3.5/5) Overall, the color is not bad, and the pigmentation is not bad. But it can be really easily rubbed away if blended too much so you have to have a light hand when working with this product. There is not really any scent for this product and I do not see any fragrances listed in the ingredients so I do not believe it will irritate your skin much if you have sensitive skin. The texture of the cream is soft due to the wax and shea butter that you also read in the ingredients above. I quite like products with Shea butter. I wouldn't say that it's very moisturizing, though, because it turns powdery once blended. but I do not expect that of a blush.I would totally recommend this product to you if you don't mind having layer blushes!

This product also comes in 2 other colors or you could get the perfume sticks!
SO CUTE. OMG. Want to buy them all now! 

For more information please visit their website! All in Korean though! I had to click random links to get to the product page for this blush though. It's an interactive website so I cannot seem to give you the exact link of the blush. Sorry! ( )

As always, I buy everything myself. c;<3