Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Song Recommendations (Part 2)

It's amazing how fast the time is passing.
I'm getting a little overwhelmed here. Please slow down please :(

This is my new song obsessions! Short and simple:

1. Twins - Mouse Loves Rice
As you may know, I'm Cantonese, but my Canto is getting a little shaky because I don't use it often. I just love this song, and I like listening to Canto songs recently. I don't know. I really love music. It really does express your inner self I think.

It's basically a song that says that I love you like a mouse likes rice (because cheese is scarce in China, mice eat rice) and will do anything for you.

2. John Park - Childlike
This one is for a movie called "Werewolf Boy." Truthfully, the music video/ music make this song so much better. The main character (the wolf boy - Song Joong Ki) is freaking adorable here. Just want to pinch his chubby cheeks. T____T And he's 27?! In this movie he's supposed to be 19 though :p But yea. Now I must watch this movie. I MUST. But knowing Korea, I just hope no one dies in the end....... :/

The song is also pretty beautiful. It makes me think of myself. Maybe I'm a little too foolish to love him. ><

3. Kim Tae Woo - Even I Feel Sorry for Myself
His voice is beautiful. The song is so soothing. I just love this song..... I'm a sucker for sad songs. ;A;