Monday, November 5, 2012

Bobbi Brown Haul!

It's so chic and black I love Bobbi Brown! I bought these at some make-up store at the Aurora Outlets.

First is the Long-wear Gel Eyeliner Set ($29.50 USD)
It comes with 2 gel eyeliners (black + a shimmery slate color), a small brush, and a sample eye makeup remover.

As always, here's the ingredients! Click to view larger!

The brush is not bad. But I don't really use it. I use another eyeliner brush that I have. It's nice that it has a cap, though! Makes it a lot more portable. c:

In the set, I got #1 Black Ink (below) and # 15 Graphite Shimmer (not shown). They both come with 3 grams of product, which is not bad. I believe that these eyeliners are priced at about $22 separately... so this boxed set was a steal! c:

I know this eyeliner is highly raved about, but I don't know about it. I have super oily lids and after about 2 hours, it did transfer to my bottom lid.... T___T I found that it lasted SO MUCH longer if I set it with translucent powder. If I use a black shadow... that would transfer too.... I haven't tried it with a primer yet though. It lasted so much longer on my hand! I think my eyelids are oilier than my hands....

I would say that the color is pretty black though. And really creamy. In my honest opinion, I'd say it's more of a mix between a gel and cream liner texture!

 It's a little hard to see, but this eye-makeup remover is a dual phase remover. This means that it has a water based phase and an oil based phase. It's pretty common to see these types of remover lately because most waterproof make-up is of the non-polar type. Little chemistry lesson! (Yo I am a chemist! ;) ) But to make it waterproof/ resistant, they make the make-up more non-polar because then it's less easily solvated by the polar water molecules. And because likes dissolves likes. Therefore, nonpolar makeup is less easily dissolved by water. Ie waterproof/ resistant. This is why it's good to use oils (or nonpolar things) to dissolve this nonpolar makeup! Likes dissolves likes! c: Hehe.

I also picked up the Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque ($15.00 USD)!

Ok. Is anyone else this stupid? I was trying to buy a concealer and somehow ended up buying the corrector?! LOL. I don't really have heavy dark under eye circles and this place was pretty far away, so I gave this to my friend. c: She seems to like it though! I tried it on in the store and I was wondering why the coverage of the concealer was so light... fail..... >< BUT. I'd say this picture is pretty true to color (on my display at least) and that's pretty close to my tone!? Maybe I'm more pink than yellow? Asian fail D:

 Hope you enjoyed! Sheepy out~! <3
ALSO. I know it's not as talked about, but my friend picked up a lipstick from Bobbi Brown in Old Hollywood and she really likes it. And she's a lipstick fanatic. I think you'll be seeing a lot more from Bobbi Brown from me~ ;)

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