Monday, September 10, 2012

Coach Poppy Blossom Perfume Review

Hey guys!!! I just wanted to do this little quick review for you guys! <3
I just picked this perfume up maybe 2 weeks ago. Let me say now, I have been wearing it everyday, and I really love it! It's the new limited edition perfume from Coach: Poppy Blossom Perfume.

I bought the biggest size I could, which is sadly only 1.7oz. I don't know why they don't make the 3.4 oz like most perfumes have... maybe because it's limited edition....? But that's kinda sad... :(

EDIT:: I CHECKED ULTA AND APPARENTLY THEY SELL THE 3.4OZ SIZE FOR $85 BEFORE TAX! Still can only buy the 1.7 oz size on Coach or Sephora though? What's up with that? I still don't understand...

Ok! On to the review~!

PRICE: $65.00 USD (or $70.04 with tax in Ohio, Dillards)
The nice ladies gave a ton of other perfume samples as well as a lotion of pureDKNY. Don't be afraid to ask for samples as well! Perfume is something that YOU HAVE TO LET SIT ON YOUR SKIN BEFORE YOU GO AHEAD AND PURCHASE IT. IT WILL SMELL DIFFERENT WITH TIME, AND IT WILL CHANGE DEPENDING ON THE PERSON. Everyone gives off a little bit different of a body temp or different chemcials (lol pheromones anyone?) so the scent will differ from person to person. It will interact with our skin differently is what I'm trying to say, so it's best to try out the scent on your skin for maybe 10-15 minutes before going ahead to purchase it. In my honest opinion, perfume IS expensive, so make sure you try it out it before you buy it. That's what samples are good for. You can try it out without having to try them all on your skin all at once, which might not smell too good in the end lol ;D

"COACH Poppy Blossom, an irresistible scent that embraces the many colorful characteristics of the COACH Poppy woman. 
This sparkling, fruity floral fragrance blooms by combining the vivacious energy of COACH Poppy and the floral femininity of COACH Poppy Flower for a fun and playful scent that celebrates the many colorful facets of the COACH Poppy woman. 
The wearer is whimsical, modern, and subtly sophisticated. Her exhilarating personality lights up the room like a ray of sunshine. 
Notes:Lychee, Mara Strawberry, Freesia, Mandarin, Muguet, Rose Centifolia, Tuberose Fleur, Jasmine Sambac, Gardenia, Praline, Vanilla, Blonde Woods, Musk. Style:Feminine. Sophisticated. Modern."

SCENT: (5/5) Heehee. I really like the fufu way that advertisers write product descriptions.... ;D In my opinion, this scent really is more of a fresh, mature scent (perfect for this college girl ;) ) I definitely wouldn't recommend it for anyone under the age of 20, unless they're just too mature for their age.... :p The earthy/ musky undernotes in the scent really give it that sense of age, not like the bubbly, fruity, super sweet scent I imagine younger kids like. You can definitely smell the lychee and the mandarin orange in the scent though, and with time, the base note, vanilla, really becomes the star of the concoction. The lychee is super apparent when you first spray it. It's one of the main notes in the beginning. But the combination with the orange is what really makes it such a nice, fresh, bright smell. Not too sweet, but you get just the smallest hint of sweet from the fruity extracts that they used. I super love the Mandarin orange notes in it. It is definitely a winning touch that I don't find much in most perfumes. It's the perfect day scent that I was searching for! It is a super nice scent for summer, and I think the vanilla notes will make it good for fall and spring as well! I don't know if it'll be a good for winter though. Hehe. I guess I'll just have to buy another perfume for that. ;D

Also. Make sure you try this one out on your skin! When my friend and I were all up in Dillards trying out all of their perfumes (did anyone see the new Meow by Katy Perry? It's really sweet, but the bottle is super cute! Also super love the vanilla base notes.... anything with vanilla seems to win me over... -coughcough- Dior Hypnotic Poison....) we tried it out on the little card thing first, and it didn't smell too amazing... but on the skin... OMG so much better! <3

PACKAGE: (4.5/5) The bottle is just like all of the other Coach poppy perfumes except that it has a super huge orange flower instead of a tiny bow as the accent on the lid. As most others accents on perfumes, the orange bow is attached by an orange elastic band, which kinda looks cheap... but it's not too noticeable, so its ok.The lid itself is a gold color and its embossed with various ways that they write "Coach." It's a classy, chic design in my opinion. Not too over the top, but still really feminine and cute. c: The lid has a snap closure as well. It's really secure so you don't need to worry about the lid coming off or anything. c:

OVERALL: (5/5) Like I said, I truly love this perfume. It's sad I didn't discover it earlier because I would have worn it all summer. The best part about this perfume is that it last ALL DAY on me! OMG YAY! This is the first perfume (other than Hypnotic Poison) that really lasts on me. Normally, I would have to spray a ton on me and it would still last maybe only 2-3 hours. Seriously. It was sad :( But this one, I can keep smelling on me for quite a long time. That made this perfume all the better for me. I know this is kinda like a rave, but liek seriously, best. perfume. ever. Well for summer... and for daytime... Now to find the perfect perfume for winter/ fall and one for nighttime! ;D

Yes, I would totally recommend this perfume to all you older, mature ladies out there. ;) <3

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I know you want to buy it now don't you? ;)
Sheepy out! :'D<3