Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar #6

Angry bunny stick is angry! Rawrawrarawr! >:D
Hehe. Sorry. Anyways, I know I've been posting a lot more personal stuff lately... but I'm back at my beauty reviews~ Hehe. This time I have for you a new "lip gloss/ balm" from Tony Moly in #6 Orange. There are 9 colors in total. I actually bought this one because I saw it on Beautifymeeh's youtube. I'm a fan~ :'p

PRICE: (4.5/5) I picked this up from ebay for $5.92 USD + shipping. I don't know how expensive it is in Korea, but probably cheaper. =3=  But not bad for a tinted lip balm in my opinion. Also, I just checked the same seller, and I guess the price has risen, but here's the link:

PACKAGING: (5/5) OMG. I'm totally someone who is sold by cute packaging... which is why I love TonyMoly or Asian cosmetics in general. It's just too cute! The bunny concept is not new to TonyMoly but I think its completely adorable how each color has its own personality. Why the orange one is angry... I do not know.

COLOR: (3.5/5) Ok. So the color of the packaging is NOT the actual color of the lip balm. I was completely confused by that because the packaging looks a lot more pink than orange. But I assure you (and you can see from the swatch) the lip balm is a nice coral-y /orange color. It does have some nice shimmers, but I'd say that they are pretty finely milled because you don't really notice that when you're actually wearing it. It just gives it a nice shine. As for the color on your lips, it turns out to be more pink than you would expect! I don't know if my lips are super pigmented, but the color is pretty pink. More like the color of the container than the swatch I showed you.

CONCLUSION: (3.75/5) Aside from the adorable packaging, there are some downfalls to this. I would say that it is definitely less hydrating than your average lipbalm. Also, when you wear it, it completely and totally emphasizes the cracks in your lips. So if you do wear it, you HAVE to have already nicely moisturized lips or maybe use a lip scrub or something like that. It's really terrible on my dry, chapped lips... The product just builds up in the cracks of your lips.... T____T (That's why there is no picture of my lips. LOL) But I do kinda like the color and if your lips are nice and scrubbed, it does look really nice. Just maybe not so good for people with drier lips? I don't know. ><

As for lasting power, it lasts as long as lip balm. I don't really wear lipstick or anything like that so I can't compare, but yea, as long as regular lipbalm like Burt's Bees tinted lipbalms or something? (ie around 1-2 hours).

There is some transfer seen when eating or drinking stuff. One time, I was drinking bubble tea with this on... and I was wondering where this orange-y red stuff on the straw was coming from... it was the lip gloss. ;D
It wears nicely though. Not blotty or anything so yea~ c:

It has a really overwhelming sweet orange scent that lasts for a little bit after you put it on. If you're the type of person who doesn't like heavily scented products... probably shouldn't try most Korean drug store lipglosses/ balms then. Sorry! For me, it doesn't really taste like anything either!

The one thing that I despise the most, though, is that ONCE YOU WIND IT UP, YOU CANNOT WIND IT BACK DOWN!! So be careful!! T_____T

Also, this is pretty hard to get your hands on since it is a Korean item. I don't even remember seeing it in Korea this past summer? But then again, I wasn't really looking for it. ><

Also, Also. Here's a picture of the other others in case you were wondering! I might try #5 Pitch next because it looks adorable~

For more information, please visit:

Ok. I hope that was helpful~! Peace out! <3