Monday, April 1, 2013

NOTD - L'oreal 105: Club Prive

Ew. Sorry for my cuticles.
Anywho. I just did my nails and I COMPLETELY LOVE this look! 
So pretty! So I thought I'd share :p
It's like a light teal-y? blue- green color (ok, maybe it's legit teal, or my idea of what teal is) with a baby pink bow. 

I'm having another bad day so I thought I'd treat myself to some nice nails. But I don't know if there are any of my Chemistry gals out there.... it's SOOO friggen hard to maintain nice nails.
1. Because of that darned acetone or ethanol that we use to clean all of our glassware.
2. Because we always have to wear gloves to contain contamination. :(
3. Mainly because of that acetone. Even under gloves it ruins my nails..... ;u;

But anywho, here's all that I used. I know, bad girl, I didn't use a base coat, but whatever! I'm lazy. Deal with it. =3= The L'oreal nail polish is kind of watery but the brush is super..... crappy... so I had to apply 3 coats of the color. It evens out really nicely though. This is my first ever L'oreal polish so we'll see how it goes. c:

The trick to maintaining nail art is to add a fresh layer of top coat every morning to ensure that the bow doesn't fall off. Be generous with the top coat. I know some people use glue, but I lost mine.... top coat works just as well anyways. I got my bows off of ebay a while ago for like 10-15 for $1.99 USD so not bad deal since you can re-use the bows if you maintain them well.

I just like using tweezers to help place the bow since I can't pick them up with my hands since my nails are wet. Kekekekeke~