Sunday, May 14, 2017

K-Beauty Wishlist 2017

Hey guys! I've trying to be good and not buying everything in sight...... but let's face it, that probably won't last for too long... So I needed to make a list of things that I've been wanting to satisfy my urge for shopping!

Here's a wishlist of things that I want to buy or am meaning to buy, but am currently resisting the urge to buy~

1. Peripera's Ink the Airy Velvet in #02 Pretty Orange Pink ($7.35 USD)
This tint is a pretty grapefruit color that has been blowing up on YouTube lately. I've really been into matte colors since they make your lips look bigger. Apparently, this is also one of Hani's (EXID) favorite lip tints? It's supposed to be very long lasting and smoothing on the lips.

2. Milkydress The White Platinum Edition ($38.28 USD)
Summer is coming and those UV rays are waiting to tan me...... whyyyyyyy T_T
Combat that with whitening cream! This is a whitening cream to brighten up your skin-tone and help to lighten skin imperfections. They're perfect as primers under foundation. Normally I use Tonymoly's Panda Dream White Magic Cream, but I want to experiment with other creams as well! I saw Pony use this one in her gym make-up video so....... I need it?

3. Clio Pro Play Master Brush 103 ($19.04 USD)
A dupe for the Artis comb-style brushes? Sign me up! It's supposedly very soft and good at blending out foundation quickly.

4. EgLips Blur Powder Pact ($6.63 USD)
I saw Pony using this one too.... EgLips is notorious by being an amazing Korean brand purchased exclusively online. I definitely want to try this brand out.

5. Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin 3-Color Multishading Shadow Blusher ($11.57 USD)
This contour powder is super hyped up because Sinn-nim raved about it on YouTube. It's supposed to be a perfect contour shade for Asian skin tones. A lot of my friends seem to like it as well.

6. Holika Holika Jewel-Light Undereye Maker in #2 Pink
I LOVE the jewel-light line from Holika Holika. My favorite is number #08 in Pink Topaz for my aegyosal. But anyways, this is a similar product in that is a pink glittery eye shadow, but it also has a shading component to make your aegyosal look bigger! I normally use eyebrow pencils for this but the consistency is just night right.... This one looks promising though! Let me know if you want to see a post on my favorite aegyosal glitters!

7. Missha Super Aqua Skin Peeling Pad ($13.39 USD)
This one is similar to the Cosrx pimple pads but supposedly better? The ingredients are more exfoliating and targeted at helping get rid of acne and renew and rejuvenate your skin. Because the pads are pre-soaked, it makes it a lot easier to use for us lazy girls out there! It's good to use as either a toner or to refresh your skin throughout the day. You can also use it to remove your makeup when you're fixing your makeup as well.

NOTE: Prices were found on ebay and can change with time.