Saturday, November 3, 2012

HAUL from Banana Republic Outlet!

Hehe. I'm getting older, so I'm buying more mature clothes?! What?! ;D I'll try not to talk too much because I don't want this post to be too long.... but.... hehe :p This was all purchased at the Banana Republic Outlet at Aurora Premium Outlets.

Black "Summer" Flat - $29.99
I would NOT recommend these if you're the type of person to kick yourself when you walk.... like your ankles rub together? Mine do and I was bleeding by the end of the night... Maybe if I break them in longer? I don't know. But they hurt.... but so cute..... T_____T

Color Tip Wedge in Galaxy Blue - $15.97 (Originally $59.99)
I LOVE the gold accents on Banana Republic shoes! Love love love~ <3 They make my legs look sooo good! Hehe.

 Hehe. You can literally see that my mirror is dusty....Gahhhhhh ><;; And please notice my wonky eye that I just noticed... we get no sleep yo! D:

Button Racerback Tank - $12.49 (Originally $24.99)

Yup. I bought this TOP to wear as a dress (with leggings) I'm that short. I'm 5'1'' if you were wondering.... Gah. Too bad I'm past the age where you grow taller. ;( It ended too soon.... ALSO. I know you can't tell from this picture, but the fabric of this shirt is SO SOFT. You get what you pay for. You can definitely tell the quality of these clothes are so much better than Forever21 and stuff.

Graphic Tee - $9.97 USD (Originally $24.99)

I like to wear this with the front tucked in because I'm so short. Also! Almost forgot to mention, but I got this in a size Medium because I wanted the oversized look! c:<3

Petite Blouse in Navy - $22.99 (Originally $49.99)
Remember when I said that the other shirt was so soft....? OMG. This shirt is the softest thing ever! It feels so nice against the skin.... T____T <3 It clings to your curves pretty well, too. <3 It makes me feel so mature. I thought that was pretty pricey for what it is... but it was just so soft I couldn't say no.... I don't know how I can wash it though D;

Left is just plain shirt and right is how I would style it. If I was going for a more formal look, I'd wear a pencil skirt, but I don't really have a nice one yet... working on it..... :/

 Scalloped edges are super cute! c;

Blue Sweater with Button Detail - $34.99 (Original price :( )
A simple boat neck sweater with button detailing. I got this in a size small so that it's a little oversized in case I want to do an off the shoulder look. I actually love wearing this sweater with a white skirt and some knee high boots for fall. So feminine! c:

Two Pocket Military Shirt in Navy - $29.99 (Originally 59.99)
My favorite out of everything. 'nuff said.

That's Mr. BunBun on my bed! Hehe~ This actually came in a red and a cream color, but the cream was so friggen see through?! I hate it when its like that :/
Anyways! Hope you liked! Sheepy out~!