Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yeswalker: Shoe Review

Why hello there m'dear! c:<3
I just got these in the mail so I thought I'd do a mini review on ordering from this website. I have ordered from their affiliate, Yesstyle before (which got mixed reviews....), so I thought I'd give it a try ordering from Yeswalker. Plus, they were having an amazing sale. :p

I ordered a single pair of shoes.
White ballet flats, with an ankle strap, by 59 Seconds.
They were originally priced for about $20, but were on sale for $16.00 USD.
We also got a $10 off coupon since it was a new site opening sale (no minimum purchase + free standard US shipping) so I ended up paying only $6.00 USD for these flats! <3
Sorry I tried to find the link to them, but I guess they're sold out. :(
Good news! I found the matching flats in black!

59 Seconds is a HONG KONG brand.

Hope you don't mind the white accents. I was trying to cover up my ugly, messy background. LOL. You should see what else was out of frame. Like a tornado hit my room..... >< 

The filter used for these was the sweety effect from Camera360 on le iphone.

SIZING: I ordered mine in a size 36 (or 5.5 US size). Usually, I go between a size 5.5 to size 6 shoe. For these shoes, I really didn't want shoes that were too big because I had gone through many size 6 flats that seemed fine at first, but then stretched out with time, and are now huge on me. ;( So I just got the size 5.5; HOWEVER. These shoes seem to run a tiny bit SMALL. SO I WOULD RECOMMEND SIZING UP A HALF SIZE, FOR NOW, SINCE THE MATERIAL DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE MUCH GIVE ON THEM IF YOU ARE BETWEEN SIZES LIKE ME.

COMFORT: (3/5) Comfort wise, these are manageable. They aren't super comfy, but they don't make me want to chop off my feet. There is not much comfortable padding on the inside of the shoes. It seems quite stiff as of now. Just need to break them in, and they should be fine. I wore them out today, and they didn't seem to rub against my ankles at all! I don't think I'll be having too much trouble with blisters with these shoes! Yay!! c: I just hate those shoes that have a really hard bad part and leave huge blisters because they rub against your ankles! Not fun :(

STYLE: (4/5) Ok. Now to the real pictures of these shoes! I just think that they are super, adorable. The ankle strap may make putting the shoes on/ taking them off harder, but they make it easier keep your shoes from slipping off your feet. I don't know about you, but because of my kankles, my feet are always slipping out of some of my shoes! Really annoying! But that's what I love these ankle straps for. <3

Ankle straps are also very in style this year, as well! They give off a more cute, innocent look, which is totally my look on most days. Switch it up :p

 (Sorry my nails are so gross, its exam time for us college kids and I pick at them when I'm stressed... anyone else do that?
I tried to cover it up with a bow..... ><;;)

These shoes have a rounded tip and bend upwards a little at the toe area to make them easier to walk in/ better fit your feet. The accents on the strap are a silver tone, making it a more casual shoe. Also, I didn't realize that the shoes were kind of scrunchy when I purchased them. I'm not to fond of those types of shoes, but I guess once you put it on, you can't notice it, so it's ok? :/

QUALITY:  (2/5) As you can see, quality-wise, these were made pretty cheaply. Definitely won't last you more than a year I would think. Look at those glue lines! Terrible! D:

Even though the glue on the heel may be super bad, the actual stitching of the shoe doesn't seem to be too uneven so that gets a check from me. 

MATERIAL: (2/5) The material seems to be made of some polyurethane material made out to look a little like fake leather. To be honest, it does feel a little cheap, but nothing I can't work with. I wouldn't want to get these shoes wet, though.

PACKAGING/ SHIPMENT FROM YESWALKER: (4.5/5) Ok~ so for my review of the Yeswalker shoe site. I appreciate their sale at least. When I got the box, it was shipped from China and was wrapped in a water-resistant bag, which was nice. Inside the bag was the shoe box (seen in the previous pictures) with the logo Yeswalker written on it. I thought that was nice, but it would have been nicer to get the shoe box from the actual company who made the shoe. There was literally no information about the shoes themselves in the box. I guess maybe since they were cheaper shoes, they don't come with that box? But it would have been nice. :<

Inside the shoe box, you found the shoes (in the gray bag seen below), wrapped in a single layer of tissue paper. Then there was the shoe bag (which I really like!! Being a college kid, we are forced to take a gym class (wtf right? D:) so I have to bring my shoes with me to gym some days. Now I have this bag to put my gym shoes in! Yay! I was just using an old cross country backpack... ><) with the shoes inside. What was nice about the bag was that there is actually separate compartments for your left/right shoes so that they don't get damaged during shipment! How nice right?! :D To quote Singaporeans, how atas! <3 As far as I could tell, they packaged the shoes really well! c:

Shipping took about 11 days to get to me (I ordered on the 10th, the item shipped on the 11th, and I received the package on the 21st.) Not bad considering that it came from China!


There was also my invoice with the shoe number and a little card about how they do quality control on the shoes. I wonder what the shoes that don't pass look like.... -3-;; I guess it was a nice touch.

COUPON CODE: If you want to get your own shoes, please feel free to use the coupon code: OPENINGUS10 It shouldn't expire until 9/30/12~! Like I said, since there is no minimum purchase necessary and free shipping, if you get like a $20 shoe, that's like half off! Not bad right~ ;D
And feel free to check out:
But make sure to check the quality pictures! I always worry buying stuff online.... but $6 flats, I don't care too much about the quality. If it were $16, then I would care more. :/

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