Thursday, March 21, 2013

Comparison/ Review: TonyMoly vs. The FaceShop Lipstains

What up yo~! I know you're all pretty tired of my life rantings, so I'll just be good and post another review hehe~ <3 This one is more of a comparison of the My Lips Eat Cherry by The Face Shop, and the infamous Tony Tint in Red Apple by Tony Moly. Obviously these are two different colors so I won't be comparing their colors, but more of the products themselves. Maybe I should have gotten the same color, but when I was in Korea I was like, I already bought that one lip stain, but I want to buy more, so I justify myself by getting this color! ;D Thinking back on it....I should have bought more! Stupid weight limits! >:(

Ok now on to the product information.

Top: The Face Shop, Lovely Me:ex, My Lips Eat Cherry: Aqua Tint #2 Juicy Red (4400 won, 5g)
Bottom: Tony Moly,  Tony Tint #2 : Red Apple (4500 won, 9g)

I couldn't actually find the size of the Tony Moly one, because I'm seriously doubting it's 9g, but one website said that, so I'll go with that for now.... it's literally no where on the packaging..... A+ for sucky packaging? :( Truthfully, they look to be about the same size, but I really do not know? ><;;

Actually, I've seen cuter packaging before, but let's get down to purpose! ;D I prefer the Tony Tint's packaging, it looks more sleek and modern. The Face Shop Lip Tint is a little bulky, and deceiving .. If you look carefully at the bottom, you can tell the amount with product is actually about the same size with the Tony Tint. A lot thinner than you would expect with the fat packaging? Good game Face Shop... good game... -__-

They both have a doe-foot applicator. The Face Shop Lip Tint applicator is a lot longer and it has these really soft bristle (?) things that protrude from it. I guess they both have that, but it's like they're longer on the Face Shop applicator? This is so that it can get into all of those crevices in your lips~ Sexy~ wouldn't want to miss any spots I guess? But if I spread it out with my finger... do I really need this? D: Also, the FaceShop one is a lot more slanted than the Tony Tint one? Personally, I prefer the Tony Tint's applicator just because of the way I apply lip tints.

One thing to note is that the Tony Tint doesn't have the stopper thing to prevent spills like the FaceShop one. So just be careful!
 (left to right: left to right: My Lips Eat Cherry: Aqua Tint #2 Juicy Red, Tony Tint #2 Red Apple)

(left to right: Tony Tint #2 Red Apple, My Lips Eat Cherry: Aqua Tint #2 Juicy Red)
Sorry for mixing up the order! Please note the difference from the other pictures! D:

Not going to lie, they both smell weird. This is not my idea of what I'd like to be smelling 24/7, but it's not like you can smell it on your lips anyways. Just during application. They are both pretty strongly scented. The Tony Tint is more fruity and artificial. The Face Shop Tint is more of a floral scent. I really can't describe these well, sorry. It's just.... I guess it's what lip tints smell like? D:

Hehe. Ok so women ingest a lot of lip products right? So it's important to know how they taste! D: 
The Face Shop Tint definitely is the winner when it comes to taste. It still tastes a little alcohol-y, since it is a lip tint, but it's a lot less apparent. It is also kind of on the sweeter side as well. In the Tony Tint, the alcohol is evident, and the taste is just a little... off.... like it tastes like you're just eating food coloring.... BUT overall, they're both not bad, but I'd prefer the Face Shop Tint. I DO NOT RECOMMEND INGESTING COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF THIS STUFF THOUGH. D: Yum?!


               Freshly swatched---------After wiping off excess with tissues----------After washing hands
(left to right: My Lips Eat Cherry: Aqua Tint #2 Juicy Red, Tony Tint #2 Red Apple)

Strangely enough, they're both supposed to be red right? Well, the Face Shop Tint is a lot more pink than red..... Hmmmm. Maybe they should re-think their name? D: I was actually surprised to find out it was called Juicy Red.... o: But it is redder than the other color in their line I guess... It's just so apparent that it's pink... but I won't bore you with that... >< I will say that initially though, swatched they are both reds, but the Tony Moly one is more of a true red, the Face Shop ones is more leaning on the pink side. 

The colors of the Aqua Tint Line:
(#1: Cherry Red, #2: Juicy Red)

As you can see, they both have really good pigmentation and about the same staying power. For me, these last around 3-4 hours on my lips... which is kind of sad for a stain..... BUT I don't blame them because I'm constantly reapplying lip balm because my lips are kind of in a crisis right now. :/ I like eating too.... I'd say that the Tony Tint lasts a little bit longer on the Face Shop tint on the lips though. I mean, even on the hand swatch, the color is a little more vibrant. 

Another thing to note is that the Tony tint bleeds a lot more than the Face Shop Tint. So be careful with that! I don't really find much problems with bleeding outside the lines since I spread the product out with my fingers. But just so you know~ This just means that the Tony Tint is MORE LIQUIDY/ LESS VISCOUS than the Face Shop Tint, but both are still pretty liquidy! ^^

Really, I love both of these tints and would recommend either one to my buddies~! But I guess you get more bang for your buck with the Tony Tint? Maybe that's why it's so famous? :'D Seriously though, both amazing products. I give them both  5 stars! Hehe. c: For a lazy girl like me, lipstick is way too much of a hassle so I really love lip stains or products that leave stains. Yay! :'D

Sorry, but I think that Tony Moly discontinued this particular lip tint (I can't find it on their website. :( ). I wouldn't be surprised if they just repackaged it in their new CatChuwink Lip Tint Line, though, because I know that Tony Moly was super popular/ famous for their Tony Tint (in that bulb thing). Like seriously every girl and her mother had that thing. That's actually how I first heard about Tony Moly, too. I purchased this lip tint last summer at the Tony Moly store in Korea so this change must be recent. Colorwise, they look pretty similar too! Also, if you look at the CatWink packaging... it clearly says Tony Tint on the bottom! o: Conspiracy?! I think so~ =3=

I just wanted to tell you that while I was looking stuff up, I noticed that THIS Aqua Tint lip tint was actually featured as the #1 Makeup Best item by TheFaceShop!! :'o So I hope my review helps you pick! :'D

If you wanted to know, the CatChu Wink Lip Tint is in 3rd Place on the Bestseller's for Tony Moly! Hah~! I guess lip tints are super in right now?!


(Click on the 2nd link in the bar, left side bar 4th down - Point Makeup, and it's featured as the Make-up Best item!)