Monday, February 3, 2014

Current Music Favorites

Hey guys! It's about that time of year where I'm way too overwhelmed with exams that I decided to screw it all and write a new blog post lol. Anyways, here's some songs that I have been utterly and hopelessly addicted to.

1. Imagine Dragons - Demons

Omg. Omg omg omg. I love this song. We all have our own backgrounds and stories, and this sums it up perfectly. Sometimes we're too scared to talk about our secrets so we just hide it inside. So don't judge people based on their first impressions. Judge only on what you know. Judge just who you know, not what you don't know. I teared up a little bit hehe~ I'm way too emotional though, so that might be why, but still I love you Imagine Dragons. They keep hitting hits out of the ballpark <3

2. Davichi - Turtle
This is an older song, but it has been on my favorites list for a while now. The melody is so addicting and catchy I can't help but love it. The meaning is so adorable as well, especially the chorus."Are you hiding alone everyday because you have too much pain?" Turtles are slow creatures, they take their lives one step at a time. They also are known to hide behind their shells from danger. I think maybe I tend to hide behind my own shy-shell because I'm scared of what others will think of me. I'm trying to get over it though. I swear I'm trying! D: I don't know. Just some nice words and a nice song. I love it. <3 I believe that it was also nominated for a MAMA award for 2013 as well.

3. B1A4 - Lonely
There's not much to say about this song. I just really, really love the melody of this song. It is super addicting. Not going to lie, I was like craving this song like a fat kid craves cake when I was driving grocery shopping yesterday.... let's just say, I almost died.... pay attention to the road people! Lol

4. Reisha - Namae No Nai Uta (Song Without a Name)
Hehe. Please don't think that I'm emo because of the types of song that I'm currently into right now. Maybe it's the season. Or maybe I'm PMSing. Who knows. Any who, this is another nice slow song. A song without a name for a person who is lonely. Like sometimes when I'm alone, I will sing to myself to get over the silence. Maybe it goes along the same lines of when people sing to themselves in the shower. Singing, or even listening to music is such a comfort, I love it. That's basically what this song is about. A person, alone by themselves, singing a song that will only reach their own ears, a song for themselves.

5. Frozen - Let it Go
OMG. I almost forgot to include this, but after seeing the movie, I have become completely obsessed with this song. I LOVE IT. I love the song too~! So inspirational.

 Love it all. Love love love~
But really. I love it. Go watch it. Go watch it now! <3

Ok! I shall sneak in a little life update here. Click to read on~! <3

So exciting news people, I just got my white coat last Friday!! I'm like a legit Pharmacy student now! My school is really weird in that we have to "earn" our white coats.... lame....  whatever =n=

Anyway, I should be glad that they give us a ceremony for getting our white coats. The food at the receptor was amazing and I had my friends there for me. c: Unfortunately my family couldn't make it but that's ok. I understand. They're never really there for me anyways.... but they did send me an Edible Arrangement! Whoot whooooottttttt~! <3

Sheepy out~! <3