Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Steffie's Top iPhone Photo Apps

Hey guys!
I hope everyone has had a most wonderful Holiday time with their family and friends~ <3
For the holidays I found myself taking more pictures and playing with my phone more. Because of this, I rediscovered my love of photo-editing, so here you go! Also, all of these apps are free too!! Yay! c:

I don't like to clutter my iPhone with too many apps, so I just have 5 main photo editing apps (if you don't include instagram~). So let's get to it!

I really like using pudding cam for it's nice camera effects. By this, I mean that there are different types of cameras that you choose from to produce different types of pictures like fish-eye, motion shots, fantasy, panorama, snap shots, etc. It also has eight filters to choose from, too.

Left: An example of the noir filter and motion 2x2 camera. You can also pick the speed at which it takes the pictures in succession. c:

Right: An example of their fantasy camera.

2. CAMERA 360
If you're looking for an app with awesome filters, then look no further!

Among all of my iPhone apps, I think this is the one that I use the most. I truely find their filters to be so fun and unique that I just keep coming back to them! Lately, they have updated their app to include more beautifying edits like fixing blemishes, whitening up skin tones, eye enlargement, etc. as well!

My two favorite would be either the Sweetie (under lightcolor) or Night (under enhance) filters. 
Below I have an example of the night filter. It is especially amazing at brightening up any dim, bleak pictures! Look at that difference! Too amazing! The indoor filter is also amazing at removing the yellow cast of fluorescent lights too! c:


Decopic is my favorite purikira app out there! So many cute stickersssss~ @w@ <3 This app is free, but there are expansions that you can purchase if you so choose. This is a Japanese based app, though, so if you want to do more than just edit pictures, it may be a little difficult... but whatever~ c: It updates a lot, too, which can be a little annoying, but worth it for the cute stickers. c:

Now, DecoPic offers more than just stickers and cute stamps, like skin whitening and collage making, but I don't use them much. There are also premade sets of filters, frames, and stickers that DecoPic offers for instantly cute pictures~

Here's an example of my using the cute stickers and stuff! They have tons of seasonal stuff that you can include as well as cute japanese sayings that people don't necessarily need to understand~ ;)

This is my collage making app. I find that even though some of my other apps have collage making functions, this one works better, and is easier to use. There are filters, edits, and some stickers that you can also choose to play with, but I don't really mess with those. c:


Now to the big one. This is the one that I use to photoshop myself on my phone. So with this, you can enlarge your eyes, and shrink you nose in a few simple steps. I can also give myself a more "V" shape!

So for this, you just have to map out your face using these four circles. Place them as shown above~ c: 
After you're done with that, you can start making your eyes bigger, and your nose smaller by pinching the screen in the desired places. Hehe~ I may have gone a little overboard, but you get the picture! D:
Goodbye forever huge nose~ ;n;

OK! That's all of my favorite apps! I basically just keep one for each: filters, stickers, collages, effects, and editing. I hope you enjoyed reading about them~ Feel free to try them out~ ;)

Anyways. Life update!!!

Hehe, I'm just an awkward little girl :(

Yesterday, school started up again for us, but thinking back on it, I think I said a couple of stupid things.
It's just that I tend to be that person that says stuff... like completely with no background knowledge, but because of my tone of voice, I make it sound true. But the majority are all based on hypotheses. But I make it up... well one of these things turned out to be completely wrong...
Oops... my bad....
It worries me... I hope people don't think badly of me because of this

Also, my wording seems to be slipping. I'm having more and more problems trying to convey what I wish to convey to my peers. Arrghhhhh~ Here's to a new year, and a new year of growth! c;
The past is in the past so let it go~ <3

SO! In order to keep my mind off of it, I'm decided to write this post. Thanks for reading!
Sheepy out~ <33