Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Song Recommendations!

Yo! Waddup~
Exam time is still going on, and now I have a bunch of papers to write.... but I'd rather write this quick post. c: I've been obsessed with these few songs lately, and I just thought I'd spread their amazingness. I've been hauling like an insane shopaholic lately (seriously man, I think I need help D:) but what can I say? Retail therapy is what I do to destress during exam time.... Just not so good on my wallet. :( But expect a new hauling blog post later! I might split it up into clothes + makeup + shoes though~ Liek OMG shoes. <3

I'll rank these from my favorite to lesser favorite! With my own interpretation! c:

1. Huh Gak + Zia - I Need You
A song about a two people who secretly like each other, but too scared too confess. Perfect to describe me.... but I'm still too scared to ever confess.... but I really love this song. Very relatable for this little sheep. ;A; Huh Gak and Zia are amazing singers, and I love their voices. Best song ever. <3 <3 <3

2. G-Dragon - Light it Up
Such a catchy song! I, personally, am a huge fan of Epik High and Tablo~! No offense, but Dok2 really ruins the flow of the song.... :/ But GD's voice is just so sexy in this song~ <3 Sorry, but everyone normally speeds up the song so that Youtube doesn't immediately remove it, so this is the only normal one I found. :<
But yea, love the song~ <3

3. Kyamu Kyamu - Candy Candy
A super fun song about candy! Not too much meaning to this song.... but its really catchy~ <3 Anyways! Just my little rant of the day, but WTF is it me or are Koreans getting WAYYY to full of themselves? Yes I love Korea and its culture/ fashion/ music but omg they are just too much these days! ALL of my Korean friends (seriously, all of them.....), keep talking about how Koreans are the most beautiful Asians, how they are the so rich... overall, how Korea is just the best. I agree Korea is getting up there (but sorry, I think Japanese are prettier, China is higher, and Singapore is richer), and now Psy - Gangnam Style has really boosted their self esteem, but loving Korea is NOT AN EXCUSE FOR BASHING ANOTHER ETHNICITY.  HAVE SOME AMERICAN PRIDE PLEASE. They were raised/ have USA citizenship please. But seriously, just the way they go on is a little much. :/ Especially in front of a CHINESE person, it's really putting me down you know?... sorry, I won't rant too much... :< Still love Korea though! Don't get me wrong, I still want to have G-Dragon's babies~ <333333

4. FT Island - I Wish
Who doesn't love this song?! So catchy~ And again, very relatable for me. >< Why do I fail at love?! D: I suck.... T_____T Anywho, FT Island is really love for me. My other favorites by them are Bad Woman and I hope~ <3 Ps. Does anyone else think that HongKi makes some pretty funny faces in this video? ;D Hehe so cute~ <3

5. Cotton Candy - Goodbye Prince
I just find this music video and song SO AMAZING! The visuals are just so pretty, I can't get over it, even though this song is pretty old. I don't think this band too popular, but it's a really soothing song. I love just blasting this song when I'm having a bad day or something. :/ This band needs a lot more love. Her vocals are so talented!

Hehe. Admit it! I have good taste in music! ;D Please realize that these are only FIVE out of the copious amounts of music I listen to. Truthfully, I listen to wayyyy too much music. I just find it as an outlet to stress and a getaway from the real world. My escape from reality~ <3 I'm totally the type of person to just turn up my headphones way too loud, ignore everyone around me, and have my own special party inside my head. Who cares what others think. This is me. This is what I love. Love it or hate it, I need my music~ <3

Peace out guys~ <3