Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring/ Summer Fashion Wishlist 2013

The weather is FINALLY changing. So what time is?! Spring time! :'D
AND what does spring mean? Spring cleaning! :'DD
AND what does cleaning mean?! Replacing the clothes that you donated with new clothes! >:D

Let's just get to it~ <3
1. MOAR Japanese clothing please. 
Out of all the worldwide fashion, the vintage-ness and cuteness of Japanese fashion is hands down my favorite. This particular piece is: Liz Lisa - Lace Trim Lace-up Top ($90)
Oh so Asian but oh so cute! OMG. Yesstyle now sells Liz Lisa!!! SO EXCITING!!! I've been a huge fan of this particular brand for a while now as well! It's so pricey though! What to do.... :/

2. Khaki Green Army Jacket
This particular one is: Tokyo Fashion - TabSleeve Drawstring Hooded Jacket (SALE: $28) Military inspired stuff has been trending for a long time. I really want oneeeeeee~ 
Perfect for those transition seasons, spring and fall. 

3. Maxi Dresses/ Skirts
Nope. My newfound love for everything maxi has not died yet! So feminine and classy~ love it! Just picture it blowing in the wind~Pictured is: OrangeBear - Sleeveless Maxi Dress in Navy Blue ($28)

4. High-Low Dresses
The one trend that I hope NEVER goes away~! (Along with the collared shirts trend) It's just so pretty! I've been digging this trend for a while now! PLUS. Black and white are huge this spring, so why not flaunt your stylishness with this: Cotton On - Havana Strapless Dress ($24.95)
Holy crap! I loved, loved, LOVED Cotton On when I was in Singapore, I did not know that they sell in the USA too!!! I must resist the urge...... D: 
It's not expensive and its really cute. Like H&M quality at Forever 21 prices! D:
Or just new summer dresses. This one is super cute:

5. Caped Jacket
Winter is gone, spring is here! This means time to put away those heavy coats and bring out the light jackets!
I saw this on ebay~! It's super cute! But truthfully, I don't trust online shopping for buying outerwear unless I've seen it first in person. Especially off ebay, stuff from China can be a little shoddy, so yea~ You gotta make the investment for good outerwear! It's not something you can skimp on! Forever 21 quality too.... it's not good enough for me. But it's like, I only want to buy it once every few years, not keep replacing it. So buy timeless pieces too. Whatever, I've been really, REALLY into capes lately... well over the past year.... I once found some Calvin Klein ones before... tried on the small size... and my friends said it looked like my coat/ jacket was eating me...... FUDGE ;u; It's really hard to find good capes. :/

6. Culottes 
I know I'm a huge fan of skirts, but I really love shorts as well.... so culottes are perfect because they combine my love for both! :o Unfortunately, I still have zero pairs of them.... so I've been eyeing them.... what to dooooooo~ D: Pictured is the Tokyo Fashion - Lace Culottes ($34.20)

7. A New Bag!! :'DD
Lucky number seven! Come on guys.... Guys come on..... Girls can't help it. We love bags and purses and the like..... My new excuse? I don't have a large white/ neutral tote bag yet! Normally I stick with black or navy. This one is big enough to hold my books as well. AND. It has a carrying strap. I think along with the perfume and shoes that I've decided for my graduation present, I want a new bag too.... Omg someone help meeeeeee~ D:
Pictured is Aldo - Guinlu ($50)

Ps. If you haven't noticed, I'm huge on being a bargainista~! Us broke college kids need to look good don't we?! Work it girl~ ;) 

Also, when I'm online shopping, normally I sway towards Yesstyle... I don't know why. I just really like Asian style clothing lately... (did you know Forever 21 is based on Korean stuff?! The guy who owns it is Korean!) Channeling my inner Asian yo! :'o

Gah~ I really want to spend all my monies on clothes... but if I want a new car.... I MUST SAVE UP! D:
But the last time I went shopping was when I was in Chicago for my interview I think? I've been good since then (except for a few belts I bought off of ebay... orz;;) And I've been laying off buying makeup and skincare too~ I have enough..... but you know.... it's finals time and I want to spend all my money....
I'm really trying, but it's really hard.... oh well, I hope you enjoyed my looking at my wishlist! If I ever end up buying anything, I'll be sure to post a haul~ But for now, I JUST POST EVERYTHING I WANT HERE!111!!!one!!! I want it all ;u; <3

HOWEVER! Along with the perfume (which will be my graduation present to myself), I'm looking into buying a new pair of black pumps. It seems the majority of my pumps are peep-toe.... I don't know how that happened... but I want a new pair of classic black closed toe pumps. Just because I'm going off into the adult world, I'll need a good pair of shoes.

Also, summer is coming! So I'm looking into finding a summer job... it's really hard finding good work though.... I don't know what to do.... ;u; <//3 I really don't wan to ask my parents for money, but all of my past jobs I got because I was a student! Now that I'm not a student anymore, it's a lot harder to find decent work. Anyone out there with career finding advice for a new college graduate? The problem? Just temporary work?! I mean, it wouldn't be that hard to find a chemistry industry career.... but if just for the summer.... a little tougher... :/

Edit: I was looking for more clothes on ebay since I had some ebay bucks left.... I think that my style has matured a lot this past year. Maybe it was my first-hand experience with fashion in Asia in my traveling? It's just that I can feel that mature look in some of the clothes that I find appealing... not like super old... it's just different.... I'll just take this as a sign that I'm growing up. Lol ;D