Saturday, September 15, 2012

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

Hello there! I'm back with another review for you guys! c:
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My skin type: Combination/ Super oily T-zones

PRICE: This BB Cream is really hyped up, so I decided to pick it up when I was in Korea this past summer~ <3 I bought it from the Missha store for exactly 15800 won (~ $15.00 USD) for 50mL of product. Yup. I looked up the price on my receipt just for you guys =3= The price is not that bad compared to most Korea BB creams I found.

PACKAGING: If you didn't know, this is "Red BB" that so many talk about. The packaging is a sort of burnt brownish red color with a bunch of dots. Pretty cute if you ask me. The best part of it is that IT HAS A PUMP! Yay! c: It also is like part squeezy tube so you don't have to worry about losing any product! The designers went all out creating this packaging if you ask me~ <3 Genius ;D

Now if only it was pink.... :(                                          

Also! I like how they had an English slogan on the front but everything on the back is in Korean? ;D I don't know if they just wanted to market it people on a more global scale, or if its a gimmick to be cool.... But! hey! All the English seems correct to me! No Engrish for Missha. c:



COLOR: I believe like most BB Creams, there were 3 shades when I picking out my shade: 21, 23, 25. I think that they may have added a new darker shade, 27 to the mix though! c: For me, I'm not really tan or pale, so I picked no. 23 as my perfect color! Here's a swatch:

I don't know if you can tell, but this BB cream does have a WARM undertone when blended; HOWEVER, when blending it out, you can see some REDISH undertones. In my opinion, they go away once the BB cream sets, though, so you don't have to worry about that. Also, I don't notice any gray tones in this BB cream like some BB creams tend to have.

CONSISTENCY: This is a THICK BB cream. It is a little bit thicker than I would like, so it takes a little bit more to blend it out. It's definitely not watery at all, so thicker than your normal tinted moisturizer. I think it may have something to do with the high SPF though? Kinda because the consistency reminds me of my ol Sun screen? Maybe? o:

Let's test this out together~
As you can see, I'm having breakouts on my forehead (hormonal) and I have a bunch of acne scars on the sides of my face.

After 1 layer: (I apply with my fingers, then pat in with a flat-top foundation brush)

From this shot, you can clearly see that this BB cream is a little lighter than my actual skin tone in the summer (but it may better match for the winter when I'm not tan.) I actually don't mind this because I normally use a setting powder to even out my skin tone and reduce my oiliness because I am Oily/Combination skin type. I normally don't like to wear too much make-up, so this here is 2 pumps of the size before (or one big pump) and a single layer on my skin.

Obviously, my huge disgusting acne is still visible, but at least the redness if gone. Helps camouflage it more. A lot better than that previous picture of that huge thing no? D: The coverage is build-able, but I'd prefer to use a concealer for those trouble spots instead of building up over those areas. Especially because this is a thicker BB cream, it may look too cakey if you go past 2 layers + powdering.

As you can see, it also helps make my pores look smaller without a primer! Yay! :'D 

Because of all of this, I'd rate this light-medium coverage. But more of a medium coverage. And definitely buildable to get full coverage, but only use 2 layers. More may be a little much. 

LASTING POWER: I have found that on me, if I set in the morning, the BB cream will last all day, as long as I don't touch my face; however, I'm always seem to be touching my face.... so it does rub off a bit throughout the day, but it doesn't look splotchy or anything. I also don't touch up during the day. Therefore, for me, being the lazy person I am, and having tried this during the summer, I think that this BB cream lasts around 4-6 hours before it rubs all away. Thankfully, you definitely don't get that feeling that it will melt off your face in the heat. It stands up pretty well against heat/ sweat. c:

OVERALL: (4/5) Overall, I think that I would purchase this BB cream again. It provides a nice coverage without concealer or a primer. The color range is ok for most Asian skin types, and the color fits me well with a nice brightening effect. I also like the high SPF rating (42) because I'm addicted to sun screen. I'm just really worried about my ugly sun spots/ acne scars getting darker. But as a down side to that, the BB cream does have a thicker consistency which may feel heavy on the skin until it sinks in (but I can't really feel it after it sinks in and I powder, but its definitely not a "second skin" type thing). For my oily skin, it gives off a natural, almost matte finish. I quite like the finish. c: So yea. Hope this helped! :'D

Edit: I really like to use this BB cream in the winter time because it is more moisturizing (because it is a thicker BB cream) so it goes on more smoothly for my skin. Since my skin gets drier in the winter, I have to be careful with what I put on my face, otherwise, it will look patchy and flake-y-ish. The color match is almost perfect in the winter as well.

You can purchase this BB cream online (ebay?) or at your local Missha store if you like in Korea~ c:<3
Sheepy out~ :p