Saturday, March 23, 2013

J.R. Watkins Room Spray in Lemon/Citrus

Hey guys!
I just recently picked this little guy up! It's the J.R. Watkins Room Freshener in Lemon ($4.99).
OMG. My new obsession!
If you love the scent of fresh squeezed lemonade and sugar. You will love this.
It's kind of like the sourness of lemonade, but it still has that apparent sugary-ness to it! So good!
My one friend's parents have soap with the same scent, and I just remember washing my hands and falling in love with the scent... so now I have it in the room spray!

The only bad thing is that it is more expensive for a room spray and the scent doesn't linger for too long. :(
But it still smells amazing. It's my favorite scent from their line~ I want to buy their hand cream next but I'm still trying to behave and not buy everything in sight....

I have a problem yo... ;u;
... if they made this in a perfume, I'd be all over it. Like the perfect summer scent.... would it be wrong to just douse myself in this? Hehe~ >w>;; But I guess this is perfume... for your room! Hah!? :'D

 Of course, since it's a spray it has a spray nozzle lol! ;D

By the way, do you like my little sheep?! I bought him at Bath and Body Works a long time ago and am just now breaking him out again~ He makes soothing sounds.... for babies.... Whatever.... >_____<;;

I love.... you~ ;D
Hey! Every post needs a little bit of GD loving! >:(
Sheepy out <3