Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rite Aid Haul!

Oh why hey thur :p Didn't see you come in~ >.>
Well today I have for you.....more hauling! Wahhhh~ :D This one is more special because I never, NEVER go to drug stores. If I need something, I go to our school's bookstore, Target, Walmart, Giant Eagle, and the Mall.... or online shopping ;D It's just that I'm still a little timid towards driving to its easier for me to drive where I go most often, or these places my friends will bring me more likely. So yea, I was dropping something off at the post office (I walk there, maybe 30min away from where I live), and I noticed that there was a Rite Aid next to it! OMG YAY~! Since I had walked so long in this super hot weather (like 2 weeks ago lol) to the post office, I figured I'd buy myself something to hydrate myself at Rite Aid, but ended up buying more... ;D I even got myself a points card, teehee~

On to the haul~! c:<3

Yea. I didn't go too crazy right! Well, if you didn't know, in America, Wet n Wild only seems to be sold drug stores... so I have never tried it before... -_- but it gets a lot hype on Youtube, so I thought I'd try it out. There was also a buy one, get one half off sale for it as well. ;D

First, I bought some more lip balms. I'm like addicted to buying those. Actually, yesterday, I picked up the new Neutrogena Naturals one along with the facial cleanser... >< Not bad. But nothing to rave about yet. The cleanser is pretty nice though, but I don't know why I'm talking about that... Anyways, yea. I bought another one from EOS: Sweet Mint (~$3.50 USD). I really liked the Summer Fruits one, so I decided to get another flavor... why? Because I felt it ok. ;p I also bought another one of the Maybelline's Baby Lips in 25, Pink Punch (~$3.00 USD). Again, I have the peach one, and I really like (OMG it smells so good) so I wanted to try more of them. The color payoff for these is nothing special though. The peach one just makes your lips a little shiny because of the gold glitters. The formula is really hydrating as well. Much more so than the EOS ones, but not as much as the Burt's Bees ones, imo.

 (Wet n Wild: Walking on Eggshells)

(Wet n Wild: Don't steal my Thunder) 

Next are some eye shadow trios from Wet n Wild ($2.99 USD). The Walking on Eggshells one is super hyped about on Youtube and now I know why! The colors, especially the crease color, are so nice! They are really nicely pigmented, the color payoff isn't half bad, and they're really soft. I just fell in love with them because they're so good for their price! These pictures are pretty true to color.

Some swatches:
(left to right: Walking on Eggshells: Eyelid, Crease, Browbone
Don't Steal my Thunder: Eyelid, Crease, Browbone)

I don't know if you can tell from my crappy picture (yup, still taking all my pictures on my IPhone.... ;D), but these colors in the Walking on Eggshells trios are a nice satin texture. It makes them look so pretty! I prefer satin because it's easier to use than matte colors but not as bling bling as glitter shadows. This trio would be perfect for your on the go natural eye. Now, the Don't Steal my Thunder trio isn't half bad either, and I imagine it'd be perfect for smoky eyes~! So excited for them! I was playing with them all day. The only bad thing about this trio is that in the pan, the crease color looks like it would have glitters in it, but they really don't transfer at all. :( Actually, the color looks a little matte swatched as well? How...? D:

(top to bottom: 467 Night Prowl, 464 Rain Check, 469 Hallucinate)

Finally! I picked up some nail polishes from Wet n Wild ($0.99 USD) as well, just to try them out, since the colors were all so pretty! I've already swatched these and they go on really smoothly. The bottom one is my favorite. It's a really nice iridescent color that adds that little extra sparkle to any nail! I really like how the glitters are pretty small, so they just blend into the shine of the polish. The other two nail polishes are super pretty as well. The first is a hot pink/ magenta glitter in a really dark purple nail polish. It's super pretty on the nails! That color is more of a fall/ winter color, though, so I haven't actually worn it on my nails yet. For the middle one, it's a pale greyish blue base color with a purple thinge if you look at it in the right angle (you can't really see it in the picture :( ) It's the PERFECT fall color in my honest opinion! I love it! LIKE SERIOUSLY GAIIS <3333 Lasting power isn't half bad either! These are actually super good for their price! Especially since they were on sale as well! They get my stamp of approval! <3

Welp. That's all for now! I got some Rite Aids points for this (WOW! o: ) so I'll be sure to haul more soon~
Watch out for nail tutorials~ <3
Sheepy out~ <3